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    33 Gifts That You Could Buy For Your Friend With A Summer Birthday

    Summer babies — rejoice! These gifts are ALL yours.

    1. Sunglasses with built-in Bose speakers, a must-have for any summer baby who prefers to spend their birthday at the beach.

    2. A trendy wicker crossbody bag that screams "summertime!" and will be the perfect accessory for your pal's birthday celebrations.

    3. An inflatable lounge chair your BFF can bring with them to the beach, on a picnic, or to lay in their own yard.

    4. A sequin throw pillow cover featuring Jeff Goldblum, because if your friend doesn't swoon over the most suave man on the planet, they probably don't deserve your friendship.

    5. A card game themed around the iconic Real Housewives franchise your Bravo-obsessed buddy will be begging you to play with them for the rest of the summer.

    6. A set of motivational pens that'll make them smile when they reach for one at the start of their work day. Let's face it — it's hard to stay motivated during the summer!

    7. Or a portable blender for your pal who prefers to start their day off right with a homemade green juice.

    8. A wristlet starring a sequin palm tree in case your friend's style is more beach bum than flower child.

    9. A One Line A Day journal your BFF will love because they can chronicle their life without feeling pressured to spend an hour writing each night.

    10. A 24K gold eye treatment to make your friend feel fancier and more relaxed than ever. It's designed to hydrate skin and increase blood circulation — perfect after being out in the burning sun.

    11. A chic handbag with a heartwarming backstory that'll show your pal you really put thought into their birthday gift this year.

    12. A floating beer pong table, so your friend will never have to choose between swimming or playing drinking games again (especially on their day of birth).

    13. Or an avocado pool float to give your squad's overpriced brunch birthday plans a run for its money — AND the pit doubles as a beach ball!

    14. A seashell anklet, an excellent gift for your friend who has both a summer birthday and an obsession with The Little Mermaid.

    15. Waterproof playing cards, so you and your squad can get a fierce game of poker going (just maybe don't strip unless you're spending the day at a nude beach).

    16. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite that'll let your bookworm buddy getting lost in a steamy romance novel without the entire beach noticing.

    17. A personalized hair clip, so your friend can create a trendy, bedazzled look even when they're running late and only have time to run a brush through their wild mane.

    18. A bikini trimmed with playful tassels that'll ~make a splash~ when your friend wears it to her birthday pool party.

    19. The Secret Language of Birthdays book, a must-have for your astrology-obsessed bestie who would love nothing more than to dissect you (and all your other friends) using this gift.

    20. A customized Starbucks cup that'll pay tribute to your buddy's love of Disney and caffeine. Name a better gift... I'll wait.

    21. And colorful reusable metal straws, so they can sip guilt-free on their favorite beverage without fear of harming the planet.

    22. Or a mini waving inflatable tube man that'll make them want to throw their hands up in the air and yell "WOOHOO!" Your buddy is gonna LOVE it!

    23. Deathly Hallow slides from Vans any Potterhead would appreciate receiving for their birthday. You'll find them shouting "accio shoes!" before leaving the house from this day forward.

    24. A portable Yeti cooler that can hold up to six cans plus ice, perfect for your pal who loves to pack up the car and go on summer road trips.

    25. Spikeball, an easy-to-transport game that is kinda like volleyball and will have your athletic friend grinning from ear-to-ear.

    26. A Lion King mini backpack they can use to smuggle snacks into the movie theater while going to see Beyoncé voice Nala.

    27. Or an oversized bag with a fun print on it your pal can tote to the beach during the summer and use for the gym in the winter.

    28. Stylish sunglasses they'll love so much they'll consider wearing them even on cloudy days.

    29. An inflatable foot spa that'll leave your friend feeling SO pampered without having to leave the house — talk about a REAL gift.

    30. A Queen Elizabeth II Funko Pop, in case your friend is truly convinced they were separated at birth from Will and Harry and want to pay tribute to Gam-Gam.

    31. A tropical set of pins that'll bring warmth to your friend's wardrobe and remind them of their birthday month even in the midst of winter.

    32. An underwater camera so your friend can document every moment of their extravagant summer birthday celebration.

    33. And a splurge-worthy Mickey watch that's so beautiful it may just bring your BFF to actual tears.

    The face of someone who knows they just bought the PERFECT birthday gift:

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