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    30 Gadgets For Your Living Room You Probably Didn't Realize You Needed In Your Life Until Now

    There's an electric fireplace in here you're gonna want to cozy-up to this fall.

    1. A portable karaoke microphone to transform any gathering into a party from the moment you connect it to the app of your choosing. Ahem, that's just me clearing my throat to treat you all to my rendition of Aladdin's "A Whole New World."

    2. An ultra thin electrical cover so you can finally enjoy full access to the outlet behind your dresser — plug this bad boy in and *poof* you'll have not one, not two, but SIX new outlets at your disposal.

    3. A Samsung TV that'll disguise itself as an elegant picture frame when it's not in use. A magical marvel in home decor and technology if you ask me.

    A BuzzFeed editor's TV hung alongside art

    4. An air purifier, a must-have for any pet owners who spend all of their time snuggling up with their furry friend. This lil' gadget will capture unwanted pet dander, pollen, dust, and more.

    a reviewer's circular air purifier

    5. A backlighting kit, perfect for anyone who hates the glare their overhead lights create on their TV screen. These will add some mood lighting without ruining your movie-watching experience.

    6. A wireless remote kit that'll make turning on holiday lights (or honestly, any lights!) a snap — no fumbling with a bunch of light strands every evening to make your Clark Griswold vision a reality. This gadget is a homeowner's dream come true.

    a model holding the remote

    7. A universal remote attachment, because no one wants to fumble with three different remotes trying to figure out which one will turn on the TV.

    An attachment on an Amazon Fire Stick remote

    8. A Google Nest Mini you'll love because you can use it to listen to music (living room dance party!?), adjust the lights in your home, pause your TV, and ask silly questions.

    a circular google nest mini

    9. A curtain of twinkle lights to make you feel like you're hanging out inside a magical fairyland. Who wouldn't want that?

    a reviewer's living room with twinkle lights hanging down the windows

    10. A sofa arm table that'll be your saving grace if you have a relative who is forever complaining the coffee table is *waaaaay* too far from the couch.

    the hexagon-shaped table attached to the couch arm

    11. An electric fireplace to create the ultimate cozy experience right inside your very own living room.

    12. A turntable that'll help bring music into your living room in an old school (but now super trendy) way while also adding in a conversational piece of decor.

    13. A wireless library light you can position over your collection of vintage books to bring Beauty and the Beast library vibes to your home. I can't think of anything more magical than that, TBH.

    14. A rechargeable lighter to light every candle in your house to create the *perfect* ambience without concern you'll run out of lighter fluid.

    15. A candle featuring a minimalist design made by Cadence Candle Co., complete with a complementary curated playlist (scan the QR code on the packaging!) that'll really take your me-time to the next level.

    a white candle that says better days on it next to a pale blue box

    16. An all-in-one vacuum and mop that'll leave your entire home fresh 'n' clean without you having to lift a finger.

    the vacuum/mop

    17. A Nest thermostat, which will learn your schedule and the temperatures you prefer. It'll shift into Eco Temperature mode when you leave to conserve energy. It's the convenience of it all for me.

    The circular Nest on a wall

    18. A six-port USB charging station that'll make sure your gadgets are always juiced up and ready to go. No more fighting over the one available outlet to charge your phone.

    19. And a charging dock to keep your area free of pesky wires and add an extra element of style to any room.

    a pink floral rounded charging dock

    20. An essential oil diffuser that'll make your home smell like the soothing yoga studio you vowed to go to once a week but never found the time to return to because life always seems to get in the way. Deeeeep breaths.

    21. A Furbo treat camera that'll let you remind your pup what a good boy they are no matter where you are in the world.

    22. A splurge-worthy Dyson vacuum to help you attempt to tackle the never-ending influx of hair, fuzz, and dust that threatens to take over every crevice of your home.

    23. A mug warmer that'll find a home on your end table so you can continue to sip on hot tea even if you completely forgot about it while getting a bit *too* invested in the bread week episode of The Great British Baking Show.

    24. An Amazon Fire TV Stick so whether you want to watch old seasons of Keeping Up with The Kardashians or Only Murders in the Building, you won't have to leave your couch.

    the amazon firestick with an array of shows below it

    25. A zippered sleeve to keep all of those pesky wires and plugs under control and out of your way so when you finally get around to hanging your fabulous new TV on the wall it won't look like a hot mess.

    a before and after photo showing the cords neatly stowed away

    26. A double extension cord so you can run an endless amount of power throughout your home without trying to track down another outlet.

    the extension cord

    27. A Vizio sound bar set with Bluetooth built in, so you can crank up the volume to feel like you're really inside the Millennium Falcon while re-watching Star Wars for the zillionth time.

    28. A critter catcher you can use to safely trap and remove any unwanted creature that wanders into your home. Added bonus? You MIGHT stop screaming bloody murder and running for higher ground when you see a spider.

    29. An LED shelf floor lamp to display your favorite odds 'n' ends while also bringing some much-needed light into the comfy cave that is your living room.

    the lamp next to a couch

    30. And a tabletop fountain that'll transform your living room into the soothing, zen haven you always hoped it could be.

    the three-tiered fountain with stones in it

    Explaining to my credit card bill why I just bought another gadget like:

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