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    40 Baby Shower Gifts No One Will Guess You Ordered At The Last Minute

    The only thing cuter than your shower gift will be your friend's baby — that's a fact.

    1. A "Taco Tuesday" gift set because even though your best friend is about to have a baby that doesn't mean you'll need to give up your treasured weekly tradition.

    2. A "Storm Pooper" onesie even Darth Vader might crack a smile over. Embrace The Dark Side, parents.

    3. A convertible carrier for the parent-to-be who doesn't plan to let their little one slow them down in the slightest.

    4. A glowing giraffe featuring soothing music to help any restless little one drift off to dreamland.

    5. A pair of rattles you can gift to your best friend's kiddo so THEY can deal with the noise after you've gone home to your peaceful safe space.

    6. A BPA-free teether to help infants get through that tough time while their sweet tooth grows in.

    7. A Finding Nemo–inspired play mat complete with familiar faces from the movie, 20+ minutes of soothing oceanic sounds, and Mr. Ray starring as canopy filled with magical lights.

    8. A nursery care kit, so the new parents in your life can feel prepared to tackle anything that comes their way (yes, even that weird snot sucker thing).

    9. A onesie that'll have anyone who glances at your pal's kiddo saying "All right stop, collaborate and listennnn."

    10. A VertiPlay door knocker to transform boring old walls into playground-like ones with minimal effort.

    11. A whimsical star-shaped toy that'll serenade kiddos with six classical melodies. Your friend will have a baby Beethoven in the making!

    12. A musical gadget with volume control so the kiddo's parents will still keep you in their life. A win for everyone involved, honestly.

    13. A knit blanket swaddle that'll have any new mom or dad gushing over how cute it is — perfect for the parents who are planning to have professional newborn photos taken.

    14. Onesies fit for a future foodie, so adorable you won't even mind skipping out on your overpriced avocado toast to hang with a newborn.

    15. Comotomo baby bottles designed to closely mimic breastfeeding — perfect for the mom who is planning to breastfeed but will want their partner to step in for middle-of-the-night feedings, too.

    16. A corn popper push toy that'll take you right back to 1957 when it was first created and help your favorite tyke learn to walk.

    17. A footprint and handprint kit your friend will squeal over because there are few things as precious as the tiny hands and feet of a baby.

    18. A onesie that'll bring an unmeasurable amount of joy to the number-crunching math fiend in your life.

    19. An owl-shaped white noise machine that plays 10 lullabies and'll blend seamlessly into their baby's nursery theme. Just when you thought you didn't give a ~hoot~ about products for babies!

    20. A set of Beatles-inspired bodysuits the new parents can keep in their diaper bag for the inevitable moment their tyke has a major blow out and needs a stylish back-up option faster than they can quote "Let It Be."

    21. A sensory teether toy to help Baby (and their parents) cope while their lil' chompers make their debut.

    22. A Letters to My Baby book for the emotional parent to fill out and gift to their kiddo later on in life — a truly special gift that'll be treasured for years to come.

    23. A security blanket shaped like the cutest lil' elephant you've ever seen — so soft it's sure to become the newborn's bedtime BFF.

    24. Radio Flyer's 5-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike kiddos will be able to use from 9 months old to 5 years old as it'll transform from a stroller into a tricycle — the ultimate baby shower present.

    25. Baby socks that'll double as toys and cuffs that'll quickly become any tyke's favorite when they learn how to touch their toes — cute and fun all wrapped up in one fun gift!

    26. A funny wooden sign to hopefully help keep the peace in your pal's home when their baby FINALLY falls asleep.

    27. A soft Beauty and the Beast book shaped like a teapot that'll warm the heart of any Disney-loving parent-to-be.

    28. An Aveeno Essential Daily Care Kit both parent and baby can use — truly a win-win for your friend who will likely need a little at-home pampering themselves.

    29. And a bath kneeler and elbow rest set that'll have your friend thanking you again and again for saving them from bruised kneecaps.

    30. A picture book where you can write a sweet message to your friend and their baby on the inside cover — they'll never guess you only pulled off this gift last-minute.

    31. A carseat canopy with so many different uses your friend will need a full night of sleep before they fully realize all its capable of.

    32. A trio of chunky knit beanies that'll help your pal's little one look the part while being toted to and from hipster coffee shops.

    33. A hooded bath towel every parent should be gifted because it is so darn cute. Apologies to their future child as THIS will be the reason their face will be plastered all over Instagram.

    34. A Fisher-Price infant-to-toddler rocker that'll soothe Baby with calming vibrations and then be used as a stationary seat as they grow.

    35. A set of educational board books for your friend who has been binge-watching The Big Bang Theory throughout their pregnancy in hopes their tyke will turn out as smart as Sheldon.

    36. A personalized gift box that'll double as a keepsake any parent would be delighted to receive at their baby shower.

    37. A set of six Carter's body suits to help kickstart the little one's wardrobe — an Instagram style star in the making!

    38. A layette set any parent would dumble-adore dressing their little muggle in for a magical Facebook photoshoot.

    39. A 27-inch stuffed bear that'll definitely become Baby's favorite snuggle buddy and make you the envy of every other gift giver at the shower.

    40. And a package of Huggies diapers, because when all else fails you can rest assured knowing this baby shower gift will be put to good use.

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