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    23 Beautiful Wedding Gowns With Sleeves That Will Make You Say "Wow"

    Get ready to say "YES!" to the dress.

    I recently got married, so I know how daunting it can be to shop for the wedding dress of your dreams. There's SO much pressure to find "the one," especially when you have a ~vision~ in mind already.

    Deep breaths. I'm here to help. I've rounded up some stunning gowns with long sleeves you can get right here on the web! Consider it my engagement gift to you.

    1. An elegant gown with a lace back, long sleeves, and a relaxed mermaid silhouette that will promptly bring your significant other to tears.

    2. A ball gown to make you feel as glamorous as a Disney Princess on your special day.

    3. A lace A-line sheath dress that will assure you everything will be coming up roses on your wedding day.

    4. A gilded three-quarter-sleeve dress, so you can feel like a bride but also dance the night away without any fabric standing in your way.

    5. A modern three-quarter-sleeve gown that rivals Meghan Markle's royal version.

    6. A beautiful bridal maxi dress with lace sleeves, so you'll look more elegant than ever as you strut down the aisle.

    7. A stunning gown with intricate lace sleeves and a train that will make your guests' jaws drop upon your entrance.

    8. A beaded long-sleeve sheath dress for the fashion-forward bride who really wants to wear something unique on her big day.

    9. A wedding dress with a plunging neckline and a trendy cutout in the back that will make your grandma blush — but she can't complain because IT HAS SLEEVES!

    10. A champagne tulle dress, because every bride should have the chance to wear a dress that looks as if it were dreamt up by an actual fairy.

    11. A plunging ball gown that features a leafy overlay you are sure to ~fall~ in love with.

    12. A fluttery bohemian gown for the flower child who wants to seamlessly float down the aisle without sacrificing her own personal style.

    13. A bridal gown that only looks expensive — gazing at the detailed beading throughout you'd never know it cost under $100 (!!!).

    14. A romantic dress with cap sleeves, a swirling vine embroidery, and delicate pearl-inspired beading for a demure bride who still wants to show a touch of skin.

    15. A high-neck gown that will make any bride look like she just stepped out of a fantasy land and into her wedding ceremony.

    16. A beaded beauty of a dress, perfect for a casual dinner reception or a classy affair.

    17. A dazzling cold-shoulder wedding gown that will keep the couple so distracted they won't even think about getting cold feet.

    18. A short lace wedding dress, for the casual bride who wants to show a little leg. Ooh la la!

    19. An embroidered gown that would make for a flawless beach wedding look. Yes, you can even wear sleeves in the sand!

    20. A stunning dress with illusion sleeves to make you look and feel like royalty as you walk down the aisle.

    21. A separate top and skirt that will let you completely customize your wedding day ~look~ to match the one you've been cooking up in your brain forever.

    22. An affordable jeweled ball gown, because every winter bride should be able to be comfortable, warm, and dazzling on her special day.

    23. And a chic V-neck gown that will make you look like a goddess who just descended from an actual freakin' cloud.

    You, after finally finding the dress you've been envisioning:

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