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    22 Items Any Lazy Chef Would Want In Their Kitchen

    Because apparently you can't live off of pizza forever (or so I've been told).

    Is there someone in your life who lives for nice meals but would rather heat up leftovers than take the time to make their own dinner? You can be the one to change that!

    1. A Cuisinart Griddler, so any wannabe chef can make mouthwatering burgers without having to leave the house.

    2. A cookie dough scoop that will be life-changing for the person in your family who always wants freshly baked cookies but usually resorts to pre-made tubes of dough.

    3. A handheld grater, so your friend can painlessly shred cheese, chocolate, or whatever else their heart desires with minimal effort.

    4. An electric knife that will have any chef slicing through, well, anything in record timing.

    5. A set of silicone baking mats to save any baker tons of dollars in parchment paper purchases and time spent cleaning pans.

    6. A colorful measuring cup and spoon set, so your sibling who loves to cook can finally stop asking, "Should I have put this much flour in?" and actually measure precise amounts, saving time overall.

    7. A 13-piece super slicer that will change the way any chef meal-preps forever.

    8. A 19-piece kitchen utensil set, so your lazy friend can stop complaining that's they're missing the tools for that recipe they've been dying to try out.

    9. An apple corer that will assist any chef in flawlessly dividing their fruit into eight pieces without utilizing ANY knife skills.

    10. A box of cinnamon swirl crumb cake and muffin mix for the extremely lazy baker who is still craving a "homemade" dessert.

    11. A 4-in-1 chopper that can slice, dice, and chop with just one motion — essential for anyone who's tired of cleaning cutting boards after meal-prepping.

    12. A pineapple corer for the lucky person in your life who likes piña coladas and getting caught in the rain (but hates how long it takes to cut up fruit).

    13. A Veggetti Pro that will transform an average dinner into a fancy one with just the turn of a handle.

    14. An electric bottle opener, so your loved one can easily open their wine without taking their eyes off the stove.

    15. A 24-piece set of Pyrex storage containers that will guarantee your buddy will have more than enough ways to save the leftovers of the fantastic meal they just made.

    16. An avocado slicer and pitter, so the chef of your friend group can quickly get the guac ready without missing a minute of the big game.

    17. A Crock-Pot that will literally do all the cooking for you and your roomies without any of you having to lift a finger (basically).

    18. An electric tea kettle so the super-impatient host in your family can serve tea so fast even Queen Elizabeth II would approve.

    19. This electric potato peeler to help any cook transform spuds into mashed potatoes at record speed.

    20. An oil-less fryer that is all the rage right now, perfect for a lazy chef who wants to cook healthier meals faster.

    21. A NutriBullet, so your overambitious (but lazy) BFF can at least prepare fresh smoothies for both of you in the morning.

    22. And a microwave that will step up to the plate when your significant other inevitably exclaims they are simply too tired to make dinner.

    Your lucky giftees, realizing cooking actually isn't THAT hard, after all:

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