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    42 Kitchen Products That Are Totally Worth The Investment

    Go ahead, treat yourself to an outdoor pizza oven just in time for the spring.

    1. A milk frother to pack a powerful, spinning punch despite looking rather delicate. It'll help transform your hot chocolate into one out of a Hallmark Christmas movie scene. Delish.

    2. A Magic Bullet blender you can count on to help you recreate the green juice or smoothies you used to pick up on your way to the office.

    a model blending fruit in the magic bullet

    3. An oil mister that'll help you perfectly cover all of your ingredients without getting your hands covered in grease.

    reviewer spraying vegetables with the oil spray

    4. An Always Pan, complete with a nonstick surface, a vented top, a mesh basket for steaming, and a high-quality spoon that hooks onto the handle — you'll basically only ever want to use this pan. My apologies to your current ones.

    5. An ever-popular Instant Pot with so many uses you'll need to take a deep breath before deciding what to make with it first.

    6. A Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven you can pass down to your children — truly worth the investment, especially if you've been looking to kick things up a notch in the kitchen.

    a forest green le creuset dutch oven

    7. A drawer organizer to keep utensils in order so you won't find yourself fumbling through a disaster zone in an attempt to find a serving spoon.

    a neatly organized drawer with the utensils

    8. A SinkShroom strainer you won't know how you lived without because it'll keep your kitchen sink unclogged no matter how much gunk you fill it with.

    9. A handheld knife sharpener that'll bring your most-used kitchen utensils back to life in a flash without destroying your countertop or cutting boards.

    10. A rapid egg cooker that'll make your breakfast faster than you can say, "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"

    11. Cut-resistant gloves — a must-have for any "chef" who isn't super confident in their knife skills and would like to keep all of their digits.

    12. A pretty floral print apron to protect your clothes while you whip up your prized chocolate chip cookies.

    13. A tortilla press that'll help you take your Taco Tuesdays to the next level without going above and beyond your minimal cooking skill level.

    14. A pack of oven liners to protect the bottom of your oven from any overflow/oozing and let you continue pretending you're competing on The Great British Baking Show worry-free.

    drops of hot liquid on the bottom of the oven on top of the liner

    15. A Levo II that'll help you create an entire slew of ingredients to cook with. From infused butter and honey to salad dressings and oils, you won't know where to begin!

    the yellow oil infusing machine

    16. A pizza oven the entire family can enjoy — from rolling out the dough and adding toppings to watching it cook over the flame, this is one gift you'll get praised for.

    the dome shaped outdoor pizza oven with a pizza being slid into it

    17. A Nespresso Vertuo coffee and espresso maker that'll have your favorite drink ready in minutes — say goodbye to your cranky morning mood.

    a nespresso maker

    18. Oven mitts you'll love ~beary~ much — especially because they're actually heat-resistant.

    a reviewer wearing an oven mitt that looks like a bear claw

    19. A quirky peeler that'll allow any wannabe cook to ~monkey around~ in the kitchen.

    an orange monkey-shaped peeler peeling an apple

    20. An ironic garlic chopper inspired by Dracula to make any you smile and prevent your fingers from smelling like pungent garlic all day.

    21. An air fryer cheat sheet you'll be able to flip through and easily figure out exactly *how* long your frozen mozzarella sticks need to be cooked. You're welcome.

    the flip book of air fryer cheat sheet cooking times

    22. Felt pot and pan protectors that'll keep your new ones (or old ones!) in tip top shape.

    felt inserts inside a stack of pots and pans

    23. A fondue set you won't find *cheesy* at all after you realize just how many things you can submerge into creamy, hot, deliciousness. Trust me on this one.

    the black fondue pot and sticks to dip food in

    24. An 8-in-1 kitchen gadget tool complete with a funnel, a juicer, a grater, an egg cracker, a shredder, a can opener, an egg separator, and a measuring cup. You'll never be without a must-have tool again!

    a measuring cup bottle with various gadgets stacked inside of it

    25. Silicone baking mats to keep your baking sheets nice 'n' clean. Let's be honest, no one enjoys scraping pans for an hour after making dinner.

    chocolate covered strawberries on top of a baking sheet

    26. A tea bag organizer you can use to free-up some space in your already-crowded kitchen cabinets.

    a white tea bag holder

    27. A hammock for fruits and veggies, because they deserve to be nice 'n' comfy in the kitchen, too! OK, but actually this lil' gadget will keep them out of the way and provide you with extra counter space.

    a macrame hanging hammock filled with fruits

    28. A picture-perfect Kate Spade kettle you'll probs want to display on the counter because it's just SO pretty!

    29. Stainless-steel mixing bowls that'll nest nicely inside one another so you won't have to worry about where the heck you're going to store six bowls in your tiny (but efficient!) kitchen.

    30. A cutting board and strainer combo, because who wouldn't appreciate a two-in-one item that'll save 'em room in their kitchen?

    a white and red cutting board with a strainer built into it

    31. A pack of super-strong magnets you can attach to the top of your fridge to ensure your drink of choice is *always* refreshingly cold without taking up space for leftovers.

    32. A Cuisinart Griddler, so you can make mouthwatering burgers all year long whether it's 20 or 90 degrees outside.

    33. An adjustable rolling pin that'll help you roll any dough to a specific width. I see a lot of pizza, pies, and cookies in your future ;).

    34. Reusable baking cups so you can say "see ya'!" to getting frustrated while attempting to peel the paper off your freshly baked muffins and cupcakes.

    35. Shredder claws so you won't have to suffer from burnt fingertips while trying to finally get a smidge closer to flawlessly replicating your grandma's famous pulled pork recipe.

    a model using the black shredder claws to shred meat

    36. A bread box in a playful color that'll likely make you smile each time you reach for a slice.

    a turquoise box that says bread on it in white

    37. A natural oven scrub cleaner you can rely on to remove any grease or leftover sauces from inside your most used appliance. You're welcome.

    tub of oven scrub natural cleaner
    Everneat / Etsy

    This comes with the jar of oven scrub as well as a professional-grade metallic scrubber. You can use this to clean your enamel oven, racks, and the oven door's interior glass panel. Cleaning Studio is a small business based in Fairfield, Connecticut, that sells 100% natural cleaning products and microfiber cloths. 

    Promising review: "I am in absolute shock over how well this works. I really wish I took a before picture. WOW! My oven door window had grime on it for years that I couldn't get off from the previous owners, so I'm estimating it's been like that for four-plus years. Nothing helped to cut through it and finally this oven cleaner made it look brand new. Still in shock!! Would highly recommend. Also, the smell of the product is sooo delightful." —Vanessa

    Get it from Everneat on Etsy for $19.99+ (available in two jar styles).

    38. A Mr. Coffee drip coffee machine that'll ensure a classic, delicious cup o' joe will always be within arm's reach.

    a buzzfeed editor standing next to their coffee machine

    39. Or a pretty-in-pink K-cup coffee maker for anyone who prefers to pop in a pod of their choosing, press a single button and enjoy their caffeine ASAP. Not to mention the machine itself is adorable.

    a pink and black k-cup coffee machine

    40. A lemon squeezer you can use to literally live out the old saying "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Just picture yourself sipping on a freshly squeezed glass while basking in the sun. Simply divine.

    a yellow and green lemon squeezer

    41. A bamboo burner cover to magically add an extra space for chopping up veggies in your too-small kitchen — it'll feel like you *poof* doubled your counter space!

    42. And a culinary blow torch that'll easily become the coolest kitchen tool you own.

    OK, now let's try out all of these fun new cooking products!

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