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    31 Pairs Of Sandals That'll Only Further Your Obsession With Shoes

    Carrie Bradshaw, who? You're about the become the reigning Shoe Queen.

    1. Criss cross sandals from Sorel with a fun lil' peep toe that'll put your favorite nail polish color on display. They also featured a molded rubber sole that'll provide you with all the traction you need.

    2. Comfortable sandals you can wear during all of your warm weather adventures. Blisters? Sore feet? NO MORE!

    3. Or actual Birkenstocks, in case you're ready to splurge on a sturdy pair of classic sandals that'll support you as well as your best friend would after a tough breakup.

    4. Basic sandals with elastic straps, so your feet won't feel constrained when you step out into humid weather.

    5. Slingback sandals featuring playful stripes and studs you'll probs get compliments on from strangers you walk by on the street.

    6. Iridescent slip-on sandals that'll add some galactic ~out of this world~ vibes to your everyday style. Area 51 trip, anyone?

    7. Beaded wedge sandals with so many fun colors woven throughout them that they'll make you feel like you just stepped directly into a scene from Mamma Mia!

    8. Flat espadrille sandals you can wear to the beach or on a hot date — they're so versatile they'll work with a bikini or an LBD!

    9. Low block heels with scallop details and a 2.5" heel to let you add a lil' height to your look but not so much that you'll be struggling to walk.

    10. Sleek leather sandals that'll support your feet and leave you feeling like you're walking on air thanks to the anatomically molded footbed that'll mold to your foot like some sort of magic.

    11. Bedazzled sandals you'll love for the way they add a touch of ~bling~ to any outfit.

    12. Classic Havaianas flip flops to keep in your beach bag or on hand for when you decide to get an impromptu pedicure and don't want to use those flimsy, weird foam contraptions they always offer you.

    13. Or faux suede espadrille sandals with a secure but delicate ankle strap that'll add the perfect finishing touch to that flawless brunch outfit you've been trying to put together.

    14. Or simple sandals you can wear with anything in your closet, making them the perfect accessory.

    15. Unique leather huarache slides that'll say "I'm sensible AND have impeccable taste!" My apologies to your wallet because you're gonna want 'em in every color.

    16. Knotted bow sandals you'll find yourself praising the next time you're running SUPER late because you can slide 'em on in a sec and still run out the door looking as stylish as ever.

    17. Braided sandals, for a chic but simple way to upgrade your wardrobe.

    18. Futuristic sandals with clear block heels and straps so you can channel the ever-stylish Judy Jetson the next time you step out on the town.

    19. Or sandals made with yoga mat material and fabric straps AKA what your favorite lazy day sweatpants would look like if they transformed into shoes.

    20. Cleated sandals for an edgy look you can easily transition from day to night. Is there anything better than a shoe you can wear to work AND a bar? I think not!

    21. Sandals with a memory foam lining that'll have you singing "I'm walking on sunshiiiiine" while you strut into the office because their so darn comfortable.

    22. Chic sandals with an abstract twist you'll get a fresh pedicure for just to show them off to everyone you know.

    23. T-strap sandals that'll become your go-to shoes during the end of summer when you don't want to think about what your wearing you just want to try and stay cool.

    24. Or Dr. Scholl's wedges to take your style to ~new heights~ without sacrificing an ounce of comfort or potentially twisting an ankle.

    25. Affordable chunky platform sandals so you can give this popular trend a test run before potentially committing to a more expensive version.

    26. Lace-up jelly sandals for a low-maintenance but still super fierce gladiator look. Feel free to yell "THIS.IS.SPARTA!" whenever you slip 'em on.

    27. Timeless cork wedges you can wear year after year with jeans, dresses, or rompers. Go ahead, buy them in every color. I won't judge.

    28. Scalloped slides that'll go with every single summer outfit in your closet — yes, even that jumpsuit with the crazy all-over print.

    29. Fun T-strap sandals with cutouts and rhinestones to really add some ~razzle dazzle~ to your ever-growing shoe collection.

    30. Strappy Franco Sarto snakeskin sandals you'll make fashion hisstory with the moment your friends see you in 'em.

    31. And Crocs slides that'll pair perfectly with your favorite bathing suit and add a pop of color to any beach day.

    You, discovering the sandals you were meant to have all along:

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