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    33 Stylish Graduation Dresses That'll Make All That School Worth It

    Cue up Vitamin C's "Graduation" because it's time to shop for the perfect grad dress.

    1. A V-neck maxi dress you'll tell all of your friends to buy as well so you can take the world's most beautiful cap and gown photo.

    2. A dress with a tie front and spaghetti straps to show off a little skin without crossing the line because Grandma will definitely be there cheering for you.

    3. A BCBGeneration A-line dress you can upgrade with statement jewelry and shoes — you'll look so glamorous without leaving your style comfort zone.

    4. A lavender fit and flare frock that'll actually look nice with that unfortunate cap you'll be forced to wear in 100 family photos.

    5. A dress with flutter sleeves because you're graduating and deserve to walk across the stage knowing you're wearing an elegant outfit under your gown.

    6. A vintage cocktail dress you can wear in hopes it'll make a nice first impression on your college S.O's parents.

    7. A colorful halter dress that'll keep you feeling cool 'n' calm under that oversized grad gown.

    8. An off-the-shoulder dress with bell sleeves you'll want to wear long after your graduation day has come and gone.

    9. Or a sleeveless belted dress with a collar to help you look put together, even when you feel like a hot mess because it's 100 degrees outside and you're stuck listening to a boring commencement speech.

    10. A shift dress featuring a sophisticated pattern that'll help you convince yourself you're officially an adult!

    11. A button-front midi dress you'll find yourself reaching for on all occasions from graduation through Labor Day.

    12. A dress with delicate embroidered sleeves will have all your fellow-grads begging to know your shopping secrets.

    13. A floral Peter Pan dress, in case you're hyped about getting that diploma but also want to pay homage to your fear of growing up.

    14. An off-the-shoulder romper dress so you won't have to worry about everyone seeing your undies when there's an unexpected gust of wind.

    15. Or a dress with crisp lines and ruffles for an appropriate but playful grad outfit.

    16. A peplum midi dress made of a silky soft material so lovely, you'd definitely award it a master's degree in comfort.

    17. A cap sleeve dress with a darling bow around the middle that'll make you feel like you're in an episode of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

    18. A delightful swing dress that has pockets you can use to secretly store your phone during the ceremony.

    19. A denim dress, perfect for giving a ~cold shoulder~ to the many hours you spent studying in your too-small dorm.

    20. A quarter-sleeve number detailed with crocheted flowers that'll make you want to frolic through a field singing tunes from The Sound of Music.

    21. A stunning dress so you'll feel like the ~belle of the ball~ as you move your tassel from left to right.

    22. A bohemian dress I can only imagine would make a satisfying ~swoosh~ sound when you spin around.

    23. Or a party dress with a full skirt that'll make you want to take a video twirling in it with your college BFF for your graduation day Instagram Story.

    24. An embroidered gingham dress you'll fall in love with because, just like your 20+ page thesis, beauty is really evident in the details.

    25. A pleated dress with trendy scalloped edges may ruin every other dress for you because it's so freakin' pretty.

    26. A hot pink dress to help you channel your inner–Elle Woods if you happen to be graduating from Law School.

    27. A striped V-neck dress you can wear comfortably under your graduation gown and still be the shining star of your celebration dinner.

    28. A linen dress with ~retro vibes~ you definitely won't sweat through when your nerves kick in before accepting your diploma.

    29. An A-line lace empire dress with quarter sleeves, a must-have for those awkward temperatures in between spring and summer.

    30. A dress that'll make you as happy as your parents are that you've managed to graduate.

    31. A floral number with sleeves in case you're the one always asking "can you turn the AC down a bit?"

    32. A must-have polka dot bodycon dress if, just like John Legend, you "love your curves and all your edges."

    33. And a classic Lilly Pulitzer dress you can wear to your graduation ceremony then promptly jump on a plane for a tropical vacation.

    Strutting your stuff at graduation like:

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