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    17 Gifts To Buy During J. Crew Factory's Up To 50% Off Sale

    Take my money!

    That's right — through November 26th, everything on J. Crew Factory is 40-50% off.

    So drop what you're doing, grab your wallet, and let's do the damn thing! Sweaters, coats, pajamas, and more are waiting for you!

    1. A half-zip fleece sweater to keep you snug as a bug all winter long.

    2. A classic quilted vest you can wear for more than half the year, which is pretty spectacular.

    3. A wool coat so warm, you'll want to curl up in it and take a nap.

    4. A fabulous ponté dress for the little girl in your life who is cooler than you'll ever be.

    5. A pair of festive pajamas pants you can wear all winter long (not just on Christmas morning).

    6. A faux fur coat that will make any mini-diva squeal with delight.

    7. A mixed-stone necklace to ensure you're dazzling this December.

    8. A classic v-neck sweater for the little boy who never wants to get dressed for family gatherings.

    9. A turtleneck sweater to be the base of all your winter *~lewks~*.

    10. An adorable handbag that will encourage your baby girl to shoot for the stars.

    11. A super soft crewneck sweater you can wear to the office or to Christmas dinner.

    12. A pair of leather gloves you can keep on while you take selfies in the snow.

    13. A long-sleeve graphic tee the jokester in your family will happily wear all winter.

    14. Festive socks that will make for the cutest stocking stuffer EVER.

    15. Glow-in-the-dark sweatpants, because it doesn't get much cooler than that.

    16. A velvet mini skirt to make you the envy of every holiday party you attend this year.

    17. And tortoiseshell glasses, because even in the coldest of winters you deserve a new pair of sunnies.

    Ready, set, shop!

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