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    30 Pieces Of Decor For The Ultimate Halloween Party

    Welcome to spooky season, friends.

    1. Iron candle holders that'll transform standard pillar candles into something you'd likely see in the Addams' family home.

    2. And battery operated flameless pillar candles in a variety of heights to fill your house with a delightful (but spooky!) ambiance.

    3. A skeleton flamingo lawn ornament your neighbors and trick-or-treaters will definitely get a kick out of.

    4. String lights that'll leaf you feeling extra cozy while watching Hocus Pocus before your guests arrive.

    5. A cast iron bat coat hanger to help you keep track of your friends' jackets as they enter your haunted house.

    6. An accent pillow that'll explain why your house is constantly in a state of disarray.

    7. Or a pillow case featuring a pensive skeleton sitting atop a pumpkin, AKA what you'll probably look like from now through Halloween.

    8. A skeleton dragon you might as well keep out all year long in tribute of Daenerys' fallen "children."

    9. A lace spider web lampshade cover that'll transform your boring old lamp into one fit for Frankenstein.

    10. A 21-inch black jumping spider with illuminated eyes you can count on to scare the pants off of your family and friends — it even makes scary sounds!

    11. Paper lanterns anyone who dares to enter your home on All Hallow's Eve will go ~batty~ over.

    12. A stunning skull candle infused with glitter, evening primrose, heather and licorice roots, a must-have for anyone looking to take their Halloween vibes to the next level.

    13. Vintage-style wooden artwork you can hang above your makeshift bar for an extra spooktacular element.

    14. Or a burlap haunted house runner that'll help you bring touches of Halloween to your nightly dinner or make for the perfect accent to a low-key gathering with your squad.

    15. Lace cobwebs for your fireplace mantle (or really any other platform) that'll really tie the room together for any Halloween festivities.

    16. An Oogie Boogie roulette chip bowl your indecisive friends can use to help them decide which snack they should devour first.

    17. Pumpkin string lights that'll look absolutely gourd-geous in your house both during your party and all season long.

    18. A 9-foot tall inflatable ghost you can use to greet your guests and let 'em know you don't mess around when it comes to Halloween decor.

    19. A Ouija Board cutting board to serve up delicious treats and maybe a few ghastly tricks at the same time.

    20. A 28-piece set of skeleton bones you can scatter around your home for a ~humerus~ display your guests will certainly appreciate.

    21. An "Enter If You Dare" glowing sign that'll beckon only the most adventurous of your family and friends into your ghastly gathering.

    22. Or a hanging corpse in a cocoon you can count on to elicit actual terrified screams from your guests. Isn't Halloween just the best?!

    23. Decorative 3D bats to create fang-tastic vampire vibes throughout your home.

    24. A skeleton-adorned wreath featuring black and red fabric for an eerie take on a classic seasonal decoration.

    25. A portable fog machine that'll bring a graveyard-like vibe to your party — this may just be what you need to get everyone on board with recreating scenes from the "Thriller" music video.

    26. Eyeball orbs you can count on to create an ~eye-catching~ display no matter where you put them in your haunted house.

    27. IV "blood" bags not everyone will know how to B positive about but'll likely drink out of anyways.

    28. A bathroom door cover that'll tickle your guests' funny bones as soon as they discover it.

    29. A glow-in-the-dark Haunted Mansion clock to bring the aura of the classic Disney attractions (and movie!) into your home.

    30. And classic stretchy spider webbing, because no true Halloween party would be complete without it hanging from every nook and cranny.

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