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    31 Little Things That'll Keep You Company At Your Desk

    "I want you, and you, and you, AND YOU." — you, scrolling through this post.

    1. Rose gold pens filled with liquid sand and glitter – they're so gorgeous you'll probably be distracted by them all day.

    2. A mini waving inflatable tube man that'll make you want to throw your hands up in the air and yell "WOOHOO!" Your coworkers are gonna LOVE it!

    3. A storm cloud weather predictor, perfect for helping you decide if you need a jacket during your lunch break without even glancing at a weather app.

    4. A Queen Elizabeth II Funko Pop, in case you're truly convinced you were separated at birth from Will and Harry and you want to pay tribute to Gam-Gam.

    5. A set of tree spirits from Princess Mononoke to keep you calm while you type away furiously on your keyboard.

    6. Reusable straws with teeny tiny sloths attached to get you excited to try and hit your water quota for the day.

    7. An oceanic candle filled with ~healing crystals~that'll help you get through the work week until you can get back to the beach.

    8. A Baby Groot flower pot you can use as an excuse to jam out to the Guardians soundtrack while you work.

    9. Cat-themed gel pens you'll want in your life right ~meow~.

    10. Or a foxy mousepad that'll make you giggle even after you just replied all to an email.

    11. A Totoro water bottle you can sip out of on your commute while wishing you could travel via Catbus.

    12. A glitter squishy for when you need to relieve a lil' stress or if you just want a too-cute friend for your desk.

    13. A sassy desk plate that'll let the whole office know you're A BOSS (even if you're not THE boss).

    14. A triangle mirror, because it's trendy and will prevent anyone from sneaking up on you while you're ~in the zone~ working hard.

    15. A lil' corgi planter you can cuddle until you get home to your actual pup.

    16. An elephant-shaped pencil holder/phone stand that'll remind you you're ~up for the tusk~ no matter how hard it may be.

    17. Or a USB fan with a light-up message to help you combat your office's ever-changing temperature and leave your coworkers cackling.

    18. Or a clip-on fan, for those days it's ~unbearably~ hot in your office.

    19. A floral touch control lamp that's so you cute you won't be-leaf you lived this long without one.

    20. A purr-fect pop-up Post-it dispenser that'll make you want to leave yourself reminders all the time.

    21. A mini ocean zen garden to help you de-stress or take a much-needed brain break in the middle of the day.

    22. A variety of animal-shaped paper clips, perfect for turning your boring files into a fun petting zoo of sorts.

    23. Or a sushi pushpin holder that'll serve up some ~raw~ amusement even before you place your lunch order.

    24. A pineapple dish to hold your spare change and give you an excuse to hum 🎶"if you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain."🎶

    25. A precious phone-charger clamp to prevent cords from tangling and breaking down.

    26. Or a wireless charger that'll make sure you ~donut~ get tangled in ANY desk cords.

    27. A light bulb-turned-terrarium – you'll impress your coworkers with by how mystical and aesthetically pleasing it is.

    28. A vintage-styled bluetooth speaker to keep on your desk for impromptu dance parties while your boss is out to lunch.

    29. A tape dispenser that'll show your appreciation of desk decor is ~otter~ this world.

    30. A Jon Snow globe every Game of Thrones fan should have at their desk, no matter how they felt about the finale.

    31. And a screaming goat figure you can click every few hours to keep your desk mates on their toes. Who wouldn't love THAT?

    When someone says, "you don't need any desk decor":

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