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    32 Inexpensive Dresses That'll Make You Feel Fancy

    You can never be too prepared when it comes to dress selection.

    Is this you every time you have a fancy event to attend?

    1. A fitted dress that'll make all of your little black dress dreams come true for a fraction of the cost.

    2. A tube dress, for when you're ~feelin' yourself~ and want to show off your curves.

    3. An off-the-shoulder cocktail dress that'll be perfect for your friend's winter wedding.

    4. A fit and flare dress with a tulle skirt, so you can channel Carrie Bradshaw from the Sex and the City intro sequence.

    5. A cheetah-print wrap dress you'll want to wear right ~meow~.

    6. A sequin party dress that'll be ~shining, shimmering, splendid~.

    7. A mock-neck sleeveless dress, so you can show off ~the guns~ on your next date night or classy affair.

    8. A vintage-style dress with a pencil skirt that'll make you look ~hot~ in a refined Meghan Markle way.

    9. A velour dress that screams "va-va-voom!" and features material to make you feel extra luxurious.

    10. A high-low skater dress you'll want to twirl around in like Jonathan Van Ness when he's figure skating.

    11. A clingy dress with a plunging V-neck that'll have jaws dropping as you walk by.

    12. A glittering dress, to add some glamour to anywhere you're headed. Say "see ya!" to your boring black dress and "hello!" to glitz.

    13. A mini-dress with a ruffled trim to give your outfit that ~extra flair~ you've been craving.

    14. A polka dot swing dress that'll have you dancing around like you're at a sock hop in the '60s.

    15. A high-neck ribbed maxi dress for a chic look that would help you blend in at a hipster coffee shop or cool comedy club.

    16. Or this similar dress, but in a shorter style that's just as trendy.

    17. A fit and flare cocktail dress to make you feel flirty and fun no matter where you're headed.

    18. A color-block scuba dress, so versatile you can wear it on a first date or to a family party and feel freakin' fantastic.

    19. A swing dress with trumpet sleeves that'll have you singing about your online shopping triumphs.

    20. A simple maxi dress (WITH POCKETS), in case you want to feel a touch fancier at a backyard BBQ or sporting event.

    21. A knee-length sweater dress that'll make sure you're the shining star in every room you enter.

    22. A dress with cap-sleeves and lace detail, so you can look poised the next time you visit a classy restaurant or attend a friend's wedding.

    23. A soft ribbed turtleneck dress that'll have you ~up to your neck~ in compliments from your friends dying to know "where'd you get that dress!?"

    24. A jazzed-up T-shirt dress to upgrade your style without completely leaving your comfort zone.

    25. A backless knit sweater dress that'll add a real ~twist~ into your go-to looks.

    26. A sleeveless chiffon dress, so when the sunshine finally returns to your state you'll have an outfit ready and waiting.

    27. A satin faux-wrap dress, so you can look ~smooth~ as butter when the occasion calls for it. Consider this a warning, dress pants.

    28. A velvet dress that'll make you feel like a million bucks without having to spend anywhere close to that.

    29. A striped dress with a tie in the front, perfect for taking your everyday look from ~drab to fab~.

    30. A long-sleeve skater dress, so you can still feel fancy without sacrificing an ounce of your body temperature (it's freakin' cold out there right now!).

    31. A one-shoulder dress that'll add an extra touch of sass to your look. Work it, girl!

    32. And an A-line dress you're sure to love berry, berry much as soon as you add it to your growing dress collection.

    You, showing off your fancy new dress:

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