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    29 Things From Wayfair You'll Probably Wish You'd Bought Years Ago

    Feel free to sing "these are a few of my favoooorite things" while scrolling.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A hanging hammock chair for the ultimate chill spot where you can listen to your podcasts or take a nap in peace.

    a hanging hammock chair with blue and teal fabric

    2. A lil' fan that'll sit on your desk and help you fight the unpredictable temperatures of your apartment.

    an off white, small, retro-looking fan sitting on top of shelving unit

    3. A trio of stands (from Novogratz) to make sure each and every one of your plant babies has a place of their own.

    a one-piece plant stand with three marble platforms spread out for potted plants to sit on top of

    4. A three-shelf organizer that'll conveniently fit over your toilet for a lovely place to put your candles and tissue box.

    a thin metal shelving unit with three shelves that fit over and around a toilet

    5. An end table you can place next to your bed to store your multiple chargers, journal, and other odds 'n' ends.

    a light blue end table with two drawers and a bottom shelf

    6. Tabletop cereal dispensers that'll make grabbing your morning breakfast a breeze — and likely become a conversation-starter for anyone who visits your home.

    two plastic cannisters filled with cereal placed into a black contraption that'll let you dispense a standard size portion. There's also a crumb collecting tray underneath

    7. A barrel chair you'll pat yourself on the back for buying the next time a storm rolls in and you're looking for a cozy place to post-up and read a book.

    a velvet blue chair with short plastic legs and a U-shaped back

    8. A pair of distressed pine floating shelves you can use to display your candles, spices, makeup (whatever you want!) in an elegant (but still rustic!) way.

    the floating shelves stacked above one another, the lower one holding an array of spices

    9. Thermal blackout curtains to keep the summer heat from sneaking into your home or to help you *finally* get some much-needed shut-eye.

    two sets of the curtains in navy blue hanging from floor to ceiling

    10. An oversized Jenga game that'll amp up you and your family's competitive spirits while also encouraging you to get outside for a while.

    a group of adults and children playing the bigger version of Jenga outdoors

    11. A column floor lamp with built-in shelves to provide you with even more places to display books and succulents (what else would you decorate with?).

    the column lamp with the shaded, lit section at the top and two shelves below it

    12. Chevron wallpaper that'll help you finally recreate the accent wall you've been saving to your home decor Pinterest board over and over again.

    13. A set of faux fur lumbar pillows you can toss right onto your couch and say "Voilà! I've decorated!"

    two white faux fur lumbar pillows on a couch

    14. A Papasan chair that'll likely become your favorite place to unwind — who wouldn't want to feel like they're a baby bird cuddled safely away in a nest? Sounds good to me.

    a thick, black microfiber circular cushion inside a circular wicker platform

    15. Agate bookends to keep your favorite titles in order and add an extra element of *pizzazz* to your shelves.

    two different sizes of blue crystal-like book ends

    16. A lift-top coffee table that'll likely be the piece of furniture you brag about to all your friends since you can use it to hide your inevitable messes *and* utilize it as a tray to eat dinner in front of the TV (guilty).

    the coffee table in a light wood color opened to showcase the piece that opens for storage

    17. A mini vintage kitchen set for kiddos to keep 'em busy while you try to figure out what on earth you're going to make for dinner tonight.

    a mini retro-styled kitchen in turquoise blue with a fridge, freezer, stove, oven, sink, microwave, and shelving

    18. A TV stand featuring a natural wood grain that'll look lovely with all of the furniture you already have *and* finally give you somewhere appropriate to hide the boxed DVD sets of Gilmore Girls seasons you can't seem to part with.

    the nearly-white wooden tv stand with a darker wood top, two cabinets, three shelves, and black metal accents

    19. A stain-resistant outdoor area rug to transform your boring patio space into one you'd see highlighted on HGTV.

    a contemporary rectangular rug with a pattern across it including orange, red, purple, and tan

    20. A serving tray you can use to accent your coffee table *or* to actually present your partner a stunning breakfast in bed.

    a medium brown wooden rectangular serving tray with rope handles on each side

    21. Hashtag bookends you'll definitely want on display in your home if you still typically caption all of your Instagrams with #blessed.

    six black and white books in between two golden oversized hashtag symbol bookends

    22. A bistro set that'll make you feel like you're off dining somewhere fabulous in Paris when in reality you're eating a bowl of cereal in your apartment.

    a cast aluminum bistro set with two pretty chairs with a curvy metal design on the back and a small table with a similar design on the table top

    23. A tufted upholstered bed to add a touch of glamour to your sleep set-up.

    a bed with a grey tufted head, nail head trim and matching grey platform

    24. A velvet chair with a shell-like back that'll make your mermaid dreams a reality in your home.

    the blush velvet chair with gold, metal legs and a throw pillow on it

    25. An enchanting play tent filled with LED string lights, guaranteed to leave any little one starry-eyed and begging for extra playtime hours before bed (apologies).

    a circular tent with a pink polka-dotted roof, white flowy netting to keep bugs out (but can be tied away for indoor use) and twinkling star-shaped LED lights throughout

    26. Tabletop torches made of marine glass that'll bring some extra light to your yard and keep pesky bugs away at the same time.

    rounded tabletop tiki torches with an intricate seashell-like design on them, one is red, one is light blue, one is white

    27. A stylish night table with a mid-century modern feel so it'll seem like you just totally revamped your bedroom but without having to do something drastic like * gasp!* paint the walls.

    the night table with brown drawers, a white exterior, dark brown legs, and tiny white squares as the knobs

    28. Globe string lights that'll make you feel like you've left your house and entered a fairytale wonderland each time you step outside.

    the globe lights strung up across a yard

    29. And a faux eucalyptus plant in a geometric patterned planter you can appreciate every day knowing you'll never have to water it.

    a leafy green faux plant in a white pot with golden geometric patterns on it sitting atop a dark brown wooden stand

    How you'll probably feel while checking out with an overflowing Wayfair shopping cart:

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