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    30 Little Pieces Of Home Decor You Just Might Enjoy

    A little goes a long way, my friends.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A zodiac throw blanket you can drape over your couch or spread out across your bed for a vibe that'll seem to have been *written in the stars*.

    a fringed throw blanket with a taurus-inspired design on it and florals

    2. A polka-dotted switch plate to jazz up, quite literally, any room you choose to install it. I don't know about you, but I'll be switching over every single boring light switch plate that crosses my path.

    an array of light switches with black polka dots on them and gold edges

    3. A mosaic vase that'll inspire you to pick up flowers every time you visit Trader Joe's (they really do last a confusingly long time).

    a white jug-shaped vase with pink, cream, and brown shapes on it

    4. A Mickey Mouse Ear Hat pillow to bring an extra layer of magic to your bed or your couch — it's sooooo soft you won't be able to resist snuggling with it while watching Cinderella for the 100th time.

    a black fuzzy mickey ear hat pillow

    5. Temporary wallpaper that'll transform your living room into one you'd expect to see in a Wes Anderson film — which, IMO, is home decor goals.

    a patterned green wallpaper with leaves and leopards all over it

    6. A chic cube-shaped candle to put every one all of your basic cylinder candles to shame — you might not even want to light this one, it'll look just as nice hangin' out on a decorative tray atop your coffee table.

    a white square candle made of 3 by 3 bubbles

    7. A watercolor Pride and Prejudice map that'll bring some original *cottagecore* vibes into your living space and pay tribute to your favorite Austen novel/movie.

    the water color map of pride and prejudice

    8. A beautifully designed table lamp – it'll look great and bring tons of light into your space so you can put off having high hats installed for just a *little* bit longer.

    9. A personalized throw blanket made of a super soft acrylic knit material you can count on to look as cute on your couch as it will wrapped around your shoulders during a Zoom call.

    10. A decorative chalkboard stand you can use to leave your family fun messages or remind your partner it's their turn to take out the trash.

    the chalkboard sign on a stand

    11. A pretty-in-pink K-Cup coffee maker for anyone who prefers to pop in a pod of their choosing, press a single button and enjoy their caffeine ASAP. Not to mention the machine itself is adorable.

    12. A castle-shaped sun catcher that'll fill your home with rainbows, magic, and overall good vibes.

    13. A pouch filled with eucalyptus and lavender to leave your shower smelling like a luxurious day at the spa. I can't imagine anything more pleasant, TBH.

    the pouch hanging from a shower handle

    14. A round pintuck pillow available in *so* many colors you won't be able to help but add a handful of 'em to your cart.

    a stack of colorful round pillows

    15. A Google Nest Mini you'll love because you can use it to listen to music (kitchen dance party!?), adjust the lights in your home, pause your TV, and ask silly questions.

    a circular google nest mini

    16. An adjustable stick figure floor lamp that'll impress even the most pretentious person — it's unique, playful, and will look incredible no matter where you place it in your room.

    17. A cozy pet bed both dogs and cats alike will enjoy curling up inside — and you'll love it because it has a darling design that'll look divine next to end tables you just purchased.

    a high walled pet bed with a plush inside and striped design on the outside

    18. A faux leather wall-mounted headboard that'll easily bring a modern touch to your room and convince everyone you actually know a thing or two about home decor.

    19. A vintage-inspired storage ottoman you can use to stow away things like throw blankets, shoes, books — whatever your heart desires! All that matters is that your home is about to look a lot more organized.

    20. A Mickey K-Cup holder that'll make you feel like you're enjoying breakfast with Chef Mickey and his pals every time you make your morning coffee and easily alert you when you're running low on your K-Cup stash.

    a silver mickey-shaped k-cup holder next to a keurig machine

    21. Linen curtains to block light when necessary and add some warmth and color in any room you hang them.

    a set of dusty rose colored curtains

    22. Crystal coasters that'll add an edge of mystery to your coffee table while also protecting it from unwanted rings.

    black agate coasters with gold edges

    23. A floral chair for your office, because if you're going to spend the majority of your time in there it might as well be gorgeous.

    a pink floral wooden chair next to a similar one in blue

    24. A ring holder that'll provide a safe space for your favorite baubles to live while also bringing your home decor to the next level.

    a statue of a hand with stars on the fingers and flowers down the wrist

    25. A two-tiered spice rack to ensure, no matter what the clock says, it'll always be *golden hour* when you're whipping something up in the kitchen.

    the two-tiered golden spice rack

    26. A bath mat with a mid-century modern feel to it — even though its main use is to support you when you get out of the shower dripping wet it'll will still be synced up with the rest of your home.

    a white rectangular bath mat with gray and yellow shapes on it

    27. A velvet pillow covered in florals that'll last a heck of a lot longer than the ones you keep buying at the supermarket. You're welcome.

    a long horizontal pillow with brightly colored florals sitting on a chair

    28. An acrylic dry erase board for anyone who appreciates minimal decor — it'll blend right in regardless of whether you display it in your kitchen, bedroom, or office.

    a clear acrylic white board

    29. A storage tree to turn mugs into actual decor — finally, a place to properly show off favorite caffeine vessel.

    three mugs hanging from a blue mug stand with various perches

    30. And an Otherland candle with a scent that's as fantastic as the designs of its jar — you'll likely find yourself buying multiples because it's so beautiful (guilty).

    a red candle with an abstract design on the middle

    When I hear the doorbell ring and I know it's my package being delivered:

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    a row of decorative blue presents with different colored bows