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    29 Mugs You're Going To Want In Your Cabinet ASAP

    If you're gonna spill the tea, it might as well be from a fantastic mug.

    There are few things as soothing as holding a warm mug filled with your favorite hot beverage while snuggled under a cozy blanket.

    Make that moment even more special by treating yourself to a new mug this winter. Here are some fun suggestions:

    1. A gorgeous marbled mug to add an element of style to your morning coffee routine.

    2. A tarot card-inspired mug for the homebody who loves nothing more than cancelled Friday night plans.

    3. A floral insulated travel mug to fill with tea, coffee, or cocoa and take with ya as you run out the door to work or school.

    4. A mug that can be customized with the cutest pics of the ones you love most (AKA your dog).

    5. A Luke's Diner mug that'll pay tribute to both Lorelai and Rory's obsession with "coffee-coffee-coffee" and yours with Gilmore Girls.

    6. A special mug to commemorate arguably one of the most moving moments in Disney movie history (feel free to quote me on that).

    7. An educational mug with the caffeine molecule printed on it — it'll have any science buff ~in their element~.

    8. A dog mug that'll make you feel like a ~wiener~ every time you take a sip of your coffee.

    9. A heat-changing mug you can fill to the brim with caffeine, essential for anyone who needs to recharge their batteries throughout the work day.

    10. An Ariana Grande mug you'll fangirl over each morning while downing your cup of coffee.

    11. A Chip teacup, perfect for a spot of tea or for displaying next to your extensive collection of Disney films.

    12. A stainless steel tumbler, a must-have if you're always running late but also need a caffeine fix because DAMNIT you overslept again.

    13. A meaty mug that'll impress any burger-lover, regardless of whether they're loyal to Shake Shake or In-N-Out.

    14. An amazing mug tribute to one of The Real Housewives of New York, Dorinda Medley, that'll quickly become your fave cup to cuddle while watching Bravo.

    15. A mug with a built-in buddy, so you'll never feel lonely when you're sipping on some sleepy time tea.

    16. A casual camping mug to keep you company the next time you and your friends are hanging out fireside.

    17. A Game Boy mug that'll make you nostalgic for the days before full-time jobs when you could game from morning to night.

    18. An animal-shaped mug with an extra spot to hold your tea bag that, like an elephant, you definitely won't forget any time soon!

    19. An astrological mug that reveals constellations when you pour hot liquid into it — a must-have accessory for any snow day.

    20. A Haunted Mansion mug inspired by the wallpaper from the classic Disney ride you'll want to ~hurry back~ to for refills.

    21. A cat mug for all of your hot beverage needs right meow.

    22. A Friends Central Perk mug that I promise will be there for you when the rain starts to pouuuur.

    23. Or a turkey mug sporting a fez and sunglasses, for the real Friends enthusiasts.

    24. A Sriracha mug to sip out of while you kill time until your eggs are done cooking and you can smother them in spicy deliciousness.

    25. A hilarious mug you won't even want to drink out of because it's too funny and fabulous to pour a beverage into.

    26. A mug set built for two, so instead of agreeing to test drive a tandem bicycle with your partner you can safely sip out of these instead.

    27. A morphing Marauders Map mug that'll ~magically~ appear when you fill it with a hot drink.

    28. A cactus mug with adorable pin dots, to assure your next cup of hot cocoa won't ~succ~.

    29. And an adventurous mug with a rock climbing–enthusiast (or anyone who has recently watched Free Solo but is too scared to scale a wall).

    You, after buying your new favorite mug:

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