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34 Studio Ghibli Products You Might Want To Spend All Your Money On

Here's to hoping No-Face is nearby with an abundance of money.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. A set of tree spirits from Princess Mononoke you can add to a planter or simply keep at your desk for some much-needed company.


Added bonus? They glow in the dark!

Get a set of 10 from ATONETIMEMM on Etsy for $23.70.

2. Or a similar No-Face miniature that'll look adorable in a terrarium or propped up next to one of your succulents.

MahsaStudio / Etsy

The No-Face mini wearing headphones has my heart melting.

Get it from MahsaStudio on Etsy for $4.59+ (available in eight styles or as a complete set).

3. A Totoro water bottle to make getting your daily water intake a bit more enticing.

HelloGiftBox / Etsy

Get it from HelloGiftBox on Etsy for $15.99 (available in two styles).

4. A Calcifer quote sticker inspired by Howl's Moving Castle that'll definitely ~spark joy~ when you add it to your collection.

BookishBurns / Etsy

Get it from BookishBurns on Etsy for $1.95.

5. A non-medical face mask so all of your favorite Studio Ghibli creatures can accompany you wherever you go.

FunBoots / Etsy

Be sure to check out the CDC's latest guidelines recommending people wear non-medical face coverings in public while you're at it!

Get it from FunBoots on Etsy for $17.98+ (available with or without a filter).

6. A Secret World of Arrietty print to add a touch of whimsy and the magic of your favorite Ghibli film to your home decor.

ScarecrowStudio / Etsy

Get it from ScarecrowStudio on Etsy for $17.94+ (available in five sizes and two materials).

7. Miyazaki socks featuring a variety of the films, so you'll never have to choose a favorite flick while accessorizing.

Hot Topic

Promising review: "Such fun and cute packaging. I got these for myself but these would make a great gift!" —Jai_

Get eight pairs from Hot Topic for $13.93.

8. A pocket tee featuring Jiji Kiki's Delivery Service and a side of freshly made bread, essential for wearing during your next cozy movie marathon at home.


Promising review: "Very soft shirt, isn't too slim of a fit (I bought a large and it fits perfectly). Very cute design, easy to wash and care for — overall a really great shirt!" —Anonymous

Get it from BoxLunch for $28.90 (available in sizes S-XL).

9. A soot sprite skirt that'll make you feel, well, spritely, from the moment you slip into it. So cute!

Hot Topic

Promising review: "The soot sprites are just simply adorable; I just want to eat the little stars with them! The skirt has hidden pockets; which I'm so glad for. These are a must have for me and is the reason why I buy so many skirts from Hot Topic. The material is comfortable and really thin (but thick enough so that we don't see through it). The little buttons are really discreet, so they blend in the pattern, but still add a cute side to the skirt." —Mykaeru

Get it from Hot Topic for $23.03 (available in sizes XS-XL and 2X-3X).

10. Studio Ghibli shot glasses you can break out to impress your fellow Miyazaki-loving buddies. Just don't drink like No-Face, ingesting everything and anything, and you'll be golden.

Complexwish / Etsy

Promising review: "Beautifully hand painted!! Super impressed with the quality and I will definitely be using these in the near future." —Josh Schott

Get a single shot glass from Complexwish on Etsy for $10+ (available in five styles or as a full set).

11. A plush Jiji journal so you'll always have somewhere to write down sassy remarks — it's what Kiki's cat would want.

chroniclebooks / Via

I have one of these journals and they're just *so* cute. They're light enough to keep in your everyday bag but also look just as nice on your bedside table. If for some odd reason you don't love Jiji, you can check out this similar version featuring the Catbus.

Get it from Chronicle Books for $16.95.

12. A minimalist Princess Mononoke-inspired poster, perfect for incorporating the love of nature the movie represents into your home.

Iposterboutique / Etsy

Get it from Iposterboutique on Etsy for $20+ (available in three sizes).

13. A Porco Rosso sticker you can refer to anytime someone tries to pull the old "when pigs fly" line on ya'.

Hizodesign / Redbubble

Get it from Hizodesign on Redbubble for $2.50+ (available in four sizes and three finishes).

14. A Catbus mug you'll cherish sipping tea out of on a particularly rainy day while wondering if Satsuki and Mei are somewhere waiting with umbrellas for their dad to get home in similar weather.

VillainVille / Etsy

Get it from VillainVille on Etsy for $13.01+ (available in two packaging options).

15. An illustration of the bathhouse from Spirited Away printed directly onto an old dictionary page, a must-have for your very own bathroom (gross sludge and bath tokens not included).

PrintsWithStyle / Etsy

Promising review: "OH MY GOSH — THIS IS AMAZING! The colors are SUPER VIBRANT and just really great quality. Shipment was packaged with great care. Thank you so much!" —Sparrow82

Get it from PrintsWithStyle on Etsy for $9.99.

16. A plush version of Jiji you'll love snuggling up with while watching Kiki's Delivery Service for the thousandth time. Just don't try to feed him pancakes (he's a stuffed animal).


I have one of these little guys and just love him. A friend gave him to me and I keep him in my bedroom window — just like the real Jiji.

Get it from Target for $23.99.

17. A replica of Howl's ring, so you and your own Calcifer can feel connected at all times.

sophofcourse / Etsy

Promising review: "Amazing quality! The gem and details are well put on, and the metal is very solid. I’d completely recommend it! Make sure to double check your ring size and you’re set." —Wynne Elgin Gallahan

Get it from sophofcourse on Etsy for $13.01 (available in UK sizes J-Z).

18. A notebook and pen that'll make you feel like you just ventured through the bushes and landed on Totoro's belly for a nap every time you open it.


Promising review: "I absolutely love this highly detailed Totoro notebook. My son was so excited to receive. It's beautifully made, and the perfect addition to any Studio Ghibli fans' collection!" —Sarah L.

Get it from Apollobox for $29.99.

19. A trio of cross stitch Totoro you can hang in your room (or your child's, how cute would that be?) to watch over you while you sweetly dream about growing trees in your yard.

ThisTweeStitch / Etsy

Promising review: "I love this shop and would 100% recommend it to anyone. My purchase came early and are better than I could’ve imagined" —Gabrielle

Get a set of three from ThisTweeStitch on Etsy for $35.67.

20. A set of Ponyo-inspired scrunchies that'll surely *make a splash* in your hair accessory collection.

Hot Topic

Promising review: "These scrunchies are made from a smooth material and the elasticity is good. And the design? How cute!" —Elena Chacon

Get a set of three from Hot Topic for $9.90.

21. A T-shirt to help you pay tribute to arguably the hardest working delivery girl in the game.

Box Lunch

Promising review: "I bought this for my daughter in one size up so she could tie it or tuck it in and it's perfect. It's great they carry this character as it's hard to find elsewhere." —Melben

Get it from BoxLunch for $28.90 (available in men's sizes XS–2XL).

22. Spirited Away stickers so you can cover your laptop in your favorite bath house employees (yes, even you Yubaba).


This Etsy shop also has Howl's Moving Castle stickers that I already find myself eyeing. Watch out @ my bank account.

Get a set of 15 from LaudrioneDesigns on Etsy for $3.33.

23. A Castle in the Sky art print that'll remind you "the world cannot live without love" each time you glance its way.

TheGeekerie / Etsy

Get it from TheGeekerie on Etsy for $23+ (available in four sizes).

24. A floral blouse with subtle references to Kiki's Delivery Service because even though your fave witch may *have to* wear black, you don't!

Hot Topic

Promising review: "It's not as long as it looks on the model but the fabric is nice and the embroidery is so cute!" —Darbusdumbledore

Get it from Hot Topic for $28.63 (available in sizes 1X-5X).

25. A Calcifer sticker that'll have anyone who notices its sassy message saying "oooooh, burn!"

vtmngi / Redbubble

Get it from vtmngi on Redbubble for $2.91 (available in three finishes).

26. A soot sprite candle to fill your home with the scents of a magical hidden forest pathway — what could be better?

WitchyWicksCandleCo / Etsy

This delightful candle smells like pink pomegranate, Valencia orange, and has tiny hints of coconut. The middle notes include Douglas Fir, clove leaf and cinnamon.

Get it from WitchyWicksCandleCo on Etsy for $16+ (available in two sizes or as a room spray).

27. Or a soot sprite pin that'll remind you that you can be both small *and* mighty.

SugarnovaShop / Etsy

Promising review: "Love this pin!! It's just beautiful in person, and the shipping was super fast! Will definitely purchase from this shop again, happily!" —Amanda Cabana

Get it from SugarnovaShop on Etsy for $12.

28. A phone case chock-full of Studio Ghibli characters, so perfect you'll never want to buy a new device again.

OhSoPrettyCases / Etsy

Get it from OhSoPrettyCases on Etsy for $13.98 (available for 70 different devices).

29. A Howl's Moving Castle novel, a must-have for bookworms who are craving more Sophie and Howl in their lives.

Barnes & Noble

Promising review: "This is the best fantasy book I have ever read. The characters are extremely likable and not one-dimensional. The humor included is great and I love the hilarious situations that Howl creates due to his vanity. The plot is engaging and Howl's Moving Castle is one of those books that you just can't put down. I have read this book over and over again and still it fails to bore me. Readers beware: Make sure that you give yourself time for it will most likely be that you finish this book in one sitting!" —Bookheart

Get it from Barnes & Noble for $8.99, Bookshop for $8.27 (to support local bookstores), or check your local library.

30. No-Face leggings complete with a floral design that'll add some beauty to your loungewear *and* give you a chance to show off your love for Spirited Away.

Hot Topic

Promising review: "Comfortable and breathes really well. The design is cute and gives a nice accent. It is thick enough that it isn't see through or over-detailed." —Anonymous

Get them from Hot Topic for $18.83 (available in sizes S-XL and 2X-3X).

31. An entire book about Hayao Miyazaki's life and work you'll definitely want to read from cover-to-cover then proudly place on top of your coffee table for all to see.

Barnes and Noble

I've watched many documentaries about Hayao Miyazaki and can confirm he is an extremely interesting man — especially when it comes to his work process. Definitely check out this book to gain some insight into how he has made all of these wonderful films.

Get it from Barnes & Noble for $8.99 or check your local library.

32. A playful tee that'll have people looking twice at it before realizing it's a reference to Spirited Away.

AdamHendersonStudio / Etsy

Get it from AdamHendersonStudio on Etsy for $11.76 (available in men's sizes S-XL and 2X-5X).

33. An bib and beanie set for the little one in your life you plan to introduce to the magic of Studio Ghibli movies ASAP.

Hot Topic

Get it from Hot Topic for $29.90.

34. And a pocket tee with a hidden surprise any Studio Ghibli fan will be delighted to discover and show off time and time again.


When you pull the pocket of the shirt down it reveals No-Face's monstrous mouth ready to consume gold (and!) There are also adorable designs featuring Totoro and the soot sprites!

Promising review: "The shirt is absolutely amazing! High quality and not thin and flimsy. The shirt fits true to size for a unisex-style shirt, so I purchased a large (I'm 5-foot-10 and like my shirts a bit looser). The shipping was extremely prompt and the shirt came with a personalized card inside, which I thought was really sweet. I will be purchasing from Dorkypop again!" —Patricia V.

Get it from Dorkypop for $32 (available in unisex sizes XS, M-2XL).

When you see the delivery man arriving with your Studio Ghibli purchases:

Studio Ghibli

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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