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    Paderno World Cuisine's Spiralizer Might Make You Want To Turn Everything Into Noodles

    Any other spiralizer will seem like an ~ impasta ~ after using this one.

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    Is this what dinner time usually looks like at your house?

    ABC / Jeff Franklin Productions

    Cool, same.

    Admittedly, I've realized I should probably start incorporating things other than pasta into my meal rotations because eating the same thing ALL THE TIME is super boring. But I love pasta. What's a not-so-great chef to do? Enter the Paderno World Cuisine Spiralizer ($23.59).


    Just LOOK at those beautiful veggie ribbons!

    The set comes with a vegetable spiralizer/slicer, as well as three various blades for different kinds of vegetable strands and zucchini noodles.


    You'll be whipping up carrot noodles, zoodles, and even sweet potato noodles in no time thanks to this kitchen gadget. Honestly, the options are endless for WHAT you can spiralize with this bad boy.

    It's SO easy to use. All you have to do is place your vegetable of choice onto the spike and turn the handle. Yes, seriously. That's it.


    Promising reviews:

    "I researched and read reviews, trying to choose something that didn't have a lot of parts and didn't take up a lot of room and this one checked all my boxes. It performs as described, probably even better, it's easy to operate and clean, and the blades are sharp, as evidenced by the cut on my thumb. I've done zucchini, cucumbers, and carrots and it works like a charm. This is the best kitchen tool I own!" —Amazon Customer

    "I love this little kitchen tool. I can make zucchini noodles in less time than it takes to boil water for regular noodles. It's super easy to use, just stick the end of your veggie over the 'hole' on the grating plate, press the crank end into the other end of the veggie, and start cranking. Voila: Zoodles. Cleaning is easy too. Everything comes apart. The white parts just rinse clean, and for the blades, I use a kitchen scrub brush." —Dreamer

    And it's even simple to clean! There will be no rigorous scrubbing or shriveled fingers for you after whipping up your new favorite meal. You're welcome.,

    "I have to say that so far I have only used this with zucchini, but it works fantastic for that vegetable. It is so simple to use, you press down on each corner and it suctions tight to your countertop. Then you cut both ends of your veg so it has a flat surface to work with. Put one end against the blade and the other against the pronged holder. Hold the guide and turn the handle. No effort required, it just makes the best ribbons. Pretty easy to clean, I use a tiny bristle brush (for drinking straws) to clean behind the blade. Super sharp blade, I store this in the box it came in due to that." —Judi W

    "I clean mine with a kitchen scrubber and a little dish soap and it is cleaned up in seconds (it is important to clean it up soon after use...dried-on veggies make cleaning more difficult). I let it air dry and then put it away until tomorrow. I was worried about veggies staining it, but they don't!" —Jacob Hawk

    This spiralizer has gotten rave reviews on Amazon (seriously, it has more than 7,800+ four- and five-star reviews) with customers professing their love for the tool over and over again.


    "Let me start by saying I am awful with a knife and this thing takes all the effort required out of prepping veggies. This thing is amazing. Simply amazing. A friend at work was bringing in these incredibly delicious and healthy meals that I thought were pasta-based...Nope it was zucchini! I ordered my own, got it in two days, and made dinner with it the first night I got it. From picking the box up off the front porch, including reading the directions, prep, and cooking I had a meal in 22 minutes! We had buttery lemon garlic 'zoodles' (zuchinni noodles) with shrimp. I have used every blade (it comes with three) on this thing and they just keep getting better. I use the straight blade to make apple chips to eat either raw or dehydrated. The bigger noodle blade to make carrot rice (yep you read that correctly)." —Kathyrn R

    "I LOVE this thing! It is so easy to use, it's crazy! You can literally spiralize a whole zucchini in 30 seconds (if that). It comes out perfect every time with such ease. So far I have only done zucchini, apple, and sweet potato. All were super easy to do. There aren't a million parts, it's easy to clean and seems like it is made well and will not fall apart. I can't wait to try using other vegetables on it. I would highly recommend this machine to anyone looking for a spiralizer!" —Lyndsey Inzano

    Already daydreaming about all the new and exciting recipes you can test out using this lil' gadget? I gotchu. You can snag the Paderno World Cuisine spiralizer for $23.65 on Amazon.

    It's also available as a 2-blade handheld tool or with a full six-blade set.

    Don't worry! You and your S.O. can still romantically recreate this scene with a veggie noodle:

    The Walt Disney Company

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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