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    36 Perfect Gifts For Your Friend Who Just Got Engaged

    From LEGO bricks to personalized water bottles, anything you gift your friend will make them feel even more loved.

    So your friend just got engaged! Whether you're super excited or already worrying about planning the perfect bachelorette party, it's time to get them a lil' something to celebrate.

    1. A subscription to Brides magazine that your friend has likely been eyeing for years but never had a reason to purchase.

    2. Decorative wine labels you can easily add yourself to the couple's favorite vino. Cheers!

    3. And a customized wine cork shadow box, so they have somewhere special to store all of the bottles of wine and champagne they'll be gifted for the next year.

    4. A water bottle with an encouraging drinking timeline.

    5. A pair of magical mugs for the happy Harry Potter–loving couple to sip out of during breakfast while they discuss wedding logistics.

    6. Or this The Office–themed set, essential for any soon-to-be married couple's mug collection.

    7. A personalized ring dish, so your friend will have a place to keep their dazzling sparkler safe and sound when they're showering, cleaning, or at the gym.

    8. Or a wooden ring dish starring Link and Zelda to serve as the perfect reminder that it's "dangerous to go alone."

    9. A precious picture frame you can fill with photos of your pals, guaranteed to make them tear up and shower you with hugs.

    10. A sweet smelling candle that literally shouts "OMG YOU'RE ENGAGED," for when your friend wants to kick back and take a break from showing off their new ring.

    11. A diamond-cleaning pen, because your pal's bling is going to have a lot of eyes on it and needs to be in tip-top shape at all times.

    12. An inflatable engagement ring balloon that'll have your friend squealing with delight when they pose with it for Instagram pics.

    13. A set of cake forks they'll be able to save for that ~sweet~ moment on their wedding day.

    14. A custom wooden Beauty and the Beast sign featuring the couple's names and wedding date they can use as decor in their home or bring at their reception.

    15. A Christmas ornament to commemorate the happy couple's first engaged holiday season.

    16. A frame with a sweet quote and your friend's names and engagement date, a lovely gift you can give if you're not going to see them on the day of their proposal.

    17. A pair of punny wine glasses for the couple who dropped everything to see Bey and Jay on tour.

    18. Stainless steel water bottles to keep your friends hydrated as they prep for the big day.

    19. A beautifully framed map of the exact spot your friend popped the question, so they can remember that special moment forever.

    20. Or a series of maps that'll showcase all the places your favorite couple has ventured together over the years.

    21. A standard "does this ring make me look engaged?" mug your friend is sure to love a ~latte~.

    22. A custom growler and glasses for the couple who is always trying to get you to taste test the latest craft beer they've discovered.

    23. A cute countdown sign, so they can excitedly let everyone know how many days are left until the BIG day.

    24. A bedazzled bag that'll keep the bride-to-be company on her many, many upcoming wedding-related tasks.

    25. A cute lil' card to make your go-to brunch companions feel warm 'n toasty inside about their updated relationship status.

    26. Or an engagement card that'll, perhaps, show off both your and the couple's personalities a bit more ;).

    27. Sarcastic wine glasses you'll like so much you'll bookmark to order as an engagement gift to yourself.

    28. Or these conversational wine glasses that'll be the envy of anyone who visits your friends' home for dinner.

    29. A hand-painted ring dish featuring the place your friend and their S.O. met, so unique and thoughtful they'll immediately ask you to get ordained and perform their ceremony.

    30. An "I do" makeup bag that'll definitely come in handy on the big day when your buddy is scrambling for mascara or an extra bobby pin.

    31. Vintage-looking wall art, so your newly engaged friends can enjoy their engagement day every time they look at this customized poster.

    32. A T-shirt for the diehard Queen Bey fan-turned-fiancé that'll be singing "Single Ladies" from now until the end of time.

    33. An undated planner, so when your BFF goes all Monica-from-Friends on their wedding plans they'll have a designated book to use.

    34. A bride and groom LEGO set to pay tribute to the couple's childhood obsession with the colorful bricks.

    35. A copy of My Big Fat Greek Wedding that'll give your friend and their fiancé an excuse to take break from stressful wedding planning to have a movie night and a laugh.

    36. And a Kate Spade tumbler, for the person who prioritizes their morning iced coffee over everything.

    Now let's pop some champagne and raise a glass to your fave soon-to-be married couple!

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