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    Nordstrom Rack's Sale Is So Good It'll Make You Believe In Santa Again

    Coats, sweaters, shoes, and more — coming to your shopping cart reaaaally soon

    Now that you've finished unwrapping all of your gifts from Santa and doled out all the presents you carefully selected for your loved ones, it's time to treat yourself! What better way to do so than with an extra 25% off Nordstrom Rack's clearance section?!

    From now through 1/3 you can treat yourself to all the things your family *didn't* get you this holiday season — you deserve it! Here are a few suggestions you might just find in *my* cart to give you some shopping inspiration.

    1. Marbled leggings you'll likely want to live in whether you wear 'em to lounge or to break a sweat.

    2. A faux leather BLANKNYC jacket that'll leave you looking *cooler than cool* from the moment you put it on.

    a model wearing the black faux leather jacket

    3. A Michael Kors packable puffer coat that'll keep you warm without making you look like the Puft Marshmallow Man.

    4. A long Max Studio cardigan you'll reach for on a blustery, cold day when you need to get dressed but want nothing more than to feel like you're wearing a blanket all day.

    a model in the long black cardigan

    5. An elegant satin robe because you deserve to feel as fabulous as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's every night.

    a model in a champagne colored satin robe with lace detailing

    6. A badass cardi with a two-toned skull on the back you won't be able to help yourself but pose in for your next Instagram pic

    a model in a sweater that is black on one half and gray on the other with a skull in the middle

    7. A pair of Doc Martens, a must-have for anyone who looks to dress edgy once in a while but also prefers to bring a little shimmer into whatever they do.

    gold shimmery doc martens

    8. A stylish turtleneck with a front seam that, for reasons I'll never understand, will actually make your outfit seem more chic.

    a model in a tan turtleneck sweater

    9. A lace top with a scallop collar from 7 For All Mankind that'll look simply darling with a pair of jeans and booties — a timeless look that'll never fail to impress.

    a model in the black top

    10. A pair of Z by Zella leggings you won't know how you ever lived without after feeling how soft and comfortable they are.

    11. And Kate Spade earrings filled with glitter so you can feel festive any day of the week.

    thick hoop earrings filled with colorful jewel toned glitter

    Something catch your eye? Same (for me, it's the glitter-filled earrings...). Might as well head to Nordstrom Rack and check out what else you can get on sale for 25% off from now through 1/3!

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