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    40 Products To Help Your Bathroom Feel More Like A Spa-Like Escape

    If you need me, you can find me relaxing in my bathroom.

    1. A 7-piece manicure tool box from Olive and June complete with everything you'd need to craft an Instagram-worthy (or at least not a hot mess) mani at home.

    2. A rose quartz facial roller and gua sha that is said to help alleviate headache pain and increase circulation in the face. I've been using mine to help with my seemingly endless tension headaches and jaw pain.

    3. Lush's "Sleepy" body lotion featuring a comforting lavender scent to help lull you to sleep and leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated.

    4. A set of luxurious marbled makeup brushes so you can feel like you're being pampered each time you *put on your face* for the day.

    5. A Himalayan salt lamp you'll love if candles make you sneeze because it'll create a similar soft, warm glow in your bathroom without additional scents.

    6. A set of four custom skincare products from Geologie with personalized ingredients to ensure your skin will look like you just walked out of an actual spa instead of your teeny tiny apartment bathroom.

    7. Or a trio of items from Glossier that'll look *so* nice next to each other on your bathroom counter and help you achieve that glowy, dewy look you've been working on.

    8. A hair scalp massager that'll quickly become your favorite shower accessory. You can use it to exfoliate and deep clean your scalp while applying your shampoo — it's a game-changer. And is there anything more relaxing than the feeling of someone scratching your head? Mmmm.

    9. A supportive bath pillow, a must-have for anyone who desperately needs to soak the stress of their day away (ahem, me) before hittin' the hay.

    10. An ice roller, which is said to help decrease under-eye puffiness, minimize fine lines, and shrink pores — as well as to relieve headaches and sore muscles. Your skin will thank you and you'll feel like you just had a facial at the spa.

    11. Drunk Elephant's F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Masque to add to your skincare routine. It'll absorb into your skin so quickly and leave your face looking dewy.

    12. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker you can suction onto your wall and pump in soothing nature sounds to truly give your bathroom a spa-like aesthetic.

    13. BuzzFeed x Birchbox's splurge-worthy box complete with items to take your beauty routine to the next level so you'll always have the magic of a spa day at your disposal.

    14. A five-minute sand timer filled with sparkly crystals you can use to feel more ~zen~ during an at-home spa night or to help you remember when it's time to wash off your face mask.

    15. Dr Teal's "Calm and Serenity" Epsom Salt you can sprinkle into a hot bath and relax yourself from head-to-toe.

    16. A modern brass incense holder to help you create a zen environment in your bathroom.

    17. A marble soap disk that'll bring a spa-like vibe to your bathroom while you're washing your hands for the 100th time.

    18. A chic oval mirror with delicate accents to take your bathroom decor to the next level.

    19. A faux leather tissue box cover that'll transform your cardboard one into something worthy of a fancy hotel.

    20. A golden under-eye mask even someone who has never set foot in an actual spa can pop on their face and feel like they're livin' large.

    21. A T-Rex toilet paper holder all of your (eventual) guests will find *dino-mite* when they take a break to pee from all the wine you've probs served them.

    22. A set of art prints from Rifle Paper Co. that'll add a cute, but curated, touch to your bathroom walls.

    23. A color-changing shower head with an LED temperature display to make you feel like you're at some new high-tech spa that's been *all the rage* on Instagram.

    24. A modern resin stone waste bin you'll find so beautiful you'll probably think twice before tossing your used tissues and waxy cotton swabs into it.

    25. A plush robe you can wrap yourself in after soaking in your tub and feel like you've been transported to the nicest spa in town.

    26. A bamboo bath tray to give you just one more reason to fill your tub to the brim and soak for hours while listening to Enya.

    27. A faux succulent wall that'll transform your bathroom into a steamy, lush rainforest of sorts without the added stress of caring for real plants.

    28. A woven laundry basket you won't even mind having around because it's just plain nice looking — no spa would be ashamed to use this to store spare towels.

    29. A candle in an elegant glass jar to make you feel like you're unwinding at a high-end spa rather than rushing to get ready for brunch in your own bathroom.

    30. A bath caddy you can hang over the side of your tub if you prefer to only keep your must-haves out in the open.

    31. A towel from Havly that'll get softer each time you wash it — don't you think you deserve it?

    32. A Fohm Dispenser plus a six-month supply, because who wouldn't want the chance to upgrade the unnecessary amount of toilet paper they've already bought into something that feels downright lavish?

    33. A face-wipe dispenser, so you can kiss that crinkly package of likely dried-out wipes GOOD BYE.

    34. A beautiful bar of soap with a rainbow moonstone embedded in it that'll impress anyone who enters your bathroom.

    35. A pair of splurge-worthy UGG's fluffy "Oh Yeah" slippers to show off your DIY pedicure while feeling cozier than ever.

    36. A freestanding ladder, so instead of hanging your towels on the back of your bathroom door you can display them in a manner that would make Queer Eye's Bobby Berk proud.

    37. A vintage-styled makeup organizer, so pretty it would give the Parent Trap's Annie James a valid reason to claim "I have class and you don't."

    38. A toilet paper roll holder with a shelf for your phone and extra storage for TP so you won't have to waste precious cabinet storage space. You'll never find yourself home alone scraping the remaining bits off a finished roll again (that would NEVER happen at a spa!).

    39. A set of labeled dispensers that'll make your bathroom look organized at all times no matter how many different shampoos you own.

    40. And a trio of chic glass apothecary jars to store bath bombs, cotton balls, or whatever else so you can take a breath and chill out since your bathroom is no longer a hot mess.

    You, expressing how you really feel to your spa-like bathroom:

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