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    27 Pet-Themed Items That'll Look Pawfect In Your Home

    Incorporating your love for your pet into your home doesn't have to be ruff🐾

    Are your pets your entire life (and then some)?

    So, why not incorporate your love for your furry friend into your home? Here are some pawfect options for pet-themed decorations:

    1. A bone-shaped wicker basket that you can use to store your pet's toys or throw blankets.

    2. A custom-made pillow, so you'll have the ultimate piece of home decor starring none other than your pet.

    3. A kitty-themed shower curtain, because your cat is likely going to follow you into the bathroom anyways.

    4. An illustrated family portrait that includes all of your pets and will make you smile every time you glance at it.

    5. A quirky hanger for your dog's leash — you'll be ~hooked~ to the moment you put it on the wall.

    6. Or a customized hook can hold both your keys, your partner's and your pup's leash.

    7. A picture frame to include a replica of your furry friend's paw in your living room's decor.

    8. An illustrated tribute to your pet, in case you're looking for a reason to tear up every time you enter your hallway.

    9. A paw print rug, so your fur-baby will feel like they're dining at a five-star establishment each time they eat their kibble.

    10. Adorable coasters can protect your tables from unwanted drink rings when some-bunny comes over.

    11. A custom stuffed animal of your pet that is sure to become your new favorite couch accessory.

    12. Five cat-themed succulent pots you'll want on your window sill right meow.

    13. A customizable rustic bowl stand, so your pet's dining experience will be better than a basic bowl set on the floor

    14. A sweet sign that pays tribute to the special memory you have from adopting your pet.

    15. Paw print solar lights to guide your furry friend through your yard when they need to venture out after the sun has set.

    16. An artsy animal print so you can show off your love for your bird, hedgehog, WHATEVER to all who set foot in your home.

    17. Vinyl paw print stickers, perfect for jazzing up your cat's favorite room in the house or for temporarily decorating for your dog's birthday party.

    18. Pewter cat push pins that'll add a subtle fancatstic accent to the cork board in your kitchen or office.

    19. A mouse lamp to light up your life just as much as your precious pet rodent does.

    20. A treat jar with a minimalist design, essential for any pet-lover who is in the midst of executing the Konmari method.

    21. Or a French bulldog cookie jar from Chrissy Teigen's Cravings collection that's so cute you'll bake cookies just to have an excuse to use it.

    22. A growth chart for your pup, ideal for anyone planning to Instagram every single milestone their fur-baby experiences.

    23. Cat-inspired towels that'll cruise right through your kitchen and into your heart.

    24. A cat tree house, so your kitty has a fun place to lounge and you don't have to sacrifice an ounce of your ~chic~ decor.

    25. Printable art featuring a pair of budgies, a must-have for any pet owner who can't get enough of their feathered friends.

    26. A welcome mat with a truthful saying to warn your guests they're likely to be covered in dog hair as soon as they cross that threshold.

    27. And a reversible sequin pillow that'll reveal a paw-fect pic of your pet with just one swipe of your hand.

    You, reminding your pet how special they are every SINGLE day:

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