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    35 Things That Every Wannabe Pokémon Trainer Will Love

    The Celadon Department Store is sadly not real but fear not: We do still have some great Pokémon merch for you.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Hello, hello! We're Heather and Rebecca (Bek) — and you guessed it, we love Pokémon as much as you do! As fellow fanatics ourselves, we've used our geeky shopping expertise to round up some products (and took a moment to add them to our own wishlists) to help you celebrate Pokémon's 25th anniversary.

    both buzzfeed editors smiling next to a figure of a pokemon

    1. A Slowpoke pin for all my fellow perma-befuddled friends out there.❓is a constant mood!

    slowpoke pin that says visible confusion

    2. A ceramic Bulbasaur planter any Pokémon lover will adore since it's handmade, super cute, and certainly won't ~succ~.

    a green and a white ceramic bulbasaur succulent pot

    3. A REALLY cute sweatshirt featuring one of the best electric evolution lines in the game (no shade to Pichu). I wouldn't be shocked if you got a lot of compliments on this number.

    crewneck sweatshirt featuring mareep Flaafy and Ampharos

    4. A doormat with an image on it that'll look all too familiar to a true Pokémon trainer but just seem quaint and adorable to the average passerby.

    a doormat with the original illustration of ash's house from the pokemon games and "home sweet home" written under it

    5. A Pokéball-shaped bath bomb with a lil' friend waiting for you inside — spa night will never be the same.

    six differently colored bath bombs with an array of tiny pokemon toys around them

    6. A Magikarp keychain that imagines a world where you could win such a creature at the carnival. Picture winning a fish at a ring toss game that grows up to be a dragon. You'd be tossing rings all day long. :')

    a keychain with a charm that looks like a plastic bag with tiny magikarp inside

    7. A fun tumbler that'll combine your endless love of iced coffee and Pokémon. "Gotta catch 'em all" should apply to both Pokémon and every seasonal Starbucks drink, IMO.

    8. Pokéball thumb caps for the Nintendo Switch to add a little pizzazz to your next gaming sesh.

    red pokeballs on the switch joycons

    9. An adorable Apple Watch band covered in the cutest iteration of Pokémon I've ever seen — if this doesn't give you the motivation to hit your move goal for the day I'm not sure anything will.

    a white watch band with a stack of cute pokemon standing on top of each other

    10. An obsidian statuette carved to the likeness of your favorite Pokémon. Warning: Picking just one will be as hard as picking your starter at the beginning of a new game.

    bulbasaur shaped black stone

    11. A set of Indigo League badges that you totally earned and deserve to own! You didn't conquer Brock's Onix with a level 14 Charmander for nothing.

    the badges from the original game in pin form in a pokeball styled square box

    12. An Eevee face mask that'll let the world know who your all time favorite Pokémon is without you having to utter a word — unless someone dares to ask which evolution you prefer. In that case prepare to defend your Vaporeon-is-the-best opinion.

    13. A Bulbasaur greeting card you can gift to the one you love as much as Brock does any pretty lady who crosses his path.

    a white card that says "you are my #001" with bulbasaur on it holding a heart

    14. A Pikachu pen that looks like it'll be snatched up in an HM05 (flash).

    pikachu topped pens

    15. A Pokémon cookbook so you can bring your love for those adorable, feisty lil' pocket monsters into the kitchen.

    the cover of the pokemon cook book

    16. A themed coffee cup that'll help keep you energized as you continue on your path to becoming the greatest Pokémon trainer of all time.

    three white hot coffee cups with different pokemon teams and colors on each one

    17. A downloadable cross-stitch pattern, perfect for anyone who has spent all of quarantine crafting and rewatching all 23 seasons of Pokémon.

    18. A Pokémon bookmark to help any lit lover keep tabs on their reading progress — I have a feeling Professor Oak might want one for himself.

    four different pokemon themed bookmarks with cute versions of the characters on each

    19. A "koffee" mug you won't be able to resist showing off in your next Zoom meeting — even the Gary of your coworkers might just crack a smile at this perfect Pokémon pun.

    a white mug with a koffing pokemon on it and the word "koffee"

    20. A Snorlax case that'll turn your Nest Mini or Google Home into a piece of Pokémon art.

    a gray 3d printed snorlax over a google nest speaker

    21. A GLOW-ON-THE-DARK embroidered patch featuring one of your favorite ghost Pokémon. We normally avoid haunted locations, but for these cute friends, we'd book a 12-night stay in Lavender Town.

    22. Speaking of Lavender Town, a scented candle with Cubone bones perched on top. Good luck trying not to cry thinking about the ghost of Cubone's mom.

    purple candle with white wax bones on top and the side has the original lavender town from pokemon red/blue

    23. An Eeveelution pride pin to showcase your identity in the cutest way possible.

    24. An egg-cellent keychain to accompany anyone who is still roaming their neighborhood while staring down at their phone waiting for their most recent egg to hatch on Pokémon GO.

    a wooden egg keychain with the word "oh?" etched onto it

    25. A 32-page manuscript featuring original Pokémon as they may have been described in the Middle Ages — if your favorite book is Beowulf you'll likely want to add this to your inventory faster than you'd run from a wild, angry Electrode.

    26. A "Bobasaur" enamel pin that's exactly what it sounds like — a cross of a boba tea and a Bulbasaur. Don't bother overthinking this one, just go ahead and add it to your cart.

    three smiling bulbasaurs with boba teas as shells

    27. A felt Pokémon cat toy for anyone who wishes they had a Meowth but will settle for catching their cat named Meowth.

    cat reaches for felt pokeball

    28. A Dougtrio pin that uhmmmm...speaks for itself!

    dugtrio but with doug funnie faces

    29. A Pokéball pet hideout (aka a mouse house) to keep the Rattata in your life feeling safe and secure.

    hamster sits inside ceramic pokeball

    30. A Lotería zipper bag featuring all your favorite Pokémon that can be used to store your potions, TMs, and Pokémon dollars.

    zipper pouch with pattern of loteria cards with pokemon on them

    31. A Poké Ball Plus for Nintendo Switch that'll light up and vibrate as you catch all your fave creatures in Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!.

    the pokemon ball next to a nintendo switch

    32. A cross-stitch kit with everything you need to create a cute piece of art you'll treasure almost as much as your Pokémon Snap shot of surfing Pikachu that you printed out at Blockbuster.

    framed cross stitch of pikachu with surfboard watching sunset

    33. A waterproof vinyl sticker for your car so everyone knows you're the official chauffeur of the Squirtle Squad.

    car window with sticker of squirtle in sunglasses waving

    34. A Pokémon card with your actual pet on it! They even get their own moves like Ankle Bite or Supersonic Bark. This is a card you will never trade (not even for a first edition Charizard).

    35. And a plethora of Pokémon games for the Nintendo Switch to keep you busy for the unforeseeable future — you and I both know you want to be the very no one ever was!

    a character in a pokemon game fist bumping a pokemon

    Happy 25th birthday, Pokémon!

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