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    31 Products You Can Count On To Bring Joy To You *And* Your Pet

    The only way to describe a scratch pad that looks like a video game and ice cream made specifically for dogs is *pawfect*.

    1. An adorable "bone voyage" toy set for any pet owner who would like to think their dog has as much wanderlust as they do.

    2. A pet bed that looks like a tart, so your snuggle buddy will always be warm while also looking like a ~snack~.

    a buzzfeed writer's cat in a bed shaped like a fruit tart

    3. A cat teaser toy starring Mary from Hocus Pocus flying on her iconic vacuum so you and Fluffy (or dare I say, Binx???) can recreate your fave scene from the movie during playtime.

    4. A training toy that'll actually encourage your doggo to enjoy spending time in their crate — slather it with some peanut butter and enjoy some peace and quiet while they enjoy a delightful treat.

    5. A gorgeous dog basket made from elephant grass and with traditional Ghanaian techniques that'll be a more of an accent piece in your home than just your pup's hangout spot.

    a small dog sits atop a fluffy cushion inside of a handmade basket bed

    6. A hidden litter box for any cat owner who has simply decided they no longer want a stinky, unsightly, poop-filled sandbox in the middle of their home — this one will get the job done and look way cuter.

    A white hidden litter box planter with a white arrow pointing to it and the words "spray paint" above it

    7. A two-tier window perch that'll be waaaay easier to install than that desk you bought yourself (and took three days to build). It'll look super chic hanging in your window and even better than a clunky cat tower would look in the middle of the room.

    cat sitting in a window perch looking out the window

    8. Or a macramé cat hammock that might be mistaken for a piece of purposeful, bohemian decor when your beloved furry friend isn't lounging in it.

    Two cats lounging on separate macrame hammock beds

    9. A spooktacular handmade pet bed, a must-have for anyone who prefers to celebrate Halloween 24/7 instead of just one measly month out of the year. I can totally see Jack Skellington getting one of these for Zero.

    a small pup in a handmade donut dog bed covered in a spider print

    10. A set of stacking cups for your playful bunny, who will love nudging 'em over to unveil the treats you've hidden underneath.

    bunny stacking cups

    11. A Starbarks plush toy that'll let your pup pretend they're as basic as you. Pupkin Spice Latte, anyone?

    12. A set of blocks that look like they're for a toddler but are actually a treat for any small creature to chew on — so cute!

    the wooden blocks with numbers, letters, and shapes on them

    13. An automatic laser toy you can count on to buy you a few moments of peace while your kitten playfully tries to capture the randomly moving light.

    a small black cat chasing the laser from the white, standing laser pointer

    14. An Aladdin-inspired hide-and-seek toy featuring the genie and his magic lamp, because who said the magic of Disney was just for humans???

    a dog playing with a plush lamp and small genie, raja, and magic carpet toys

    15. A funny toy designed to look like a classic Skee-Ball game you can use to transform your pup's playtime into one worthy of a night out at a carnival.

    16. A critter cruiser you won't be able to help but giggle at while your lil' creature "drives" around the house as if they were racing in a Fast and Furious film.

    a blue car with a hamster wheel in the middle

    17. Catnip disguised as a baguette, because why should you be the only one enjoying delicious carbs?

    a cat sniffing a basket of bread toys

    18. A set of plush toys designed around all of your favorite fast food treats, so your pup can feel like they're part of the fun when you're late-night snacking.

    a dog sitting in front of toys that look like aa hot dog, fries, a shake, a burger, and a chicken wing

    19. An eco-friendly stuffed llama toy with filling made from plastic bottles you can count on to keep your doggo entertained and looking cuter than ever during playtime.

    20. A chewable carrot kebab to keep your rabbit occupied so somebunny in the house can actually get some work done instead of listening to Peter Rabbit's relentless scratching to be let out.

    chewable rabbit toy in cage

    21. A catnip-filled fruit, because why wouldn't you want to watch your kitten hilariously go ~bananas~ over a toy?

    22. A piñata toy that'll keep your Chatty Kathy parrot quiet for a bit (imagine that???) while also satisfying their natural need to chew.

    parrot playing with pinata toy

    23. A toy shaped like Arnold from the classic Nickelodeon show you'll giggle while watching your pup play with — feel free to yell "move it, football head!" whenever the time feels right.

    a shiba inu cuddling with a toy shaped like hey arnold's head

    24. A dog raincoat (or pygmy goat coat???) to protect their fur on wet walks and absolutely delight anyone who sees 'em wearing it.

    25. Matching skeleton costumes for you and your pup, so regardless of what your plans may look like for Halloween you guys will already have a head start at winning Best Costume.

    a small dog and a man in matching black sweaters with skeleton bones on them

    26. A pair of felt Velcro wings you can use to transform you cat into a too-cute bat for Halloween.

    27. A yacht dog float made of a puncture-resistant material so you and your furry pal can soak up the sun without concern you'll hear a "pop" and find yourselves sinking into the water. Added bonus? It even has a treat compartment!

    white and orange pool float sized for a dog with a yellow lab chilling on it in water with a model next to it

    28. A pint of maple bacon ice cream made specifically for pups (make a note of that for your family, plz) and will definitely be a much-appreciated treat after a not-so-fun vet visit.

    29. A video game–inspired scratcher for the gamer who also happens to be a cat owner. Apologies that this one doesn't come loaded with a Mario or Pokèmon game — but it does have fun balls hidden inside the "buttons"!

    A cat on top of the video game scratcher

    30. A toy kit made out of natural rubber, cotton, *and* a reinforced core for added strength your puppy will love to play with and chew on without destroying.

    31. And a geometric treat-dispensing toy that rolls and bounces in unpredictable ways and'll keep you and your doggo entertained for hours (or at least until they find all the hidden snacks).

    Actual footage of you and your pet just having the best time ever:

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