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    Thousands Of Dog Owners Are Obsessed With This Toy

    Who knew people had so many feelings about a product for pups?

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    Furry friends, rejoice! We've discovered a must-have toy that you can get right on Amazon.

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    Who's a good boy?! You. And you deserve this toy.

    I have an 80 pound golden retriever — and he can really tear into toys like it's nobody's business. However he, and thousands of dogs all over the country, can't destroy this Kong Extreme Dog Toy.

    Don't be fooled by its appearance — this toy is about to change your life.

    The Kong Extreme Dog Toy has multiple services. It can be used as a safe and reliable way to play fetch or you can fill it snacks and get a moment of peace. Plus, it helps clean your dog's teeth and soothes their gums.

    It sounds almost too good to be true!

    From peanut butter to kibble, the toy can also be filled with your pup's favorite treats to take playtime to the next level.,

    The toy comes in sizes small, medium, or extra large, making it perfect for fur babies of all sizes.

    And I'm not the only one that's impressed with this creation. 4,511 Amazon customers have taken the time to give the Kong Extreme Dog Toy a 5-star review!

    Customers rave about how indestructible the Kong is — specifically with big dogs who usually destroy toys within minutes.,

    "Well, my adolescent dog is finally old enough that he can destroy most dog toys out there. People rave about Kongs for good reason! He doesn't seem to be able to chew through these toys, thank goodness! We're a busy family, so I use these Kong Extremes to keep him busy and out of my hair. I mix approximately half a can of wet dog food with water to make a soupy concoction. Then I mix in some dry kibble and fill the kong with this moistened, extra tasty dog food. Then I freeze it. A frozen filled Kong will keep my dog (approx 60 lbs) busy for at least an hour." —Cholla Cactus

    "We have a 80+ pound pit bull and this is the first toy that has EVER stood a chance! We still marvel a few times a week that it has lasted a month. Our girl will rip a brand new tennis ball to shred in 10 seconds flat. Football? Give her 20. She'll husk an extra large coconut in less than 10 minutes. You get the point. No object prevails once she has decided to destroy it! Except for the XL Kong! Granted we don't let her just chew on it all day (we have to put it out of sight when not playing as she will not leave us alone if she can see it) but this has lasted dozens of fetch sessions for us so far. The best thing about this toy is the bounce capability. You chuck this baby and it will bounce for about 100 yards, no problem. This makes it easy for me to throw and she gets to run farther to fetch. We have noticed her reaction to the toy being so strong...she looks bewildered when chewing it!" —Nic261

    They also love the way it distracts dogs and helps ease their separation issues.,

    "I give one to each of my two Westies every morning filled with training treats and capped off with peanut butter. It has now gotten to the point that my dogs look at me in the morning and their expression says 'hey when are you leaving, I want my treat.' It keeps them busy for about 15-20 minutes each morning when I leave. Helps to break the separation issues in the morning really well. Since my dogs are extreme chewers, I need to use the Black Extreme Kongs for them." —Amazon Customer

    After filling the toy with a snack, pet owners feel that they can leave their pups unsupervised while they take care of other things around the house.,

    "My 55 pound mutt loves her Kongs — she has two of these black large extreme ones and one of the large red ones. She hasn't gotten any part of it chewed off and she is a power chewer. She plays with this a few times a week. I like having multiple Kongs because that way she can have one while one is in the freezer or the dishwasher and I can switch them out. I usually stuff it with a medium milk bone treat, peanut butter, frozen coconut oil, or a banana/coconut oil/yogurt/peanut butter frozen mix. I would highly recommend these especially for power chewers. After being around my dog using these I feel comfortable leaving her alone with these and don't have to worry about her chewing pieces off and swallowing them. I'll throw a milk bone in it when I leave to distract her and she mess with it for a little while after I'm gone and I think that helps with the initial anxiety of somebody leaving her." —Karlee

    You can get the Kong Extreme Dog Toy on Amazon for just $8.47+ (available in three sizes) and start having (more) endless hours of fun with your dog now!

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    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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