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    26 Wonderful Gifts From Free People For Everyone On Your List

    Snuggly scarves, scented candles, and amazing accessories galore!

    Have you been stressing about where and when to do your holiday shopping this year? Take a deep breath — and head to Free People where you can find something for EVERYONE on your list.

    Here are some fantastic items you can snag right now:

    1. A pair of knit mittens so your friend can be cozy but make it ~fashun~.

    2. This dazzling slip dress that will make for the perfect New Year's Eve look.

    3. A crystal ~healing box~ to bring your loved one good vibes.

    4. This tote bag, which is ideal for the person whose handbag is usually overflowing with items and breaking their shoulder.

    5. A splurgeworthy pair of slouchy cashmere socks that will keep your buddy's toes nice and warm all winter long.

    6. This hydrating face mask to make the recipient feel luxurious while protecting their skin from the winter winds.

    7. A faux fur coat that is as trendy as it is comfortable.

    8. This pair of penny loafers for your stylish friend who has everything.

    9. A ribbed scarf that's ultra cozy and includes a touch of fringe to take their winter looks to the next level.

    10. This fancy iPhone charger for the person in your life who is forever losing theirs — because you can't put a price on an always-juiced phone.

    11. A velvet hair scrunchie to transport your BFF back to the '80s.

    12. This hoop earring set that will accessorize any look beautifully.

    13. A crystal water bottle your yogi friend will love for their workout sessions.

    14. These fun Vans high-top sneakers that will go nicely with any of your friends' wardrobes.

    15. A pair of sunnies for your sun-loving bestie who is constantly daydreaming about their next vacation.

    16. This book that will enchant veggie lovers, gardeners, and chefs alike.

    17. A Billy Joel T-shirt for your friend who is always in a "New York state of mind."

    18. This delightful candle...because there isn't a single person who doesn't like receiving one as a present.

    19. A pretty tie-dye pullover that can be worn around the house, for weekend wear, to the gym, or whenever.

    20. This glass French press for your caffeine-loving work wife who won't touch the office coffee but wants to stop spending all their money on fancy caffeinated drinks.

    21. A zodiac tee that anyone who is obsessed with astrology will wear proudly.

    22. This pom beanie to keep those nearest and dearest to you feeling snug as a bug this winter.

    23. A facial roller for the person on your list who is obsessed with beauty products and skincare.

    24. This delicate tiered stone necklace that takes all the effort out of creating a layered look.

    25. A pullover sweater to please even the pickiest of people.

    26. And a Free People gift card, in case all else fails.

    Cheers to only having to shop on one website for all your friends and family!

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