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What Is An Item From A Woman-Owned Brand You Use Every Day?

Spill the tea in honor of Women's History Month.

It's officially Women's History Month (woohoo!) and I personally can't think of a better way to celebrate than to ask all of you to fill me in on a product you use every single day that you bought from a woman-owned business.

Is it a set of macaron bath bombs that make you feel extra fancy during your evening soak?

a box of bath bomb macarons

Or a jar of gourmet black truffle sea salt you can't help but sprinkle on everything and anything because it's so darn delicious?

the container of truffle salt

Perhaps your go-to item is a stoneware sponge holder because it looks so stylish hanging out behind your kitchen sink?

a white stoneware sponge holder with a marbled burnt orange ring

Or maybe you want to tell everyone about the stunning crystal candle you restock each time you burn one out?

a purple candle with an amethyst crystal stone in it

Don't be shy — tell us all about your favorite woman-owned business and the item from it you wouldn't be able to survive without on a daily basis! Go to town in the comments below (and share a photo if you can!) for the chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.