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    Sephora Has Tons Of Products On Sale For Up To 50% Off Right Now

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder — or maybe just the holder of your credit card.

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend, my beauties! What better way to celebrate than treating yourself to some goodies from Sephora?! Right now you can snag tons of products for up to 50% off (!!!), so it's time to stock up on some of your faves!

    From palettes and highlighters to lipsticks and lashes, there are so many things you might want to snag from this sale:

    1. A Fenty mini gloss set with five shades so you'll have plenty options when it comes to coordinating your pout with your outfit.

    sparkly-looking packaging for the glosses next to the five glosses which are all shimmery and include shades of bergundy, three pinks, and orange

    2. An Urban Decay Naked palette to help you bring some serious ~heat~ to your summer look.

    three arms showcasing all the color variations in the naked palette on different skin tones

    3. Olehenriksen's 3 Little Wonders kit, complete with a serum, a moisturizer, and a night gel that'll leave your skin looking so fresh you'll probs just wanna take selfies all weekend long.

    the three containers included in the kit; two are blue and one is orange

    4. Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Poor Cleansing Masque you can use to upgrade your next at-home spa night — you deserve it.

    an open container of the cleansing mask, the formula looks like white clay

    5. A one-step facial cleanser from Philosophy that'll encourage you to *finally* commit to a skincare routine (seriously, you can totally handle a single step!).

    a bottle of purity which has a long paragraph on it describing philosophy's brand and the ritual of cleansing

    6. Pat McGrath's MatteTrance lipstick, with packaging you'll find so elegant you might want to display it in your bathroom at all times.

    7. A mini facial toning device that'll stimulate the surface areas of your face, leaving it super smooth and firm without having to make a sure-to-have-been pricey visit to a spa.

    a person holding the mini facial toning device up to their neck, it has a pink circular bottom and two metal looking rounded balls on the edge

    8. Sol de Janeiro's Glowmotions Glow Body Oil, a must for anyone whose only summer goal is to look like a bronzed goddess.

    9. A buildable foundation from Tarte to help you achieve the perfect level of coverage whether you're at home filming Tik Tok videos or headed out for a stroll in the sun.

    10. A matte Fenty Beauty lipstick you might just want in every color (there's 24 of 'em, so good luck choosing which ones!).

    11. A Personal Microderm Pro you've likely been eyeing for some time now, because who wouldn't want the option to have a microdermabrasion treatment in the comfort of their own home?

    someone holding the personal microderm pro (which looks long and tubular in shape) up against their cheek

    12. A sheet mask for your butt (yes, really!) you'll have a laugh over at first but then want to tell all of your friends about it after you see how nice your booty looks.

    the packaging for the butt mask which is covered in a watermelon print design

    13. A GlamGlow face mask that'll amaze you as you watch it change from white to a shimmering chrome color all while it tightens-up your skin. Magic!

    two purple and metallic jars of the glamglow gravity mud mask

    14. A creamy bronzer from Becca Cosmetics you can rely on to leave your face looking flawlessly sun-kissed, even if you haven't seen the light of day all week.

    a circle of the bronzer removed from the packaging to show how the formula is creamy, shimmery, and powdery

    15. An Aquis hair towel you'll likely use once then wonder how you ever lived your life without it.

    16. A set of lashes that'll make people think you finally caved and got lash extensions — joke's on them, this will be way more affordable!

    six different close ups on a single eye to show the various styles of the lashes

    17. An after-sun body soother made by Ouai to help bring cooling relief to your crispy skin after your expired sunscreen shockingly doesn't cut it when you fall asleep in your lounge chair for hours.

    a golden bottle of the ouai after sun body soother surrounded by cucumbers and coconuts

    18. Tinted lip balm with SPF 30 in it that'll keep your lips hydrated and luscious. Pucker up!

    a line up of the various tubes of the lip treatment in different shades

    19. Living Proof's in-shower styler, a must-buy for anyone who is forever running late but doesn't want to sacrifice looking fabulous for arriving on time. Priorities, people.

    someone holding up the grey tube of the in-shower styler

    20. A holographic highlighting stick from Milk Makeup you can swipe on with ease to give yourself a prismatic glow that'll make you think "hey, I've really nailed this whole makeup thing."

    21. Saturday Skin's refreshing face mist will act as a toner and a way to hydrate your skin. Added bonus? You can apply it before and after you put on your makeup.

    a person holding a pink bottle of saturday skin product and spraying it on their face

    22. And a makeup remover cloth, because eventually you're going to need to take off all the glorious products you just applied to your face.

    a buzzfeed writer holding the makeup remover towel and showing how easily it took all of her makeup off on one side of her face

    These are only a handful of fantastic things you can get for up to 50% off right now on Sephora! So what are you waiting for? Let's shop, people!

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    a row of decorative cartoon blue wrapped presents with different colored bows

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