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    30 Things On Disney+ To Watch When You Need A Pick-Me-Up

    Take a deep breath in and let the magic wash over you until you feel as happy as Cinderella at the ball.

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    It's absolutely understandable if you've been feeling a bit melancholy during this dumpster fire of a year (you're definitely not alone). If you're looking for a way to cheer yourself up, might I suggest diving into the many offerings of Disney+ ?

    The Walt Disney Company

    As a diehard fan and self-proclaimed Mousketeer, I can co-sign filling your brain with magic and music is a great distraction and just might bring a smile to your face!

    Here are some viewing options that'll hopefully provide you with a much-needed pick-me-up:

    1. Howard

    the promotional poster for Howard with Howard Ashman in black and white
    disneyplus / Via

    IDK about you but sometimes when I need cheering up I can use a cleansing cry that has nothing to do with my actual feelings — Howard did that for me. Not only is this documentary full of knowledge some Disney fans may not already know, but it gives such insight to the way each person has a different creative process. Howard Ashman was an incredible talent and watching this film made me more appreciative of his work *and* helped me to recognize how important it is to make the most of the time we're all given on this planet. He is the voice behind Ariel, Ursula, Belle, Aladdin, and so many more iconic characters! Just do yourself a favor and sit down to watch this one. EGOT winner Alan Menken would thank you, as well.

    2. Steamboat Willie (and other classic Mickey Mouse cartoons)

    The Walt Disney Company

    If you consider yourself a serious Disney fan (which, if you own Disney+, I'm sure you do), it's about time you watch the classics! Steamboat Willie is the Mickey cartoon that started it all! It was one of the first cartoons with sound and is definitely worth a shot. While you're at it, look into Magician Mickey, Hawaiian Holiday, and Lonesome Ghosts. Disney+ has a whole slideshow of "Mickey Mouse Through the Years" suggestions.

    3. Muppets Now

    six of the muppets video chatting
    disneyplus / Via

    When have the Muppets ever failed to make us all smile? Join the original gang as they hurry to meet their deadlines and "upload" their new show for streaming! Each 20-minute episode is made up of tiny segments hosted by different members of the Muppets. I found myself grinning from ear-to-ear within the first five minutes watching the influencer/vlogger version of Miss Piggy come to life. There are also a number of fun celeb appearances — Taye Diggs, Linda Cardellini, and RuPaul are in the first episode. New episodes will be added each week, so if you've been trying to find something silly to look forward to you may want to give this a shot.

    4. Beyoncé's Black Is King

    beyoncé crouching on a car in all leopard print
    disneyplus / Via

    Queen Bey recently released her Disney+ film, Black Is King, which is an incredibly visual album you'll want to watch over and over. It was originally filmed as a companion piece to The Lion King: The Gift soundtrack, but now represents so much more. I'm sure we'll all just be flipping back and worth between this and Hamilton for all of eternity.

    5. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

    The Walt Disney Company

    Why yes, I did binge this entire show in like three days (and you probs will, too). So, I'm more than qualified to tell you it is an underrated gem you absolutely should add to your to-watch with. It has it all! Young love! Drama! Music! Sassy teens! Humor! You'll find yourself singing "Just for a Moment" for weeks.

    6. An array of Disney Channel Halloween episodes

    a list of the various halloween episodes from popular disney channel shows
    disneyplus / Via

    Eight episodes of *spoopy* Disney-filled fun? Sign me up. Whether you're in need of a mood booster or are mentally prepping for a socially distanced Halloween season, these episodes are a must-add to your to-watch list.

    7. The Mandalorian

    The Walt Disney Company

    BABY YODA! Need I say more? No, but I will. Even if you haven't seen a single Star Wars movie (you can dive into that on Disney+ now, too), you can still enjoy this newest series. You'll find yourself invested in Mando, his backstory, and all the creatures he meets along the way. Get ready for a galactic adventure.

    8. Apollo: Missions to the Moon

    an image of an astronaut on the moon
    National Geographic

    Did you know there's a whole slew of content from National Geographic on Disney+? Yes, there's tons of animal- and earth-related content, but I'd recommend watching Apollo: Missions to the Moon for a documentary that's *out of this world* (literally). It includes tons of rare archival footage and audio you've never heard before.

    9. Hercules

    The Walt Disney Company

    Don't sleep on this '90s Disney film, pals. Filled with Greek history (the gods and goddesses all mentioned are actually in the original stories, I used this to help study in college, seriously), a feisty leading lady, a heartwarming hero, and a soundtrack that'll make you want jump around your living room, you simply can't go wrong when deciding to turn this one on. Should you stop everything and watch Hercules right now? Yes, indeed.

    10. Out

    disneyplus / Via

    I've yet to meet a Pixar Animated Short that didn't fill me with joy from my head to my toes, and this one is no different. It showcases the journey of a young gay man who hasn't come out to his parents yet who have come to help him, unknowingly, move in with his partner. In a magical twist he switches places with his dog, learning about himself and his family in the process.

    11. A Celebration of the Music from Coco

    eva longoria and benjamin bratt hosting the coco special
    disney+ / Via

    This special event took place at the Hollywood Bowl and paid tribute to music of Pixar's Coco. Just when you thought you'd pulled it together enough *not* to cry through the movie, Disney+ brings out a 60-piece orchestra for a whole new way to experience the music. The way they brought the fan favorites from the Latin-American soundtrack to life on stage seriously blew my mind (and Eva Longoria and Benjamin Bratt, who host the show).

    12. The Parent Trap

    The Walt Disney Company

    "I have class and you don't" — one of the greatest disses of all time comes from Lindsay Lohan's role in The Parent Trap. If you haven't watched this '90s film in a while, it's about time you took a trip down memory lane. I dare you not to cry when Chessie realizes Hallie is actually Annie — I DARE YOU.

    13. Hannah Montana (the series and the movie)

    The Walt Disney Company

    There are 98 episodes of Hannah Montana just waiting for you on Disney+. That episode with the Jonas Brothers? It's on there. The one where Miley reveals she's Hannah to Lily? Yep, you can watch that too! And when you've finished that marathon, put the movie on and see if you remember how to do the hoedown throwdown!

    14. Zenimation

    various soothing scenes from disney films making up the zenimation poster
    disneyplus / Via

    Have you ever found yourself three-hours deep in an ASMR video binge? Yeah, same. Well, now you won't have to scour the Internet for the best sound options — Disney created their own version set to absolutely soothing scenes from their classic films. Each episode is themed around something like water, flight, and levity. I feel calmer just thinking about it.

    15. The World According to Jeff Goldblum

    The Walt Disney Company

    If there's one person I can count on to cheer me up, it's Jeff Goldblum. He's such a smooth talker and is genuinely entertaining — and you'll see all of that while learning something new via the World According to Jeff Goldblum series! My favorite episode is the one about tattoos (no, Jeff doesn't have one).

    16. Disney Fairy Tale Weddings

    a couple dress for their wedding in front of cinderella castle
    The Walt Disney Company

    Grab a tissue and watch the love stories of multiple couples unfold before your eyes. The first season of this show originally aired on Freeform, but Disney+ has since created a second season for the streaming platform. From an over-the-top proposal at the Aulani resort to a wedding in front of Cinderella Castle, this show might just make you start planning your own imaginary Disney wedding.

    17. Mary Poppins

    The Walt Disney Company

    I mean, this movie is practically perfect in every way! Whether you haven't watched it in years or you watch it so often you can actually sing all the words to "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," it's always a good time for a jolly holiday with Mary.

    18. The Imagineering Story

    the poster for the imagineering story docu-series
    disneyplus / Via

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Disney's The Imagineering Story is my favorite thing on their entire streaming platform. It's just so...magical. The series begins with the development of Disneyland and goes all the way up to the latest additions to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. I even cried during some of the episodes because it's so incredible to see what all the things these hard workers have achieved. If you really love Disney, you're gonna want to watch.

    19. The Sound of Music

    Robert Wise Productions

    Do you hear that? It's the hills. They're alive. WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!!! Now that we all have lots of time to spare, it's about time we spent three hours watching this classic Julie Andrews film. There's even a built-in intermission you can use to freshen up your snacking situation.

    20. The Simpsons

    Twentieth Century Fox

    There are 31 seasons of The Simpsons available to stream on Disney+ RIGHT NOW! If you're looking for something to truly keep you occupied for the long run — this is it.

    21. Taylor Swift's City of Lover Concert

    a black and white image of taylor swift singing into a microphone
    disneyplus / Via

    If you're interested in a musical break, you might want to give this live version of Taylor Swift's performance of her songs from the Lover album a go! An acoustic Taylor is not one to be missed. You can find me rewatching her sing "Death by a Thousand Cuts" until the end of time. Fingers crossed we get some sort of Folklore version of this in the future.

    22. Pick of the Litter

    a mom and daughter cuddling their black lab
    disneyplus / Via

    Love dogs and overall wholesome content? Give Pick of the Litter a chance. I watched the entire series as each episode was coming out and haaaated having to wait a whole week for an update on these incredible puppies and their owners. This show will take you on a dog's journey from their puppy days to when they become fully employed guide dogs. You'll learn so much about puppy raisers, trainers, and the entire process of becoming a guide dog. It's really interesting and filled with adorableness we can all appreciate.

    23. Boy Meets World

    The Walt Disney Company

    Has there ever been a greater love story than Cory and Topanga's? I think NOT. You can indulge in seven season of Boy Meets World and watch the two of them (and Shawn and Eric!) grow up over the years. THEN you can check out the three seasons of Girl Meets World to continue the fun.

    24. Prop Culture

    the Hollywood sign but it says "Prop Culture"
    The Walt Disney Company

    Looking to distract yourself *and* learn about what goes into making a Disney movie? Then you're going to love Prop Culture. Host Dan Lanigan travels all over the world to showcase iconic pieces from various Disney films. He's a collector in his own right and his excitement over things like the original sword made for Jack Sparrow and the coat Jane Banks wore in the original Mary Poppins will transform into your own joy. This is a must-watch for anyone who typically appreciates "the little things."

    25. The Lizzie McGuire Movie

    The Walt Disney Company

    Name a more iconic Disney Channel Movie. I'll wait. Hilary Duff plays TWO characters and helps to make a fool out of a prominent Italian "pop star." Added bonus? It'll feel like you're taking a virtual trip to Rome.

    26. Hocus Pocus

    The Walt Disney Company

    What better way to get your giggle on than watching the Sanderson Sisters' antics? You certainly don't need to wait around for Halloween — I mean, the movie itself originally debuted in July! Light your fave fall candle, turn off all the lights, and treat yourself to a spooktacular pick-me-up.

    27. Hamilton

    The Walt Disney Company

    ...obviously. Chances are you've probably watched this 100x already since the musical made its Disney+ debut, but I see no point in depriving yourself of something you *already* love. Go ahead, watch it again. Sing, cry, smile. Live your best life.

    28. A Goofy Movie

    a fake powerline poster for the stand out world tour
    disneyplus / Via

    Can you believe this movie came out 25 years ago??? This '90s classic with a cult following is sure to bring you out of any funk you've been feeling recently. From heartwarming father/son moments between Goofy and Max to an epic Powerline concert with songs you'll never get out of your brain, A Goofy Movie is just the ticket to improving any mood.

    29. The Disney Family Singalong special

    dancer derek hough dressed up as the beast from beauty and the beast
    disneyplus / Via

    Hope you have time for a vocal warm-up, because you're definitely going to need one before belting out Disney hits! I watched this via Zoom with my extended family when it originally aired on ABC and it was a blast. Ryan Seacrest hosts (naturally) and there are appearances from Kristin Chenoweth, Little Big Town, Derek Hough, Donny Osmond, Amanda Riley, and more to keep you entertained! If you love it (you will) there's even a part two!

    30. And literally *any* Disney Princess film

    a graphic of clouds and sparkles that says "princess collection"
    Disney Plus

    To the surprise of no one (especially after reading this list) whenever I'm really feeling down I turn to the Disney Princesses. There's something comforting about watching a movie you know will be filled with catchy songs and true love, amiright? On Disney+ you can watch a whole slew of animated leading ladies (Jasmine, Ariel, Belle, Moana, Tiana, Cinderella, etc) in addition to both Frozen and Frozen 2 and live action remakes (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and soon Mulan). Get ready to fill your home with *magic*, my friends.

    What I feel like scrolling through the Disney+ library:

    The Walt Disney Company

    For $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year you can now have access to countless magical movies and TV shows on Disney+. You’re welcome ;)

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