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    26 Stylish And Affordable Things From Amazon You'll Probably Want In Every Color

    Sweaters, leggings, jackets, shoes and more stylish options that'll expand your wardrobe.

    1. A balloon sleeve sweater that'll garner tons of compliments even if the only people who get to see you wearing it are your coworkers on Zoom.

    2. A water-resistant puffer coat, so affordable and functional you can easily treat yourself to multiple styles without breaking the bank.

    3. A playful dress that cuts above the knee for when you want to show a lil' leg but don't want to upset your traditional grandma with an outlandish outfit. Chilly wear you live? Fear not, pair it with your favorite tights and wear it all year long.

    4. A longline cardigan sweater with a hood, perfect for cozying up in front of your fireplace (yes, that includes the one you can watch for hours on Netflix).

    5. A drapey long-sleeve top that'll look cute with leggings or jeans — so versatile you won't have to think twice about buying it in multiple colors.

    6. Relaxed fit sweatpants you might as well order a few of since you and I both know the pair you've been wearing "to work" for the last year would appreciate a breather.

    7. A full-zip sherpa jacket that'll keep you warm without compromising your carefully cultivated style. You're welcome.

    8. Ballet flats, because you and I both know you've never really had an interest in pretending you enjoy teetering on too-high heels.

    a reviewer in black ballet flats

    9. A turtleneck sweater you can hunker down in whether there's a blizzard outside your window or you're just perpetually freezing.

    10. A knit hat and matching scarf you'll look absolutely adorable in when you're running errands on a cold winter morning or goofing off to build a snowman with your roommate.

    11. A floral lace dress for when you finally convince your friends to let you host a Bridgerton-worthy ball on Zoom.

    12. Stylish pajamas you can easily transition into loungewear on lazy Sunday mornings.

    13. An oversized teddy bear lapel coat that'll ensure you're snug as a bug when you head outdoors while also looking like a fashion influencer. Goals achieved.

    14. A lightweight flannel you can comfortably wear throughout fall, winter, and spring — a gift to yourself that'll just keep on giving.

    15. A quarter-sleeve boatneck dress, because we love a versatile wardrobe staple that'll look fantastic whether you wear it with pearls and heels or sandals and costume jewelry.

    16. Combat boots with a zipper along the side so you won't have to fuss with lacing 'em up every time you want to wear 'em.

    17. A sweater with a deep V-neck cut that'll pair nicely with a chunky scarf and ensure you don't get *too* hot during a quick coffee run.

    18. A casual hoodie you can throw on before taking the dog for a walk or running out to grab your morning coffee.

    a reviewer wearing a navy sweatshirt with colored stripes vertically across the top and bottom

    19. A henley top in an array of styles that'll work wonders for your wardrobe — who doesn't love stocking up on a beloved item?

    20. A two-piece lounge set to help achieve that "I'm chill and chic" vibe you've seen all of your favorite influencers pull off.

    21. A chic turtleneck you might want to layer under a faux fur vest for an extra layer of warmth and style.

    22. An oversized sweater featuring an animal print that'll look purrfect in your already-stylish wardrobe.

    23. High-waisted leggings in an array of colors that'll make getting dressed for the day or any workout a breeze.

    24. Or bike shorts, so you can recreate one of Princess Diana's most iconic styles.

    25. A chunky cardigan to throw on with a pair of jeans and a simple tank to create a fashionable look with very minimal effort on your part — which is the goal, right?

    a model in a red cardigan with a tan, black, and white aztec design on it

    26. And a fabulous crewneck sweater and pencil skirt set that would likely garner a nod of approval from Miranda Priestly.

    What you'll probably say to yourself in the mirror while trying on all your new clothes:

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