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    44 Cozy Clothing Items You Need For Winter Hibernation

    Winter is coming, but for real this time.

    The cold weather is on its way, which means it's time to hunker down on our couches in the coziest of clothing until further notice.

    1. A pair of joggers that are both trendy and perfect for snuggling up in front of a fire (or that virtual one you can watch on Netflix).

    2. A sherpa pullover, so you can feel like you're living inside a big, fluffy cloud all day long.

    3. An iconic sweatshirt that will have you saying "It's Britney, bitch!" every time you pull it on.

    4. A tunic that's fancy in the front, cozy in the back, and essential for anyone who prefers lives in leggings all winter.

    5. A pair of classic Champion sweatpants that are pretty much guaranteed to stay in ~style~ until the end of time.

    6. A set of feathery socks, perfect for kicking your feet up at home or layering under your fave pair of booties.

    7. A basic beanie that you can throw on as soon as you roll out of bed when it's way too cold to bother with an actual hairstyle.

    8. A pair of faux sherpa joggers, for the person who has always wanted to know what it feels like to be as warm as a baby lamb.

    9. A set of socks that will have you exclaiming, "Are you kitten me?!" when you see how cute they are IRL.

    10. An embroidered floral pullover, because you're a gem and should be wearing only the finest of clothing while downing a bowl of Kraft mac 'n' cheese during the next snowstorm.

    11. A casual jumpsuit that is basically just a socially acceptable onesie — you can thank me later.

    12. A SpongeBob long-sleeve shirt, to put the "F U N" in staying at home as soon as the temperatures dip below 30 degrees.

    13. A pair of wintry socks that will keep your toes toasty on even the coldest of days.

    14. A cropped sweatshirt with the words "I blame retrograde," so you can appropriately proclaim your feelings without uttering a word.

    15. A Dunder Mifflin Paper Company sweatshirt that Michael Scott (or anyone else from the Scranton team) would fight for in a White Elephant exchange.

    16. A lovely lavender sweatshirt with ruffled sleeves to brighten up the dreariest of chilly days.

    17. Two pairs of snuggly socks that are adorably packaged as a cupcake and look like they're made of delicious sprinkles.

    18. A colorblock fleece-lined hoodie, so you can be as comfortable as possible but still make it ~fashun~.

    19. A pom-pom beanie hat so soft you'll never want to wear another hat again.

    20. A ~great~ sweatshirt to wear while curled up under a blanket reading a good book.

    21. A cat sweatshirt that you'll want hanging in your closet right meow.

    22. A pair of faux-suede leggings for a chic look you can wear while you marathon through all 10 seasons of Friends.

    23. A pair of affordable boots that are lined with faux fur to treat your feet to the ultimate cozy experience.

    24. A fleece outer layer you'll quickly become invested in, because it's a fact that the more layers you pile on, the comfier you'll be.

    25. A quirky pajama set that you'll definitely love a ~latte~.

    26. An Aristocats-themed robe, because you are a lady and you should be wearing a luxurious cotton bathrobe around your house at all times.

    27. An oversized blanket/hoodie combination that is simply what cozy winter hibernation dreams are made of.

    28. A tie-dye T-shirt dress, so you can feel like a rock star even when you're wearing a face mask and watching the latest installment of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

    29. A blanket scarf that you can wrap around your neck for warmth or unfold and use as a makeshift blanket on a whim.

    30. A pair of skiing flamingo PJs, because who wouldn't want to wear these on a lazy Sunday morning (or any other chilly day for that matter).

    31. A knit maxi sweater that you can easily curl up inside for an extra layer of warmth.

    32. A French terry sweatshirt, for the person who is always complaining they're "too hot" even in the coldest of temperatures.

    33. A pair of Aladdin joggers that will take your winter-hibernation wardrobe to ~a whole new world~.

    34. A six-pack of fleece-lined leggings, because regular ol' leggings simply won't cut it when it's cold AF outside.

    35. A matching top-and-bottom jogger set that will make getting dressed to cozy up in your bedroom easier than ever.

    36. A set of indoor boot slippers, so you'll never have to worry about your ankles getting cold when you kick your feet up while binge-watching The Great British Baking Show.

    37. A witty sweatshirt that says "Sorry my bed needs me," because why not wear something that says exactly what we're all feeling?

    38. A velour hooded robe so luxurious it will have you humming "I'm so fancy" as soon as you wrap it around yourself.

    39. A retro-inspired pullover that features a chevron design — your loungewear options have never looked so good!

    40. A chunky turtleneck sweaterdress, excellent for wearing with leggings or for curling your legs up under while sipping on tea in your living room.

    41. A pair of starry leggings that will perfectly accompany your next Tyra Banks-inspired sing-along of "Shine bright, shine far, be a star!"

    42. An all-fleece pullover with a drawstring cinch, so you can transform your at-home cozy look into a cute, cropped lil' number.

    43. A pair of pajama pants that will keep your legs looking rosy instead of your cheeks.

    44. And a pair of Minnetonka faux-fur slippers your feet would thank you for if they had the ability to talk.

    You, after stocking up on warm clothes for your winter hibernation: