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    14 Useful Products That'll Help Save You From Countless Plant Funerals

    No one will recognize you with that new green thumb you're about to be sporting.

    Are you forever growing and adopting plants only to find that merely weeks later they're wilted beyond repair?

    Here are some products that'll help transform you into a successful plant parent in no time:

    1. Sticky Stakes that'll trap unwanted pests trying to feed off your plants and buzz annoyingly around your apartment. Toss your fly swatter in the garbage, you won't be needing it anymore.

    2. Stakes you can attach to recycled water bottles that will give your plants an appropriate amount of water for 7–14 days, so you can go off on a fabulous vacation without condemning your plants to an early fate.

    3. A 13-pack of mini garden tools to prevent you from getting dirt under your nails or pricked by a cactus when taking care of small succulents.

    4. Natural plant food that'll help your finicky ficus thrive like Noah Centineo in a Netflix rom-com. It's chemical-free, calcium-fortified, and really simple to use.

    5. A moisture sensor for indoor and outdoor plants – you'll love it because it'll prevent you from overwatering (or under-watering) your precious plant babies.

    6. Rose and flower care granules you can sprinkle over your plants like magical growing dust. It'll act as fertilizer, insect control, and disease control all-in-one. The Queen of Hearts will be SHOOK when she sees your flawless roses.

    7. A set of glass spray bottles that'll let you easily spritz your lil' plants with the perfect amount of water instead of drowning them with TOO much liquid so they can keep livin' their best lives.

    8. Adjustable LED lights to provide your indoor plants with a pick-me-up during those long winter months where it seems like sunlight was just a figment of your imagination.

    9. Miracle-Gro, a tried-and-true classic you can definitely count on to assist little sprouts into growing into big, bountiful flowers. Who's a plant whisperer? YOU ARE.

    10. A trio of self-watering pots that'll remove all the decision making out of plant care, essentially making sure you can't screw this up...again.

    11. A timer for your hose you can use to make sure your plants are hydrated and leave your yard looking like the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. Beware: your neighbors are about to get SUPER jealous.

    12. A humidifier that is plant-safe, so you can breathe comfortably at home without fear of killing off the adorable terrarium you just created. Win-win!

    13. A stainless steel watering can with a thin spout to help you hydrate all those hard to reach places in your flower pot and convince anyone who visits your home that you've had a green thumb all along.

    14. And a copy of How Not To Kill Your Houseplant that'll essentially become your plant parent Bible. It's filled with survival tips and care suggestions for over 50 different types of houseplants. You got this!

    Go ahead, get your grow on ;)

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