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    45 Things For Your Backyard You'll Wish You'd Bought Years Ago

    Forget about milkshakes — these products will bring EVERYONE to your yard.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A stylish Citronella candle to keep bugs at bay while you watch the sunset with your favorite people (or your dog...or alone... whatever you're into).

    2. A reversible outdoor rug that'll create a softer spot for your pet to lounge if your yard happens to be lacking in the ~luscious grass~ department.

    3. Or a lawn mower in case you have so much grass that your yard is starting to look more like an overgrown forest than a suburban retreat.

    The lawn mower and trimmer

    4. A watering can that'll help you channel your inner-elephant and ~never forget~ to water your plants.

    5. A canopy to provide shade for your and your friends while you ~throw shade~ about the other people in your lives.

    6. A mini pool that fits three grown adults so you can pretend you're on vacation in the Hamptons instead of your apartment's tiny patio.

    Models sitting in mini pool

    7. A pair of lounge chairs you'd easily find poolside at a resort in Hawaii.

    Two grey lounge chairs by a pool

    8. Or a four-piece set of wicker furniture so everyone will have a spot of their own where they can unwind.

    9. Playful animals you can hang from plants or trees in your yard to add some ~wild style~ to your decor.

    Animal decor on a branch

    10. A folding grill table with lots of surface space that'll prevent you from ever burning burgers because you misplaced your spatula.

    Reviewer's photo of grill table set up with grill on top

    11. A solar powered, motion sensor–activated light so you can sing "and at last I see the light," like Rapunzel in Tangled each time you step into your yard.

    12. A ginormous unicorn sprinkler for cooling off on hot summer days and for making all your magical rainbow dreams come true.

    13. A copper pot to look like chic yard decor but will actually be where you discreetly store your garden hose.

    14. Or a hose holder that's a little more low maintenance and can still get the job done.

    15. And a hose with a lifetime guarantee so you'll never have to fret about any thirsty greenery in your backyard.

    Person holding the hose

    16. A playhouse for your kids (or friends' kids) that looks like an actual lil' log cabin and'll make your backyard the go-to destination of the summer.

    17. An aesthetically pleasing outdoor garbage can so you can still be a lil' trashy but make it ~fashun~.

    White garbage can outside next to garden

    18. Flamingo lawn ornaments you'll love so much you'll want to name them and make them part of the family.

    19. Or an outdoor planter you can use as an excuse to say "stop lookin' at me swan!" a la Billy Madison randomly when company comes over.

    20. Globe string lights that'll transform your backyard into the hipster haven you've always imagined it could be.

    String lights hanging outside

    21. A floating beverage bar so you can stay in your pool until your fingers get all shriveled and pruned.

    Floating beverage bar in the shape of a rainbow with clouds beneath it where four soda cans sit

    22. Classic gardening tools because THIS will be the year you finally flex your green thumb.

    23. A hanging hammock chair for the ultimate chill spot where you can read a book, catch some rays, or take a nap.

    24. Or a regular hammock, in case you have ~someone special~ in your life you'd like to snuggle up with while you gaze into the night sky.

    25. A turtle sandbox from the '90s that, if you had one, was the ultimate sign your parents loved you (or desperately needed a way to keep you busy).

    26. A Grecian-style birdbath with a moss finish that'll make people think they stepped into Aphrodite's garden (and not your suburban backyard).

    birdbath in a garden

    27. A traveling sprinkler to make your lawn the envy of all your nosy neighbors without you having to lift a finger.

    Green sprinkler with water sprinkling over grass

    28. A waterproof portable bluetooth speaker, so you'll never have to fumble with headphone wires while trying to ~get your tan on~ in your yard.

    29. A celestial fire pit, which'll be the perfect accessory to all of those cosmic conversations you get into around the fire with your friends.

    fire pit with cutouts of stars and moons on the side

    30. An oversized game of tic-tac-toe you can either use as decor or gather your squad for some old fashioned gaming.

    Reviewer's photo of the game

    31. A pet house complete with stairs and a balcony that'll be a paw-fect addition to your yard.

    32. A portable beach chair you can use in your own yard then take it with you when you head to a friend's house for a pool party.

    33. A curtain of LED lights that'll light up your life like fireworks on the 4th of July.

    34. A feisty lawn ornament to scare off any rogue gnomes who might've been plotting to take over your garden.

    Godzilla lawn ornament attacking gnomes with toy army characters surrounding it in a garden

    35. Citronella tiki torches, perfect for the next time you host a luau (or if you could use some extra light in your backyard).

    Tiki torch lit and set up with people sitting and standing nearby

    36. Or submersible LED lights so you can create a disco inside of your swimming pool (or your bathtub!).

    37. And an outdoor pizza oven that'll make every party a pizza party — and everyone knows there's nothing better than a pizza party.

    38. A projector screen that will turn your backyard into your own personal movie theater (and seriously upgrade all of your outdoor parties).

    39. A