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    35 Natural Beauty Products You Might Just Fall In Love With

    Get ready to say goodbye to TikTok's "Beauty Mode."

    1. A sampler pack of eco-friendly products for either your body, face, or hair.

    2. Or a full-sized shampoo bar that is equal to three bottles of liquid shampoo, in case you're already hooked on this brand.

    3. A rose quartz luminizer you'll love because it'll combine your crystal-obsession with your affinity for natural skincare.

    4. A set of reusable cleansing pads to help wash away that tired, grimy feeling without wasting a million facial wipes.

    5. An eyelash enhancing serum from InstaNatural that'll leave you with lashes so gorgeous you might consider abandoning your mascara once and for all.

    6. An aluminum-free deodorant option to keep you dry, smelling fresh, and features ingredients you've actually heard of before.

    7. A lip oil you can use to hydrate and soften your lips while also adding a touch of color to them.

    8. A lip treatment you'll be obsessed with all winter when your precious pout is often flaky and cracked.

    9. A mineral-based sunscreen with a matte tint so you can get some sun without looking like a lobster by the end of the day.

    10. Or a hypoallergenic, paraben-free, gluten-free sunscreen that is available in an array of SPFs, so you'll rest easily knowing your skin is protected at all times.

    11. Tampons made of 100% organic cotton WITH an applicator that just might make your ~time of the month~ a little less irritating.

    12. A clean eyeshadow for all skin types from RMS who prides themselves on developing makeup using organic ingredients.

    13. A brightening facial scrub that is nonylphenol ethoxylate– and propylparaben-free, so you can scrub away your day without worrying about harmful chemicals. You're welcome!

    14. A gel face wash you'll quickly become obsessed with because it's basically a green juice for your face.

    15. A palette that includes blush, bronzer, and a highlighter all in one so you can get your glam on while carrying around minimal products.

    16. Or a fruit pigmented palette with eyeshadows, blush, and luminizer created completely with ingredients that have originated from nature and will make you wanna ~check yourself out~ every time you pass a mirror.

    17. A set of non-toxic Piggy Paint nail polish so you and the little one in your life can have a worry-free spa night.

    18. A clear acne pimple patch from Alba Botanica you'll be able to rely on for relief when you wake up with a second head emerging from your chin.

    19. An intensive hydration serum that'll have people saying "wow your skin looks amazing."

    20. Underarm deodorant wipes infused with coconut milk and essential oils, as well as witch hazel and shea butter to make you smell like a tropical getaway.

    21. Body polish from Herbivore Botanicals you'll love so much you'll want to use it in every shower or bath you take.

    22. An eyeshadow kit you can keep on hand for a quick touch-up at anytime. Careful — you might just find yourself wanting to buy all the various color sets!

    23. Love Beauty and Planet shampoo and conditioner to fill your shower with the delightful scent of Indian lilac and leave you questioning why you've been using another brand for this long.

    24. A translucent powder that'll give your already flawless face a natural matte finish.

    25. A rose hibiscus hydrating face mist for when your skin feels dry but you don't have time to douse yourself in an oil or cream.

    26. A natural toothpaste filled with vitamins and botanical extracts to give you an extra reason to smile.

    27. "Un" Cover Up Cream Foundation from RMS Beauty, a company that reports every cosmetic ingredient they use, perfect for covering up the bags that have developed under your eyes from hours of searching for natural beauty products.

    28. A 2-in-1 primer and mascara that'll give your lashes the lift you've been wanting.

    29. An organic perfume you can spritz all over yourself and use as a gorgeous accent in your bathroom or bedroom.

    30. A deep conditioning mask that'll bring your hair back to life without exposing it to sulfates, silicone, or parabens.

    31. A weightless lipstick you'll love because it's cruelty-free, gluten-free, and super pigmented. Pucker up!

    32. A luxurious face wash for anyone with oily or acne-prone skin that'll make you say "oh KALE no" when anyone asks to borrow it.

    33. A travel-sized skincare routine with a cleanly made serum and whipped cream to assure you'll have the sweetest of dreams.

    34. A buildable, richly pigmented blush from Saint Cosmetics to help you create that adorable rosy-cheeked look you've been working on.

    35. And unicorn fruit body butter, because your beauty routine should be as magical as you are.

    Things you'll probably start saying after starting up a new natural beauty routine:

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