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    60 Gadgets You'll Probably Want To Try In 2022

    Might as well join the Jonas Brothers in the year 3000 after treating yourself to these gadgets and gizmos.

    1. A rechargeable lighter, so you can light every candle in your house to create the *perfect* ambiance without concern you'll run out of lighter fluid.

    2. A wireless charger that'll open up to reveal an array of cords to ensure you'll be able to charge any device anywhere at anytime. Welcome to the future, my friends.

    the inside of the card with different wires and adaptors

    3. A mug warmer, because every day is a little bit brighter when it includes a hot cup of coffee rather than a lukewarm one — especially when it's below 30 degrees outdoors.

    4. An external battery charger that'll save you when you inevitably leave the house before charging your phone...again.

    5. A John Frieda hot brush for anyone who looooves to get pampered with a blow out but can't actually afford to get one every week.

    a side by side of a buzzfeed editor and a reviewer with nice wavy hair

    6. Or a Revlon one-step hair-drying paddle brush designed to dry, detanlge, and smooth tighter curls and coils (including curl types 4a–c).

    reviewer photo of them with half of their hair blown out to show the difference
    reviewer photo of them smiling and holding the paddle brush up to their face

    It has two heat settings, plus a cool setting so you can customize it to your hair type.

    Promising review: "I was happily surprised with this styling blow-dryer. With my hair being of 4c texture, I didn’t think this blow-dryer would actually give me a good blow out, but it did! I have very tight coils, but with a little bit of Shea butter to protect my hair and a few strokes, my hair was straightened. I parted my hair into four places and then divided those parts into three and blew out each section to get the result. The sections of hair you blow dry do not have to be thin sections to get this result. It only took me about 20 minutes to finish, which is relatively quick for me. The blow-dryer does have a cool setting and then high and low hot settings. Be careful because this blow dryer does make you hair hot. I will be recommending this to my friends for sure." –luckuche

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in two colors).

    7. A lightsaber umbrella that'll turn you into a jedi every time the skies open up.

    8. A mini Fujifilm Instax camera so you can capture memories in a fun and nostalgic way (that doesn't involve the seemingly impossible action of focusing a smartphone camera).

    Promising review: "Loved the picture quality and ease of use. I'm not a photographer but together with my siblings, I was able to capture special moments on our family vacation and wedding in South Africa. SO HAPPY I MADE THE DECISION SO BUY ONE OF THESE! Excited to use it even more!" –Corban Lundborg

    Get it from Amazon for $69.95 (available in five colors and in different bundles).

    9. A PhoneSoap UV sanitizer you can toss your phone into for a quick 10 minutes after you get home to get rid of the grime that's surely lurking around.

    10. A charging dock to keep your area free of pesky wires and add an extra element of style to any room.

    a circular charging station with a floral print on it

    11. A heated massager pillow anyone will be happy to have after a no good very bad day.

    12. A Google Nest you'll love because you can use it to listen to music (kitchen dance party!?), adjust the lights in your home, pause your TV, and ask it questions as if you have a personal assistant.

    the google nest speaker in blue

    13. A gaming keyboard that features a rainbow backlight and that'll make anyone say, "Ooooh!"

    14. An air fryer (from the makers of the INSTANT POT!!), perfect for anyone who hasn't always been a big fan of leftovers but wants to make the most of all their delicious homemade meals. Best of all? You can crisp up your fave foods without all that oil.

    15. A Kindle Paperwhite — a must-have for any bookworm who prefers to kill time by reading rather than scrolling through nonsense on Instagram.

    16. A Samsung TV that'll disguise itself as an elegant picture frame when its not in use. A magical marvel in home decor and technology if you ask me.

    17. A FOREO LUNA mini 2 facial cleansing brush for every skin type — an excellent treat for anyone who is always on the hunt for the next addition to their skincare routine (ahem, YOU).

    18. An electric toothbrush with a subscription-based brush head refill, so you'll never have to remember to buy another toothbrush or brush head again. Now THAT is something to smile about.

    19. A splurge-worthy rowing machine for anyone who ended their gym membership this year but still wants to workout like Kate Middleton in her college days.

    a model on the rowing machine

    20. A 32-inch 144Hz PC gaming monitor that'll make your Fortnite gameplay look smoother than ever — because that's what's most important in life right now, OK?

    The curved gaming monitor

    21. A set of LED light saber chopsticks you'll probably misplace in your utensil drawer but then have the opportunity to exclaim "THESE are the ones I've been looking for!" once you've finally find them.

    22. A wireless gaming mouse that'll give you such an advantage on your opponents you'll be shouting, "TAKE THAT, SUCKAAAS" in your sleep.

    the black mouse with a rainbow led light on the side

    23. A mini tower with 10 outlets that'll act as a battery backup so (God forbid!) the power goes out, you won't lose all the progress you made building your dream home on The Sims.

    The tower with the outlets showing

    24. A Theragun mini, ideal if stress and your work outs wear your body out and you'd likely benefit from an at-home solution to soothe your tired muscles.

    a model holding the handheld theragun tool

    25. HyperX's Cloud II gaming headset, so you can continue to defend your honor while playing Among Us with your friends, who *always* say you're acting sus (and for good reason because, jokes on them, you actually ARE the imposter).

    26. A sound machine/night light for the parent who is desperate for some decent sleep sometime this decade — they need ALL the support they can get.

    the sound machine / light

    27. A splurge-worthy Dyson vacuum to help you attempt to tackle the never-ending influx of hair, fuzz, and dust that threatens to take over every crevice of your home.

    28. A Cricut Joy for anyone who loves making everyone in the family feel special with homemade cards — this gadget will take your skills to the next level!

    a small blue cricut joy machine

    29. Solar-powered LED garden lights that'll change colors and create the illusion of rising bubbles that'll make your yard feel like an escape to Alice's Wonderland.

    Solar powered lights in different colors lighting up a pathway

    30. A mini projector you can set up in your yard for the ultimate movie night your kids will never forget — good luck convincing them to watch anything other than Frozen.

    31. A Furbo treat camera that'll let you remind your pup what a good boy they are no matter where you are in the world.

    32. An all-in-one vacuum and mop that'll leave your entire home fresh 'n' clean with you having to hit pause *or* your roomie having to lift a finger — a gesture you'll both appreciate.

    the vacuum/mop

    33. A selfie ring light for flattering photos you can ~click, click, click, and post~ like Ariana Grande on Instagram.