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    21 Games That'll Convince Your Family To Play Outside

    “Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing.” —Vince Lombardi, and your family's gaming motto.

    1. Waterproof playing cards, so you can get a fierce game of Go Fish going without fear of the moment your kids inevitably spill their drink all over the table.

    2. Don't Step In It will have your entire family giggling as you take turns, blindfolded, walking across the mat and try not to step in artificial (but still pretty gross) poop. Anyone with toilet humor NEEDS this game.

    3. Spikeball, an easy-to-transport game that is kinda like volleyball and will have your friends asking you to bring it on every beach trip.

    4. An ultimate game of Twister to use with your Alexa for a seriously upgraded version of the classic game your family has been playing forever. Time to practice that right-hand-blue manuever you always get out on.

    5. BucketBall will quickly become your favorite beach game because it finally gives you an excuse to put your Beer Pong skills to use.

    6. A classic Bocce ball set with a twist — it glows in the dark! You can literally play this game from morning to night. This certainly isn't the set your grandparents had growing up.

    7. A portable cornhole set to keep in the trunk of your car and break out just to distract your Uncle Joe from fighting with Uncle Harry at the next family reunion.

    8. A set of massive bubble wands, so enchanting even the angstiest of teens won't be able to resist giving them a go.

    9. Or a ladder toss set that'll surprisingly bring out your most competitive side — try not to make any kids cry, OK?

    10. A glow-in-the-dark Capture the Flag set to bring back fond memories of your own childhood. It comes with team bracelets, glowing flags, jail markers, and territory lights. Get ready to be the most popular house on the block.

    11. A frisbee with over 1.4K positive reviews on Amazon, so you know it's a guaranteed good time.

    12. Or Kan Jam, an outdoor frisbee toss game that'll start as a casual game of catch and most likely evolve into a SUPER competitive battle for greatness.

    13. A nature scavenger hunt your entire family can team up and conquer — a must-have for your next camping trip. Select a random card from the deck and try to find it IRL, simple as that!

    14. A standard volleyball net you can use to make sure your entire fam can be included in the outdoor fun.

    15. A supersized version of Connect Four that'll provide your squad with hours upon hours of simple fun in the sun. The only downfall is you might never want to play the regular version again!

    16. A ring toss set to help you all work on your hand-eye coordinator and encourage some ~friendly~ competition.

    17. Flickin' Chicken will have your family cackling from the first time you play. Players are encouraged to make up their own rules so you'll have a different experience every time. Boredom? I don't know her.

    18. A reversible rug with checkers on one side and tic-tac-toe on the other, a must-have for any family who would rather exercise their brain muscles.

    19. A jumbo set of tower blocks that, just like the ones you played with as a kid, will probs stress you out as you strategize and keep you entertained for an entire afternoon — only this time you'll get some fresh air while you're at it.

    20. Lawn darts your dad might be super enthused about because not only are they a fun way to spend time outdoors together, but they won't destroy his lawn in the process. Win-win!

    21. And Doody Head (yes, really) in which you'll put on a Velcro helmet and allow your family and friends to throw poop-shaped objects at you for points. Can you think of anything more enticing?!

    You, gearing up to play games with your super competitive family:

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