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22 Studio Ghibli Gifts You Just Might Want To Buy For Yourself

Make your loved one as happy as Totoro with an umbrella this holiday season with one of these quirky gifts.

1. A set of tree spirits from Princess Mononoke they can add to a planter or simply keep at their desk for some much-needed company.

the tiny figures

2. A wooden music box that plays the tune of "Always with Me" from Spirited Away that'll quickly become one of their most cherished gifts.

a black wooden box with characters from the film on it and a turn-crank

3. Crew socks featuring scenes from Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Howl's Moving Castle, and Kiki's Delivery Service to bring some of their favorite moments into their wardrobe with ease.

the socks in red, yellow, off white, and blue

4. A playful broomstick necklace with Jiji hanging onto it just like he typically does Kiki's — so cute they'll want to wear it every day.

5. A plush Jiji journal so they'll always have somewhere to write down sassy remarks — it's what Kiki's cat would want.

the journal

6. A Porco Rosso tee they can refer to anytime someone tries to pull the old "when pigs fly" line on em'.

a model in a white t-shirt with porco rosso on it

7. A My Neighbor Totoro mug they'll cherish sipping tea out of on a particularly rainy day while wondering if Satsuki and Mei are somewhere waiting with umbrellas for their dad to get home in similar weather.

8. A comforter with an all-over Studio Ghibli pattern they can wrap themselves up in for a marathon of all their favorite movies.

the comforter on a full size bed

9. A plush version of Jiji they'll love snuggling up with while watching Kiki's Delivery Service for the thousandth time. Just remind your friend to try not to feed him pancakes (he's a stuffed animal).

a black plush cat stuffed animal

10. Any of the movies on Blu-ray or DVD, so they can experience their favorite scenes over and over again whenever the mood strikes.

my neighbor totoro in green steelbook packaging

11. Or a subscription to HBO Max, where Studio Ghibli films can be digitally found. A perfect gift for anyone who loves these movies but has gotten reliant on their smart TV and is officially too lazy to use a DVD player.

mei and totoro standing under umbrellas in the rain

12. A notebook and pen that'll make them feel like they just ventured through the bushes and landed on Totoro's belly for a nap every time they open it.

the wooden journal with a plush totoro on the front

13. A set of Ponyo-inspired scrunchies that'll surely *make a splash* in their hair accessory collection.

three satin scrunchies

14. A mesmerizing lamp to help them pay tribute to arguably the hardest working delivery girl in the game.

a glass dome light with a fake cloud and realistic grass with kiki on her broomstick on top of the cloud

15. A pack of 100 Studio Ghibli stickers so they can cover their laptop in their favorite bath house employees (yes, even you Yubaba) and all their other mystical characters from Miyazaki's films.

a pile of stickers

16. A Castle in the Sky T-shirt that'll remind your partner of the romantic quote, "the world cannot live without love" each time they wear it.

a tee with Sheeta and Pazu together on it

17. A soot sprite watercolor print they can hang in a prominent spot of their home to remind themselves to always finish what they start.

a watercolor with three soot sprites holidng rocks over their hands and the words "finish what your started, human" under them

18. A Howl's Moving Castle novel, a must-have for bookworms who are craving more Sophie and Howl in their lives.

the cover of the book

19. An entire book about Hayao Miyazaki's life and work they'll definitely want to read from cover-to-cover then proudly place on top of their coffee table for all to see.

the cover of the book with miyazaki's face in clouds

20. A soot sprite window cling to keep them company on their next road trip — beware, this lil' guy might try to eat your pal's candy when they're not looking.

the soot sprint window cling

21. A backpack with a design of Kiki all over it they can toss all of their essentials into before heading out on a Ghibli-like adventure — who knows what awaits!

the blue backpack

22. And a pocket tee with a hidden surprise any Studio Ghibli fan will be delighted to discover and show off time and time again.

a model in a white t-shirt with no face sticking out of the pocket

Running to get everyone in my life a Studio Ghibli gift like:

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