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    53 Of The Best Gifts To Buy On Amazon This Cyber Monday

    You can leave all of your holiday shopping stress behind and order all the gifts you need from one place — easy peasy.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Cyber Week, the day when almost every store has deals (more than you could ever conceivably look through in an ENTIRE LIFETIME), is here.

    We're wading through mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category.

    FYI — deals can move quickly. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Cyber Week to see our latest updates as the deals change!

    1. A Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker for 25% off – it's complete with a small strap so they can pin him onto their backpack and take him wherever they go 😭.

    2. An inflatable mini pool for 73% off that'll provide hours of fun for little ones when it's warm outside. It's easy to set up and fits up to two adults and three to five kiddos at a time.

    model and small child playing with colorful toys in kiddie pool

    3. A Shark Robot Vacuum (at 50% off!) that'll be a big help if they need to clean up debris from their floors. Instead of grabbing a broom, they can watch this little gadget suck up crumbs and pet hair while they lounge on the couch.

    black robot Shark vacuum sweeps up pet fur from carpet

    4. A remarkable cleaning pen for 29% off to help your jewelry-obsessed pal keep their gems sparkling.

    5. A scratch paper art set for 64% off that'll take anyone right back to their elementary school days but also provide a fun way to keep them entertained.

    6. 33% off a durable digital camera, because kids are definitely bored of being the one in front of the camera all the time. This will let them switch places with you for once and snap some cool pics of you instead.

    7. 21% off a memory foam seat cushion to ensure they're comfortable and supported from top to bottom — literally.

    the rounded cushion on a chair

    8. The Echo Auto (at 70% off!) for bringing Alexa *to their car* to jam out to their favorite tunes, check the news, add things to their to-do or shopping list, make calls, and more.

    People in a car saying "Alexa, start my Road Trip playlist"

    9. A karaoke machine (up to 33% off!) so they can turn their living room into a mini music venue and sing their favorite songs on repeat.

    kids play with white karaoke machine that comes with microphone and LED disco lights

    10. An 8-quart, 11-in-1 Instant Pot that AIR FRIES – which means it's basically amassed so much kitchen power that all their other appliances will cower (as well they should!!). This cooking MVP is 40% off and also pressure cooks, sautés, steams, slow cooks, sous vides, warms, roasts, bakes, broils, *and* dehydrates with minimal effort, since the settings are right there on the control panel.

    Silver and black instant pot with control panel next to a cooked chicken

    11. An *extremely* giftable Game of Thrones Catan game for 26% off – it's a great choice for anyone who wants a twist on the regular version that stays delightfully faithful to GoT lore.

    Game of Thrones Catan game

    12. A 23andMe test for 50% off, so they can learn a little bit more about themselves, whether they're the person who thinks they know everything there is to know about their family history *or* they're the person who knows basically nothing about about their fam's past.

    23&me test

    13. A dog DNA kit for anyone who's always wanted to know exactly what kind of dog their beloved rescue mutt is (and it's 33% off).

    Diagram showing breakdown of dog's genetic makeup

    14. A compact folding yoga mat for up to 48% off that reviewers love not only because it's comfy and reliable, but it's RIDICULOUSLY easy to shove into a backpack when on the move.

    Reviewer doing yoga on a black mat in their home

    15. An Amazon Echo Dot for 40% off (the newest one with majorly upgraded speakers!!) with voice-control technology so they can tell Alexa to play music, send messages, tell them the news or weather, control smart devices, make purchases...and so much more. Speak, and it shall be so.

    The black dot

    16. A rotating, heated back and neck massager for 20% off – it's great for the person in your life who just needs to ~unwind~ a little, whether it's from tension from working at a desk or sore muscles from going hard on hikes.

    A reviewer holding the massager, which has three rotating heated balls under the fabric on both sides

    17. Or the Fire TV Stick ~Lite~, Amazon's most affordable streaming option, especially if they don't have an 4K TV — this one is PERFECT for projectors (and it's 40% off)!

    The stick with remote (without TV controls)

    18. A Fitbit Luxe fitness and wellness tracker (up to 33% off) for the athletic-type in your life. It'll track their steps and heart rate, *and* if they connect the tracker to an app on your phone, it'll also track real-time pace and distance.

    person wearing a fitbit luxe with a white band on their wrist

    19. A Vera Bradley duffle bag so roomy and perfect for weekend trips. It has a spacious interior and three mesh pockets for electronics, jewelry, and toiletries. Plus, it's up to 50% off, making it a great present for anyone on your list!

    model carries large Vera Bradley tote with colorful butterfly pattern

    20. A talking microscope for up to 33% off for junior scientists who are curious about the little creatures we share the world with. It come with slides that they can place under the microscope, then the microscope will tell them a fact about that insect.

    A child looking into the microscope

    21. A Fire HD kids tablet for 40% off if you don't want to worry about what your little one is up to. It's designed for kids ages 3 to 7 and comes with a year-long Amazon Kids+ subscription, which gives the family access to thousands of books, games, videos, and more.

    A child watching Sesame Street on the tablet

    22. A super pretty watch and bracelet set for treating yourself or your loved ones to some new accessories that look great when worn together, but can be worn as separate pieces, too! *And* it's 52% off!

    The watch and bracelet set

    23. A soil-free AeroGarden Harvest for up to 40% off so they always have access to fresh herbs picked straight from...their countertop. This hydroponic system removes most of the mess and stress of traditional gardening, plus it alerts them when it's time to water and feed their plants.

    The AeroGarden in white

    24. A compact, wireless phone sanitizer for 40% off – they can use it to instantly clean any number of small objects, like keys, face masks, and headphones — ten minutes in this bb will kill 99% of the bacteria on their surfaces.

    A small white rectangular sanitizer with its lid open showing a phone resting inside

    25. A Nespresso Vertuo and Aeroccino bundle (it's 21% off) for making their morning cup of caffeine so much more luxurious. Whether they're craving coffee, espresso, or pour-over, this little machine delivers delicious perfection each time. Plus the included milk frother adds a cafe feel to their homemade latte.

    The Nespresso machine, Aeroccino milk frother, and Nespresso pods

    26. An Echo Show (at 45% off) for all the skills they love from Alexa (playing music, hearing the news and weather, controlling smart devices!) PLUS a screen so they can watch TV, movies, and the news and even make video calls.

    The Echo show with rectangular screen showing a calendar event and a photo

    27. A set of two blue-light-blocking glasses (up to 47% off!) to help defend their eyeballs against the strain of spending most of their time in front of a screen.

    A reviewer sitting on a couch with their laptop in their lap, wearing the blue light glasses

    28. A pair of wireless waterproof earbuds for 38% off boasting over 28,000 5-star reviews from people who can't believe the impressive sound quality of these budget-friendly buds.

    29. A Super Mario Lego set for 20% off with a Super Mario figure that'll actually blink and make noise as they play with it.

    Two children playing with the Super Mario Lego set

    30. Up to 50% off DVD and Blu-ray collections of beloved shows and franchises so you can relive the need for speed from the crew of Fast & Furious or catch up on the OG Cowboy Bebop before binging the live action version on Netflix.

    31. A pair of Ray-Ban aviators (or round frames if that's more their style) for 30% off because they're a classic silhouette that suits any outfit.

    32. A pocket-sized Tile Mate for 40% off so they'll never lose anything to a couch cushion again — they can easily attach it to their keys, purse, or even their pet and easily find them when they're lost.

    A white square Tile Mate attached to a key ring

    33. A compact light therapy lamp for 25% off that thousands of reviewers swear by — this UV-free bb is smaller than other models, making it easier to use on a desktop for longer sessions on days when they're too busy to get away from the computer during prime daylight hours.

    Model sitting on yoga mat next to small light therapy lamp

    34. A Breville sous vide for 20% off that'll turn their kitchen into a 5-star restaurant because they'll be able to cook their food to perfection.

    The white cylindar-shaped sous vide in a pot of water

    35. A Samsung frame TV for 20% off specifically designed to look like it's an actual piece of art when it's not in use so they don't have a black rectangle eyesore in the middle of the wall. Plus, it has 4K ultra HD, works with Alexa, and has amazing picture and sound quality.

    reviewer image of the rectangle TV hanging from the wall with the screen a piece of art

    36. The Foreo Luna Mini 2 – an amazing face-cleaning brush that vibrates to remove makeup, dirt, and oil, so they'll have amazing skin in as little as 60 seconds. Plus, it's 30% off!

    (left) BuzzFeed editor Maitland Quitmeyer with the Foreo on her face with the words "Makeup, dead skin cells, excess oil, grim, etc. All gone in 60 seconds" (right) Closeup of the hot pink brush, showing what the silicone brush looks like

    37. A sleek Samsung tablet for 25% off with an 8.7-inch screen that's bigger than their phone but smaller for their perfect for catching up on some reading.

    38. A pair of Sony wireless noise-canceling overhead headphones for 29% off that are fully equipped with an impressive 30-hour battery life, touch sensor controls, the capability of being paired to two devices, and more.

    39. A gorgeous Swarovski pendant necklace for 30% off plated with rhodium and sparkling crystals to add an elegant and timeless touch to any outfit they pair it with.

    40. A Christmas-themed coloring book they can use to peacefully unwind (for 42% off!) while listening to their holiday favorites — no screens needed for this brand of fun!

    a reviewer's coloring page of colored in holiday items

    41. 27% off a carbonated bubble clay mask that starts to bubble once it's applied — get one for you and each of your roomies and prepare for a fun night of selfies (all the while banishing your blackheads).

    42. A bundle from Haus Laboratories for an incredible 60% off, a sure to be appreciated gift for any beauty fiend who also worships Lady Gaga.

    43. 40% off a Wreck This Journal can encourage them to get more in touch with their artistic side, great if you've they've been intimidated by trying to fill out the blank pages of boring old regular journals. This journal may not start out as a personalized item, but it'll certainly be one when they're done with it.

    44. A gift assortment of Popbar hot chocolate sticks for 20% off to upgrade their fave winter beverage from a standard powder hot chocolate mix to one you'd see the main character sipping on under twinkle lights in a Hallmark movie.

    the Popbar hot chocolate sticks

    45. 34% off sleek mirrored digital alarm clock with USB ports to charge their devices and ensure they have *no reason whatsoever* to be late again.

    the alarm clock on a reviewer's nightstand

    46. The Book with No Pictures by The Office's own B.J. Novak that'll leave you and your mini-me giggling past their bedtime. You'll delight in the fact it's 52% off.

    the book with no pictures's cover

    47. 29% off a Nightmare Before Christmas mini cross-stitch kit for your crafty friend who would love nothing more than to *live like Jack and Sally*.

    the cross stitch set

    48. An inexpensive cold brew maker for 20% off to let them make as much cold brew as they want (AKA... A LOT.)

    49. 50% off the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook for the resident "potterhead" in your family or friend group. If you're lucky, they'll let you reap the benefits of this gift by letting you try some of their cauldron cakes or pumpkin juice.

    Cover of the unofficial harry potter cookbook

    50. And 45% off The Unofficial Disney Parks Cookbook, a drool-worthy cookbook with darling photographs of Disney treat dupes for your favorite Disney adult. Being able to snack on a dole whip from the comfort of their kitchen? That's magic.

    51. A round and holographic jigsaw puzzle you can score for 20% off — perfect for your mom who has been working on puzzles since *before* it was considered the coolest activity around.