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    34 Sweatshirts For The Ultimate Snuggle Sesh

    "I see it. I like it. I want it. I got it." —Ariana Grande and you to these sweatshirts.

    Is there anything more satisfying than cozying up in a super soft sweatshirt?

    Here are some sweatshirts that are just begging to be added to your wardrobe:

    1. A Schrute Farms sweatshirt to pay tribute to the most iconic bed and breakfast we all wish we could visit.

    2. A color block crewneck that'll keep you so cozy you won't even realize you're outside in the middle of a snowstorm.

    3. A ribbed knit hoodie with a dolphin hem, perfect for transitioning your wardrobe from winter into spring.

    4. A sherpa pullover, so you can feel like you're living inside a big, fluffy cloud all day long.

    5. A pullover with pearl accents that'll have you feeling like you're wearing the Breakfast at Tiffany's of sweatshirts.

    6. A sweatshirt you'll find all your friends mooning over after you wear it to your next brunch outing.

    7. A sweatshirt that lists all the ingredients for grilled cheese, because what better shirt to wear while chowing down on your go-to comfort food this weekend?

    8. A neon sweatshirt, for when you want to add an extreme pop of color to your standard hanging-at-home look.

    9. A Witches of WeHo sweatshirt, a must-have for any Vanderpump Rules fan or resident of West Hollywood.

    10. A Wandering Oaken's Trading Post sweatshirt that'll make you feel like you're vacationing in Arendelle instead of trekking to work.

    11. A floral drawstring hoodie with 849 five-star reviews on Amazon, so you know it'll be a staple of your springtime wardrobe.

    12. A tarot card–inspired sweatshirt featuring "the hermit," an absolute necessity for any homebody.

    13. A fleece hoodie that comes in an array of fun colors and will keep you warm during your winter workouts.

    14. A sweatshirt for the pizza enthusiast who is forever on the hunt for a flawless slice.

    15. A basic crewneck that you're going to want to order 10 of — just ask one of the nearly 2K Amazon customers who left a five-star review.

    16. Or a striped crewneck, because sometimes you'll want to add a little style to your oversized sweatshirt game.

    17. A rockin' skeleton sweatshirt so you can always be prepared if you get invited to a last-minute concert.

    18. A pair of matching sweatshirts you and your BFF should rock while binge-watching Pen15 on Hulu.

    19. A sweater/hoodie combo, for when it's so cold you need to wear a sweater but still want the comforting feeling of wearing a sweatshirt.

    20. A Charlie Brown sweatshirt that'll have you saying "Good grief! Why don't I already own this!"

    21. A sweatshirt with "link in bio" written on it, necessary for any influencer in the making.

    22. Or a galactic sweatshirt that is subtly out of this world, a must for wearing while watching SpaceX's rocket launches at random hours of the day and night.

    23. An avocado toast sweatshirt that'll let everyone know exactly where you stand on over-priced brunch items.

    24. A loose-fitting pullover your roommate will likely try to steal out of your closet because it's so damn soft.

    25. Or a monogrammed sweatshirt, so that grubby roomie of yours won't be able to think twice about borrowing it.

    26. A motivational sweatshirt to lift your spirits on your next terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

    27. A magical sweatshirt featuring a winking Mickey Mouse that'll become your go-to accessory for you next Disney movie binge.

    28. A sweatshirt for Ariana Grande fans to wear while they dance around their bedrooms to to "7 Rings" or head out on a major shopping spree.

    29. A cropped tie-dye sweatshirt, in case you wanna be cozy but still show a lil' skin.

    30. A faux-fur NASA hoodie that you can totally wear to keep warm while watching The Martian for the 100th time.

    31. An awesome sweatshirt for any badass plant parent to wear while leisurely watering their succulents.

    32. A standard black pullover that'll help you bring out your inner-goddess vibes even if you're just headed out to grab an iced coffee.

    33. A sherpa-lined hoodie to keep you so warm you'll finally understand what Elsa was talking about when she said "the cold never bothered me anyway."

    34. And a Mouse Rat sweatshirt in case anyone needs to be reminded they are the greatest band of ALL TIME.

    You, when your new favorite sweatshirt arrives:

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