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    Shutterfly Is Having A Big Sale So You Might As Well Start Shopping

    Any gift you order from here will be *picture perfect* hehe.

    If you've been debating when to order your holiday cards or start shopping for your loved ones, you might want to start now during Shutterfly's big sale!

    In addition to *everything* being marked down, you can also score an extra 20% off with the code SAVINGS from 11/16–11/18.

    Here are some suggestions of discounted items you can either gift or not-so-selfishly treat yourself to:

    1. A delicate ceramic ornament for your friends who got married during this wild year and deserve something extra lovely to remember their special day.

    a circular ceramic ornament with tiny oval cut outs around it and a photo of a couple int he middle

    2. An engraved necklace with their name on it they'll likely want to wear every day — who doesn't love something personalized and dainty?

    a rose gold necklace with a bar charm with the name olivia and a heart

    3. A personalized latte mug that'll hold up to 17 oz. so they can fill it to the brim instead of refilling their cup over and over all morning in an attempt to get enough caffeine.

    4. A throw blanket you can fill with photos of you and your S.O. for a precious tribute to your relationship. Apologies if your siblings jokingly making grossed out faces / gagging sounds at you when you're wrapped up in it.

    a blue blanket with a collage of photos shaped like a crescent moon and the words love you to the moon and back

    5. A candle with a chic marble pattern on it and the option to add your loved one's monogram and favorite photos to it — sure to *light up* their life.

    the candle next to a box that has the definition of decorate on it

    6. A throw pillow with a fun colorblock design on it your roomie can't steal from you because it has *your* initial on it.

    a white pillow with a blue and white diagonal design of blue and pink and a W in the middle

    7. A custom photo puzzle for your grandma who has spent the last few months blazing through all the ones she already had in the house.

    a photo collage puzzle on a table

    8. A variety of face masks you can share with your family and friends to ensure everyone has one that appropriately shows off their personal style.

    four different face maks

    9. A phone case featuring photos of the ones they love the most so they can show off how darn cute everyone they cherish is even when they're texting up a storm.

    a white phone case with three colored hearts and three photos in hearts

    10. A magnet with a colorful pattern along the edges and a spot to pop in a photo of their favorite thing — whether that's Ryan Gosling or their cat.

    a rectangular magnet with a blue line design around the edges and a photo of a cat in the middle

    11. A version of The Night Before Christmas that'll put your favorite kiddo right into the story — so magical!

    12. A gingham pot holder to perfectly match their kitchen decor and remind them of you whenever they're whipping up their famous chocolate chip cookies.

    a red gingham oven mitt with three photos on it

    13. A personalized deck of cards you can count on to become their lucky deck since it'll have *your* face on it.

    a deck of cards with a heart monogram in the middle and four photos

    14. A gold charm bracelet they can layer with their other favorite bangles for a personalized style that'll get tons of compliments.

    a gold charm bracelet with a picture in a square charm

    15. A wireless charger to ensure their most treasured gadget is always charged up 'n' ready to go.

    a round wireless charger with palm leaves around the edges and an M in the middle

    16. A playful wine tote you can pop a bottle of their favorite vino into for a thoughtful gift they'll definitely appreciate.

    a black neoprene wine tote with a handle and the words filled with cheer on it in different colors

    17. And a calendar with a scrapbook theme for anyone who has always failed to actually put together a Pinterest-worthy scrapbook but loves the *aesthetic* of one.

    a mother and child in a heart for the month of february

    Don't forget to add in the code "SAVINGS" for an extra 20% off from now through 11/18!

    You, forcing your partner to take cute pics with you so you can put together a cute gift:

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