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    31 Pixar Products That'll Only Further Your Disney Obsession

    Toy Story, except I'm "the claw" and I'm snatching up every Pixar piece in sight.

    1. A handcrafted music box you can crank to hear a delicate rendition of the classic song. Beware: you may burst into nostalgic tears.

    2. A Monsters, Inc. phone case to help you stay on theme while you call in a Code 2319.

    3. A WALL-E and Eve Starbucks cup for when your only ~directive~ is to get caffeinated — and fast.

    4. A replica of Carl and Ellie's Adventure Book, guaranteed to make you cry as you fill it with precious moments of you and your loved ones.

    5. A Toy Story Tervis to keep you company while you marathon through all of the movies.

    6. A precious pin you won't be able to stop telling people ~a-Bao-t~.

    7. Cloud wall decals that'll transform any bedroom into Andy's room. Toys that come to life not included, sadly.

    8. The Art of Pixar, a book any true fan will want in their Disney library as it features art from so many of the iconic films.

    9. A T-shirt featuring the classic Pixar logo so you don't have to decide whether you want to rep Ratatouille or The Incredibles — you'll collectively support them all!

    10. A Toy Story backpack that'll have you humming "You've Got A Friend In Me" whenever you use it.

    11. Toy Story Monopoly you can bring to your next family game night. Fingers crossed you don't get super competitive and let your inner-Sid come out.

    12. A LEGO Incredibles game for the Nintendo Switch that'll let you tap into the Parr family's powers to build epic structures and defeat iconic super villains.

    13. An UP doormat to remind homebodies who would rather spend every waking moment watching movies that adventure IS out there.

    14. And a trendy Toy Story T-shirt, perfect for wearing to see the new movie or for a trip to Toy Story Land.

    15. A Nemo Funko Pop you'll never have to worry about losing because you'll find him right on your desk.

    16. A Buzz Lightyear dad hat you can wear while trying to convince your friends you ARE a Space Ranger.

    17. A set of prints that'll add some ~Pixar pizazz~ to your living room.

    18. An incredible pair of super soft ears you'll love so much you'll book a trip to Disneyland just so you can take pics in 'em.

    19. An interactive Coco guitar so you can tell the little musician in your life "Remember me... as your favorite relative."

    20. A pack of scented Finding Dory pencils for writing down addresses as important as 42 Wallaby Way Sydney. We'd recommend using a pen, but that might make you ink.

    21. A Toy Story backpack you're gonna want to get your ~claws~ on before they're all gone!

    22. A Slinky Dog bookend which may prove you have an unhealthy love of Pixar for someone your age, but this is so cute nobody's gonna ~read~ into it too much.

    23. A solid maple Cars character you'd better race to purchase before some *child* beats you to it — this is sure to be a darling piece of decor in any (grown-up!) home.

    24. A Sadness tote that'll bring you ~joy~ from the inside out whenever you use it.

    25. A decorative plush Dante so you can have a doggone good companion even if your apartment doesn't allow pets.

    26. A balloon house tank that's sure to lift ~up~ any outfit, no matter what you wear it with.

    27. A Billy, Goat, and Gruff cross body bag for fans who aren't ~sheepish~ about sporting some Bo Peep–chic style.

    28. A Mike Wazowski bento box ~eye~ think you're gonna need to throw in your cart immediately, this is no joke!

    29. A Pixar pop-up book that'll totally make up for the fact that you missed seeing Cars 3 in 3D... well, almost.

    30. A windshield cover to keep your car cool and prevent you from saying, "Kach-ow!" when you sit on your leather upholstery.

    31. And a decorative pillow that just might remind you to reach for the stars.

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