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    31 Things From Walmart That Actually Look Fancy As Heck

    All the glitz and glam you never knew you could get from Walmart✨

    Do you feel like various areas of your life could use a little sprucing up?

    Here are some of the fanciest things you can get at Walmart right now:

    1. Flats that'll quickly become your favorite shoes because of their classic, but comfortable, design.

    2. A trendy trench coat to wear on rainy spring days or chilly fall mornings.

    3. A barrel chair with fancy nail head accents you can curl up in like a cozy cat while also feeling classier than ever.

    4. A super soft unisex scarf, for anyone looking to be both warm and stylish without breaking the bank.

    5. A metallic fanny pack to wear to concerts, outdoor excursions, or brunch because it's just THAT fabulous.

    6. A pretty watch with gold accents and a leather band you'll want to wear ~time after time~.

    7. Satin pillow cases can provide you with sweet dreams without fear of waking up with frizzy hair or those weird temporary lines all over your face.

    8. Peep toe booties with a chunky block heel, essential for anyone who loves wearing flirty dresses throughout spring and summer.

    9. Dazzling champagne-colored earrings, so fabulous all your friends will be asking you where you bought them.

    10. Cologne for men that'll have you jamming out to Migos, singing "Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace."

    11. A hand-tufted geometric rug, so when anyone enters your home they'll automatically take their shoes off because your floor looks too damn nice to get dirty.

    12. Ankle-length jeans with a sassy stripe down each side, perfect for a budding fashionista on a budget.

    13. Satin pajamas, because you absolutely deserve to feel like a queen when you climb into bed every night.

    14. Men's dress boots that'll have your S.O. swooning over your fresh new look.

    15. Glitter-infused champagne flutes, so you and your squad can put your pinkies in their air while sipping on affordable cocktails and not worry about breaking a single glass.

    16. Patent Mary Jane pumps with a double buckle to add an extra layer of class for your next date night.

    17. Oversized mirror sunglasses that'll make you feel like a freakin' superstar, even if you're just driving to the supermarket.

    18. An 11-piece set of nonstick pots and pans, because every chef deserves the encouragement that comes along with fancy new cookware.

    19. Rose quartz drop earrings, so you'll never have to think twice about what to wear with your go-to LBD.

    20. A velvet accent armchair to glam up even the most boring of rooms and make you feel bad and boujee in the process.

    21. A sassy red dress that'll make you look like the salsa-dancing emoji IRL.

    22. A simple necklace with five baguettes made of rose gold and simulated morganite to fool everyone into thinking you're wealthy.

    23. A faux-leather backpack, ideal for any commuter looking for a chic alternative to their standard work bag.

    24. Speckled votives that'll have you singing "these are a few of my favoooorite things."

    25. A lace bralette you can break out on special occasions or any ol' day you need a sexy pick-me-up.

    26. A decadent makeup train case to impress all of your friends on your next trip.

    27. A belted sweater that'll show off your unique sense of style and have strangers showering you with compliments.

    28. A diamond ring for anyone who loves minimalist jewelry and wants to add some extra ~bling~ to their collection.

    29. A pair of rhinestone-encrusted gloves, because is there anything fancier than wearing an accessory like this while driving your car with the windows down?

    30. An eternity band to match that'll answer the question of what could possibly be found at the end of a rainbow.

    31. And a jumpsuit, so you always have a go-to outfit for when you want to look and feel fabulous.

    There's only one thing left to do....

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