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    39 Things You Might Want In Your Life If You're A Gamer

    From quirky Animal Crossing pins to a miniature arcade machine, this post is what gaming dreams are made of.

    1. A board book inspired by the classic video games of the '80s and '90s you might want to add into your library for decor or use to teach your kiddos the essentials of gaming.

    a board book designed to look like an old school arcade machine

    2. A download of The Sims 4 to help you happily bring back your childhood obsession with building your dream home and setting up (and destroying) relationships in a community of your own making. BEST👏GAME👏EVER👏.

    3. A splurge-worthy mouse designed for serious esports gaming with special features — it's extremely lightweight, has programmable RGB lights, and is ambidextrous.

    a black mouse with light-up features

    4. Paper Mario Origami King for the Nintendo Switch that'll make any '90s gamer smile as they venture through an array of *very* silly levels while trying to, obviously, save Princess Peach.

    5. An HDMI splitter, so you won't need to fumble with any cables when you want to switch between your PS4 or Xbox.

    6. A Fortnite drawing guide book for when you find the strength to take a break from gaming to focus on one of your other many talents.

    7. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe so you can use all the downtime you now have to *finally* conquer Rainbow Road once and for all. Victory will be ouuuuurs!

    a screenshot from mario kart

    8. And a steering wheel accessory for the Nintendo Switch that'll make you feel like a real racer from the comfort of your living room.

    two black steering wheels with a joycon fitted inside each

    9. A microphone to provide crystal clear audio if you're a gamer who moonlights as a YouTuber, streaming your gameplay for all to see. Who knows — maybe this'll be your ticket to internet fame!

    10. A Donkey Kong-inspired fanny pack that'll keep your hands free for tossing barrels and collecting bananas — ya' know, the usual.

    a red fanny pack with patches of donkey kong icons

    11. A vinyl figure of your favorite professional gamer to keep you company on those late night Twitch stream binges.

    12. A splurge-worthy gaming keyboard made by Whirlwind FX featuring a customizable rainbow backlight that'll make any gamer say "Ooooh!"

    13. A coffee table book about the history of Hyrule, you'll probably consider spending all of your rupees to get your hands on it.

    a dark green cover of the book with a symbols from the zelda game in the middle in gold

    14. Or a Zelda enamel pin, also known as the most appropriate accessory for any fan of the classic game.

    the pink circular pin with the words "you've met with a terrible fate haven't you?" around the top rim above a pastel-colored version of the character

    15. A mini tower with 10 outlets that'll act as a battery backup so (God forbid!) the power goes out, they won't lose all the progress they made building their mansion on The Sims.

    the tower

    16. An Oculus Quest VR gaming system so you can feel like you're venturing outside of the house without actually leaving your living room.

    17. A nostalgic set of Nintendo 64 coasters that won't need to be blown on in order to function correctly.

    an array of nintendo 64 coasters

    18. A deck of Fallout playing cards to keep you company while you attempt to survive in the aftermath of a virtual nuclear war ... or, like, when you decide to take a break from staring at your screens.

    a model holding up four of the cards

    19. A Sonic the Hedgehog device holder because even the most committed of gamers should hit pause and give their hands a temporary rest.

    sonic the hedgehog holding a video game controller

    20. A 4-foot Street Fighter arcade machine to help you achieve your childhood dreams of owning an arcade — only you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

    21. A set of Animal Crossing pins you won't even need to spend your hard earned bells on (just, uh, your real dollars).

    four pins: tom nook, timmy and tommy, kk slider, and isabelle

    22. A Dungeons and Dragons essentials kit to help you expand your skills beyond screens and prepare to have creative control over all of your friends as Dungeon Master.

    the full set of dungeons and dragons starter kit

    23. Or a "Traveler Con" sweatshirt if you're too lazy to start up your own game of DnD and prefer to follow along with the Mighty Nein's adventures in Critical Role (guilty).

    24. A Super Mario mushroom lamp that'll ~power up~ anyone's gaming environment.

    a glowing mushroom-shaped lamp

    25. A 1,000-piece video game-themed puzzle to give your significant other a good reason to step away from the video games and bond with you.

    the puzzle that shows a pile of video games and systems

    26. A ceramic Bulbasaur planter any Pokémon lover will adore since it's handmade, super cute, and certainly won't ~succ~.

    27. A Kingdom Hearts Talisman board game for you and your best friend who have been playing the video game version together since it came out in 2002.

    the board game with various character pieces from the game and cards

    28. A plumbob pin that'll have any fan of the classic computer game crying out in excitement in Simlish.

    green, yellow, and red plumbob pins with the word "mood" written across them

    29. A Banjo-Kazooie slipmat for your record player that'll add an extra element of classic-gaming fun to your decor.

    a slip mat featuring the banjo kazooie map

    30. A set of Overwatch-inspired Legos you can build while giving your eyes a break from the various screens you use all day long.

    the character on a motorcycle and a sign that says junkertown

    31. A sheep pillow buddy inspired by the ones that can be found roaming throughout Minecraft to snuggle with while embarking on a virtual adventure.

    32. A carrying case to keep your Switch protected when it's not sitting in the charger.

    a model taking their switch out of the simple black carrying case

    33. A set of 100 Super Mario-themed stickers that'll leave your heart racing as if you just beat the final boss in Luigi's Mansion 3

    34. A Twitch hoodie you can wear to represent your favorite place to watch folks like Summit1g and TimTheTatman.

    35. A 24-inch curved monitor that'll make you feel like you've left your boring corner of the house and immersed yourself right into the world of your favorite game.

    the curved monitor

    36. A Cana Kit Raspberry Pi, so you'll finally be able to build your own mini computer.

    all the pieces needed to build the tiny computer

    37. A Crash Bandicoot Funko Pop that'll bring any '90s gamer right back to their childhood every time they look at it.

    the funko pop figure

    38. A pair of blue-light blocking glasses, because if you're gaming as much as I think you are you should definitely have a pair of these to help prevent eye strain.

    39. And a splurge-worthy gaming chair co-designed by Herman Miller and Logitech, so incredible you won't know how you ever lived without it — it was literally designed with science-backed ergonomics to ensure you'll experience the utmost comfort while sitting it in for hours (and hours, if we're being honest).

    When you realize it's almost the weekend and you can play video games uninterrupted for hours:

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