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    33 Things For Your Garage You'll Wish You'd Bought Years Ago

    You don't need Marie Kondo to help you transform your garage into a place that ~ sparks joy ~.

    1. Double utility hooks that'll assist in storing ladders, cords, and all kinds of power tools.

    2. A storage system with 12 galvanized steel hooks to hold an array of items, so you MIGHT just be able to see your garage floor again.

    3. A 44-piece mounted wall organizer, so every nut, bolt, screw, or washer will always have a designated home.

    4. A corner tool rack that'll hold everything from rakes and mops to hammers and brooms, and is essentially what garage dreams are made of.

    5. A handy lil' golf bag organizer to keep your accessories in check until you make your PGA Championship debut.

    6. An electric air compressor combo kit that'll assure you're always prepared in case you get a flat tire or want to take on more advanced DIY projects.

    7. Or a small shelving system specifically for your brooms, in case you're actually a witch and your collection of broomsticks has really gotten out of control.

    8. A place to store wood for your outdoor fireplace that probably inspired the lyrics, "I got racks on racks on racks."

    9. A Genie remote control for your garage door so you can quickly make an exit when you see one of your neighbors coming over to chat.

    10. A battery organizer that might just have you feeling ~charged up~ if you love nothing more than keeping things tidy.

    11. Overhead storage you can attach to your garage ceiling to finally create a Santa-approved home for your Christmas decorations.

    12. A wet/dry vacuum with a detachable blower that is essentially two tools in one and will help you keep your garage floor so clean you could eat off of it.

    13. A steel pegboard, so strong you won't have to worry about hearing a loud clang in the middle of the night only to discover all of your tools fell off the garage wall.

    14. Or a cabinet that can be hung behind any door in your garage for a discrete storage option.

    15. A work bench and shelving unit that'll prevent you from uttering the words, "where did I leave my measuring tape?"

    16. A hand crank extension cord winder you'll cherish for all the times it'll save you from tripping over rogue wires.

    17. Crush-resistant jars, a must for any avid crafter with a TON of supplies to be stored in their garage.

    18. A retractable 30-foot extension cord you can mount on your ceiling to keep your pets, kids, or clumsy friends from getting tangled in the wire.

    19. A modular organizer with enough room to store your favorite hammer and lock system to prevent your kiddos from getting their hands on it.

    20. A universal rubber garage door bottom that'll replace the ripped up, damaged one that probably came with your house.

    21. A multi-position blower fan to keep your garage chill even when you're ~losing your cool~ because you can't figure out how to fix your bike.

    22. Or an infrared heater, in case you find yourself doing most of your handiwork in the colder months and you're tired of your fingers freezing.

    23. LED garage lights so you can easily find that screw you just dropped without having a toddler-like tantrum.

    24. A utility sink that'll come in handy when you come home with shoes full of mud and don't want to destroy your new rug.

    25. An absorbent mat to protect your precious garage floor from oil, water, and any other mysterious liquids that might find their way inside.

    26. A parking mat that'll signify you should STOP driving so you don't hit your garage wall...again.

    27. A car washing kit you'll be so glad you purchased after YET ANOTHER bird poops on your windshield.

    28. A hoist to keep that bike you swore you were going to ride every weekend in a safe place until you actually use it.

    29. Chalkboard paint, so you can write your DIY plans right on the wall instead of forever searching for that scrap paper you scribbled on that morning.

    30. A cabinet that'll minimize the mess in your garage because you can fill it up then close the doors and pretend it isn't there — the best way to solve any problem, right?

    31. A magnetic tray you'll be ~drawn to~ for how easily it keeps all of your tools and parts in check.

    32. A fishing rod rack you can attach to the back of your garage door to assure nothing ~fishy~ happens to them.

    33. And a mini fridge where you can secretly store all of your favorite drinks and snacks you don't want your other family members to find.

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