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    20 Things That Might Help You Relieve A Little Stress

    Readers let us know what their go-to stress relief products are — so you can trust these actually work.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about which products help them deal with stress. Here are their thoughtful suggestions (plus a few from the BuzzFeed Shopping team) that might just help you feel a little less overwhelmed.

    1. A video game that'll help redirect your thoughts to something other than your stress and anxiety.

    a pink nintendo switch lite with animal crossing on the screen
    nintendo / Via

    I've personally found games like Animal Crossing and Luigi's Mansion 3 extra calming during this stressful time. When my husband seems overwhelmed I've noticed he gets back into playing Fortnite with his friends and World of Warcraft on his own. There's a nice element of escapism to diving headfirst into a video game for a while.

    "Playing Stardew Valley or Minecraft. And if all else fails I lean into the stress and play Doom so i can shoot demons lol." —saraa4a00f7b8f

    Get them from Amazon: A Nintendo Switch Lite for $199.99 (available in four colors) and a digital copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons for $59.99.

    2. A kinetic sand box for adults to provide soothing sensory play — because a tool like this shouldn't be reserved for kiddos.

    a wooden platter with marbled material in the middle filled with sand

    "I keep a container of kinetic sand in my room to play with when I get anxious. One of my therapists had some in her office that I really liked playing with during our sessions. It really just helps me stay grounded and present when I have traumatic memories or intrusive thoughts." —egwenger

    Promising review (for this set): "This set was the perfect gift for my 20-year-old daughter. She has anxiety and she immediately opened it and was playing with it with her friend for hours. The tray is very durable and the sand doesn’t dry out which I initially was worried about. It looks very modern and not childish in her room. It’s helped calm her and allow her to relax. Even my younger kids were jealous so I might be purchasing more for Christmas." —Smoore

    Get it from Amazon for $20.98.

    3. A weighted blanket, which are said to stimulate serotonin which helps you sleep longer and feel more rested.

    a model cuddled up in an ivory knit weighted blanket
    mybearaby / Via

    I finally got my hands on one of these from Bearaby and it has been *such* a great tool for managing my anxiety. When I feel myself getting super tense from stress and nerves I take a break and lie under this blanket for a bit and I can feel the tension in my body smooth out — it's wonderful. Be warned though, I often fall asleep while using it because it's so calming.

    "I love my weighted blanket! When I’m stressed about day to day things I take time to work on a puzzle or color. When my anxiety kicks in during really stressful situations, I find it really helpful to focus on my breathing and research breathing techniques!" —kaitlynbayman

    Get it from Bearaby for $249 (available in 15, 20, and 25 lbs and nine colors).

    4. A bullet journal and colorful pens you can use to artfully plan out your day, week, month, or year — doing so will help you feel a little more in control and provide you with a creative outlet.,

    "Organizing and planning, I got myself a bullet journal and I use it as a creative outlet, but also to put my mind at ease by planning out my week or fun activities/ days!" —emmalia21

    Promising review (for this journal): "Super impressed. This is my fourth year using a bullet journal so I know that I am going to need something that will last. It doesn’t feel cheap at all and I like the little box at the bottoms for page numbers. Also the little ruler and tabs included was such a fun surprise! It’s little things like that that make me want to buy from companies again." —d.rugg

    Get them from Amazon: the bullet journal for $12.99, a set of 18 pens for $9.98

    5. Palo Santo cleansing sticks that'll fill your home with a soothing smoky scent and *all* the positive vibes.

    a model holding the sage and palo santo stick bundle

    I personally love using a bundle of sage and Pal Santo to refresh my home — even if it just mentally makes me feel like I'm resetting the environment.

    "I love lighting Palo Santo! I don't know if it's the lovely smell or watching the wisps of smoke go up, but it's so soothing to me. (P.S. you can get palo santo and much more from MutedEarth on Etsy!)" —carlyl471ebac9a

    Get a white sage and palo santo stick bundle from MutedEarth on Etsy for $11.11.

    6. An iPad Pro and Apple pencil, a great set of tools for anyone who likes to unwind by creating something new. Let your mind run wild in a productive way — try out calligraphy, design your dream home, edit some photos of your dog! The world is your oyster.

    a model using the apple pencil while holding an ipad

    BuzzFeed Writer Ali Faccenda's go-to stress reliever is her iPad Pro. She said: "I've been loving my iPad Pro and Apple pencil. I've gotten really into procreate and artwork is an amazing way to keep my mind off of anxious thoughts and episodes."

    Get them from Amazon: Apple iPad Pro (4th Generation) for $999 (available in two colors and with four amounts of data storage), the Apple pencil (2nd Generation) for $99

    7. A crystal energy-infused candle from Chiji to add some positive feelings (and delicious scents) into your workspace, bedroom, bathroom, or wherever you're happiest hangin' out.

    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed, Chiji

    I've already burnt through my beloved "Positive Vibes" Chiji candle — that's how much I loved it right off the bat. I was a big fan of the soothing lemongrass and lavender combo and now I use the larger purple fluorite crystal during my evening meditations. But even if crystals and meditation are *not* your thing, you'll still enjoy this candle. My colleague Elizabeth Lilly bought the "Abundance" candle and was also a fan:

    "So I'm not a crystal head, but I'm also not against them because dang if they aren't gorgeous. Oh hey and if having a crystal around promotes something positive, then BY ALL MEANS. That was my thought when I chose this 'Abundance' candle with little crystal bits and then a larger Citrine crystal you can fish out of the melted wax and use. Now that I'm WFH for the rest of the year, I like to light this bb on the end table beside my spot on the couch. It has an incredibly pleasant smell that also isn't so overpowering. I even keep it lit during lunch! (Oftentimes I blow out a candle when I'm eating because the smell competes with the food's taste.) I've burned about half of this candle and haven't learned about any large inheritances from long-lost distant relatives *but* I'll hold out for the possibility."

    Get them from Chiji: "Positive Vibes" for $39.99 or "Abundance" for $49.99

    8. A smooth stone you can fiddle with when you find your mind running a mile a minute — it helps redirect your thoughts to something stable and lets you literally grasp onto something tangible instead of intrusive thoughts.

    two smooth stones in a model's hand

    I'm a big healing crystal fan and actually learned this trick from my therapist. I keep a smooth stone like rose quartz or amethyst in my wallet to ensure I always have one with me. Something about pausing to focus on the feeling of the stone in my hands helps me calm down and reset my thinking process.

    "I have a couple worry stones that I use when I'm stressed at work for something." —mo2758

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $12.99 (available in nine sets).

    9. A five-year diary that'll give you a good reason to carve out some daily me-time and reflect on what's stressing you out.

    a small blue notebook

    Journaling can be very soothing and therapeutic — I swear by it. If you're looking for a way to unwind from a busy week full of socializing, this is a great place to start. I've been personally using this one for over two years and it's been great!

    Get it from Amazon for $15.12.

    10. A bath bomb from Lush filled with a relaxing scent you can watch dissolve into the hot running water for an at-home spa night you never knew you needed.

    a robot shaped bath bomb bubbling away

    I've used many bath bombs from Lush, but this robot-shaped one filled with lavender, sandalwood, and chamomile has always been my go-to when I'm feeling particularly stressed out.

    "Bath bombs from Lush. There's nothing more relaxing than taking a hot bath with a woodsy scented bath bomb." —mo2758

    Get the Ickle Baby Bot bomb from Lush for $4.95 and check out all their other bath bombs here.

    11. An embroidery kit for beginners that won't test your patience but'll provide you with a happy distraction and a pretty piece of art at the end of it all!

    three embroidered plants in a hoop

    "An embroidery kit! I had NO idea I’d be so into it but this beginner’s kit isn’t difficult at all and really calmed me down on an anxious day this weekend. It was a gift so I had no plans to try it but sat myself down in front of the TV and started and before I knew it, six episodes of The O.C. had passed, I felt so relaxed and mindful of the task, and had half an embroidered canvas. I actually look forward to getting to (hopefully) finish it today!"—ef3

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

    12. Zenimation on Disney+, a series of relaxing ASMR-styled episodes featuring scenes from the classic films and soothing sounds from nature. What could be better?

    a poster for zenimation
    disneyplus / Via

    I've always found the sound of water relaxing — shower, baths, oceans, etc — so I was immediately drawn to the water-themed episode in this series. Definitely give it a shot! Disney+ also recently released "Disney Parks Sunrise Series" in which, well, you can watch the sun slowly rise over your favorite Disney Park (it's mesmerizing).

    "I love watching Zenimation on Disney+! It’s basically scenes from Disney movies that have zero dialogue or music, just the sound of nature. It’s calming because of the familiar Disney movies I watched as a kid, but also the sounds of nature are lovely as well." —baileygrace

    Get Disney+ for $6.99 a month or $69.99 for the year.

    13. A fidget spinner you might buy as a joke but then discover it really does help calm you down when your heart is racing.

    an iridescent fidget spinner

    My husband's grandma gifted us each one of these when they were *all the rage*. While most of the grandkids politely laughed off the present, I was actually quite drawn to it. Something about the weight of it in my hand and its effortless spinning eased my mind. I can't explain it, but I do use it!

    Promising review: "This is a perfectly weighted and balanced spinner. I find it a great stress reliever when sitting on calls, and it helps me keeps my mind focused on the call topic and my hands off of my cell phone. I like it so much, I ordered a second one for a friend. They love it too!" —Amazonian

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    14. A good book that'll actually hold your attention and keep you entertained while also ensuring you take a break from all the screens that rule your world. Try out a light read like a romance novel or go all-in on a Book of the Month subscription to ensure you always have a new novel to dive into.

    sdessen / Via, kasiewest / Via, bookofthemonth / Via

    "Something light and cheesy like a Sarah Dessen or Kasie West book! they’re fun and sweet, and feel like they’re in a bubble of high school drama, romance, and happy endings." —liv2smile

    Get them from Amazon: Sarah Dessen's The Rest of the Story in paperback for $10.59, Kasie West's Maybe This Time in paperback for $10.99 and get a 3-month subscription to Book of the Month for $49.99.

    15. An essential oil diffuser that changes colors — great for filling any room with a relaxing scent and creating an extra soothing ambience with the lights.

    a reviewer's essential oil diffuser glowing purple

    My fellow BuzzFeed editor Bek O'Connell likes to unwind with her essential oil diffuser: "My diffuser! It's so nice to able to walk into a room and be surrounded by a calming scent. I love how it changes colors and matches all my decor. I prefer it over a candle because I don't have to stress about having an open flame in the house and I'm not locked into one scent (I have a whole slew of essential oils to choose from)."

    Promising review: "I love this product, it is not too noisy and it is easy to use for the most part. It was a little confusing at first on the timer. This was my very first diffuser that I have bought. It is great and calming and I love the color changing. I can relax at night and just listen to music or meditate with this diffuser." —Jennifer (Williams) Crawford

    Get it from Amazon for $20.99 (available in two colors).

    16. CBD gummy worms, a sweet-and-sour treat packed with 10mg of CBD to help you get your snack and your zen on at the same time.


    Penguin grows all of their hemp in Oregon, employing organic, eco-conscious farming practices that are good for the earth. BuzzFeed writer Danielle Healy is a big fan of this relaxing treat. She says: "Penguin is my go-to company for CBD relief of all kinds. I usually have the strawberry CBD oil on hand for extra bad anxiety days, but received the gummies with an order once. They're just as effective IMO and, as you might've guessed, much more delicious and user-friendly than squirting oil under your tongue."

    Get a jar of 30 worms from Penguin for $45.

    17. A cup of Celestial Seasoning's Sleepytime tea — even just cradling the hot mug often helps my body feel more relaxed.

    a box of sleepytime tea
    celestial tea / Via

    On nights where I can feel myself tensing up before bed or even if it's just really cold out and I want that "warm 'n' cozy" feeling, you can find me reaching for a mug of Sleepytime tea. The flavor isn't overpowering and gently convinces your body to CHILL out.

    "I cannot stress this enough: Vanilla Sleepytime tea by Celestial Seasonings. Top it with a little milk or a drizzle of honey and you will sleep like a baby." —e40ea9732c

    Get it from Amazon for $14.10+ (available in five flavors).

    18. A beautiful bar of soap with a rainbow moonstone embedded in it that'll impress anyone who enters your bathroom and help bring a sense of calm to each of your shower sessions.

    a clear bar of soap with purple and blue sparkles throughout and a crystal stone in the mdidle
    crystalbarsoap / Via

    This one is fittingly named "This Too Shall Pass," a must-have for any spa-like environment. I have *many* of these and love saving the stones after the soap has worn down — not to mention they smell amazing and leave my skin feeling soft. I've created a relaxing shower routine using these soaps and set intentions with the stones while also washing off. It's a two-for-one calming experience.

    Get it from Crystal Bar Soap for $14 and check out all their other soap options here.

    19. Headspace, an easy-to-use app that'll teach you the basic guidelines for meditation and some useful breath work you can keep in mind when you're starting to feel a bit stressed.

    a green square with the words "quiet the mind breath in, breath out. for just 60 seconds" on it
    headspace / Via

    Headspace has a free 10-day beginner's course that'll guide you through the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. You can also test out all that the app has to offer during a free two-week period before you decide to subscribe.

    "The Headspace app! It's the only way I can get to sleep at night." —e40ea9732c

    Get a yearly from Headspace for $69.99 or $12.99 for a monthly subscription.

    20. And a furry friend, which is by no means a product but a wonderful way to feel connected to someone other than yourself. Snuggling up with a dog or a cat will definitely help relieve some of your stress and being responsible for them will keep you on a daily routine.

    buzzfeed editor holding a golden retriever puppy
    Heather Braga / BuzzFeed

    I've always had a dog and, as someone who suffers from anxiety and depression, can say that few things help as much as hugging a furry body close to you when you're feeling panicked. They're loyal companions that seem to know when you're feeling down.

    "Not a product but my rescue dog, Amie. Whenever I get super stressed she's always there for me and loves to cuddle. Going on walks with her calms me down and takes my mind off things for a little bit. A dog or even a cat is a big responsibility but she keeps me grounded and happy. Shelters tend to fill up after the holidays when people buy pets as gifts but can't handle the responsibility so look into adopting a rescue. They are 100% worth it and will bring you unconditional love and support." —monikap6

    OK, now let's all take a moment to take some of Johnny Rose's expert advice.

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