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    42 Products To Help You Work Out At Home

    Breaking a sweat without actually having to leave the house has never sounded more appealing.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A boxing game for the Nintendo Switch, so you can practice your left hook without anyone seeing you awkwardly punching at the air.

    2. A jump rope designed to bring out the badass in you — and help you get in a great cardio workout.

    3. A medicine ball that'll help you take your crunches to the next level and really feel the burn — you've got this!

    4. A P.volve subscription, a must-have for anyone who knows their workouts need a bit more structure but also isn't interested in venturing to the gym when they need a stress-relieving sweat sesh.

    a computer and phone showing the p.volve app

    5. A portable elliptical you can use in literally any room of your house — seriously you can sit on your toilet and exercise at the same time. A+ multitasking.

    6. An 11-piece set of resistance bands, excellent for focusing on working your glutes — or anything else, really!

    7. Mario Tennis Aces for Nintendo Switch, which is so fun you'll forget you're actually exercising and want to play it. Imagine that?

    a screen shot of mario tennis

    8. A set of basic dumbbells, perfect for anyone who is just starting to incorporate weights into their workout and doesn't want to accidentally hurt themselves in public.

    9. Or a weighted workout bar — that'll help you ~raise the bar~ on your at-home workout routine.

    a model using the long weighted bar across her back shoulders

    10. A trendy at-home The Mirror workout that'll probably become your fave purchase of 2021 thanks to its ability to bring interactive classes into your house without also adding a clunky piece of equipment.

    a model using the mirror to stretch

    11. A splurge-worthy rowing machine for anyone who ended their gym membership but still wants to workout like Kate Middleton in her college days and provide their mind and body with a much-needed stress release.

    a model on the rowing machine

    12. A thick yoga mat, so you'll be as comfortable as possible when you get down for a set of sit-ups or to stretch.

    13. A Bosu Balance Trainer that comes with a workout DVD to provide some guidance in case you're used to attending workout classes at the actual gym.

    14. An at-home YouTube workout by Emkfit you'll need zero equipment for — great for helping you sweat away your anxiety in the comfort of your own home. Emily's many workouts feature fun themes that might actually get you excited about exercising.

    a grid of different themed workouts from emkfit

    15. A set of exercise sliders, so instead of sliding into someone's DMs you can focus on YOU and your fitness goals.

    16. An easy-to-use ab roller that'll work on any surface, so you'll have ZERO excuses not to give it a try.

    the tire wheel with two handles attached

    17. Exercise cards, so your workout will always already be laid out and waiting for you. Procrastination? I don't know her.

    the exercise cards depicting different exercises

    18. And yoga dice so you'll never have to *bend over backwards* trying to put together a workout routine you actually enjoy.

    wooden blocks with yoga poses on them

    19. A Pilates ring you can use to literally twist 'n' shout your way to a stronger core and biceps at the same time.

    Three models each squeeze a black Pilates ring while attending a class

    20. A punching bag set that'll help you cope with some stress (it's been that kind of...year and a half) while getting a great workout in at the same time.

    21. The Ring Fit Adventure game that'll combine the fun of exploring a fantasy world and battling enemies with an action-packed workout.

    22. A pair of leggings from Girlfriend Collective you'll find to be soft, stretchy, and supportive, making you want to slip into 'em for your morning workout.

    23. A set of kettlebells that'll have you singing "Burnin' Up" by the Jonas Brothers after one swing.

    three kettle bells with different colors to indicate different weights on each

    24. An exercise ball, so you can work on your balancing act in between episodes of 90 Day Fiancé.

    25. Or an exercise ball/chair combination that'll let you ~have a ball~ while getting some work done. Win-win!

    26. An upper-body workout bar, so you can easily recreate that scene from 50 Cent's "In Da Club" video where he does all of those pull-ups.

    27. A Series 6 Apple Watch that'll motivate you to exercise and burn a particular amount of calories each day (if that's aligned with your goals), but make it ~fashun~.

    28. A 12-inch foam roller you'll surprisingly get a lot of use of even if you aren't a gym rat. It's perfect for loosening the muscles in your back/legs after sitting at a desk all day (or stress-induced tension).

    29. An at-home exercise station that'll officially cancel out any interest you had for getting a gym membership.

    a model using the full body machine

    30. A subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited, because what's a workout without a sick playlist to pump you up?

    amazon music unlimited ad

    31. An indoor climber that'll take your fitness routine to *new heights* without having to leave the comfort of your home. Win!

    32. A pair of wireless headphones, so you can get ~in the zone~ without tripping over any pesky wires.

    33. A set of push-up handles that'll help you perfect your form before taking your talents back to an actual gym.

    34. An Echelon Smart Bike to make you feel like you're in the midst of an intense workout class without the added pressure of *actually* being around people.

    35. A gallon water bottle with motivational time markers to encourage you to stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout.

    36. A training stand you can use to transform your regular bike into a stationary one now that you're likely not heading into the gym for spin class.

    a regular outdoor bike in a training stand

    37. A pair of weighted bangles, so you can feel freakin' fabulous as you accessorize your next workout.

    38. A compact, foldable treadmill for anyone who actually enjoys running (I envy you) and would prefer not to freeze their butt off running outdoors in the winter.

    39. A desk exercise bike, a must-have for anyone looking to multitask during their work day. Think of how much more energy you'll have for your next meeting after pedaling away for a bit!?

    Model sits on black exercise bike with a desk on top

    40. An Obé Fitness membership that'll provide you with a plethora of at-home workouts to ensure you have more than enough ways to break a sweat while having some fun — from barre, cardio boxing, HIIT, sculpt, yoga, and many more you'll never be bored!

    Screenshot of Obé Fitness' on-demand library with different on-demand express classes

    41. A squat machine to help you target the three main muscles in your butt. "Bootylicious" is about to become your theme song.

    42. And a stretching poster to remind you to streeeeetch out all your limbs after the intense at-home workout you just finished.

    a model stretching next to the poster of stretch ideas


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