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    There’s A Good Chance You’ll Find Your New Favorite Product In This Post

    The newest Nintendo Switch, a stuffed waffle maker, and Disney coffee you won't be able to resist giving a try.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A combination of Earl Grey and Lady Grey teas filled with flavors of lavender, vanilla, and bergamot. It's also caffeinated, perfect for mixing up your morning routine without feeling sluggish.

    a bag of simple loose leaf blue lady grey tea

    2. Exercise cards, so your workout will always already be laid out and waiting for you — you can even do it outside! Procrastination? I don't know her.

    the exercise cards depicting different exercises

    3. A carbonated bubble clay mask that starts to bubble once it's applied — get one for you and each of your roomies and prepare for a fun night filled with stress-evaporating giggles (all the while banishing your blackheads).

    4. A mystical colorant to transform your fireplace into one seemingly filled with magic and dancing colors — who wouldn't want that?

    5. Prismatic window film you can easily stick on any glass surface for some added privacy and a cascade of rainbows. Alexa? Play "Rainbow" by Kacey Musgraves.

    6. Spiritfarer, a cozy game in which you'll play as Stella (a ferrymaster to the deceased) and learn to mine, farm, fish, harvest, cook, and craft while sailing the seas.

    the spiritfarer screen

    7. A waterproof, stain-resistant faux-marble granite adhesive that'll give your old desk an entirely new life or upgrade your ratty bathroom counters into ones you'd admire on Pinterest.

    Faux white and granite covering a white desk

    8. Whimsical coasters that'll join together to form a cactus when they're not being used — who doesn't love a multipurpose piece of decor?

    coasters that look like a cactus in a pot

    9. Silicone egg poachers you can count on to leave you with a picture-perfect poached egg (say that 10x fast) every time you use it. No more overpriced brunches will be necessary!

    10. Colored stockings that might make you want to ~show a lil' more leg~ even if you're headed to a family affair. Sorry, Grandma.

    11. An adjustable storage rack to provide your muffin tins, baking sheets, cutting boards, and more with a proper home.

    the organizer with a variety of sheet pans and other tools fitted nicely into it

    12. An adjustable stepping machine, complete with resistance bands and a compact design you can use to get your cardio in even if you're working overtime from home.

    Reviewer steps on mini black stepping machine with white, gray, and pink sneakers

    13. Allbirds joggers you'll want to tell the whole world about because they are truly softer than soft. Starring a slim fit and made from organic Peruvian pima cotton, hemp, and Tencel Lyocell, these will quickly become your go-to.

    a model in a blue sweat set

    14. A stuffed waffle maker that'll make all of your brunch dreams come true — fill 'em with cream cheese, strawberries, chicken, or anything else your heart desires!

    a reviewer's stuffed waffle

    15. A quilted fleece pullover, in case you're someone who is always cold and know you'll benefit from having an even warmer option on deck.

    16. A TikTok-famous pick 'n' peel stone to keep your hands busy while you mindlessly watch Netflix — it'll also prevent my fellow anxious minds from peeling or picking at their fingernails and cuticles.

    a stone with blue goo on it and a spray of goo and a tool to pick it off with

    17. A Nintendo Switch OLED with a 7-inch screen, a wide adjustable stand, enhanced audio, and an overall pleasant gaming experience you'll be thrilled to play with all winter.

    the white nintendo oled switch

    18. A macramé photo organizer that'll act as the finishing touch to the boho theme you've got goin' on in your bedroom and provide you with a proper place to showcase all of those embarrassing selfies of you and your friends.

    a macrame photo organizer hanging above a bed

    19. A bag of Mickey Mouse Classic Blend coffee to make you feel like you actually just picked up a cup at the Walt Disney World Resort. Sigh, I miss it so much.

    two bags of coffee with mickey on the packaging

    20. A splurge-worthy Lovesac couch with an entire speaker system built into it to transform your boring old living room into a theater-like experience — but without the chatter of other moviegoers and those gross sticky floors.

    the writer's sister's plush couch

    21. A waffle-knit sweater coat, in case you've ever wondered what it feels like to be a newborn swaddled in the softest lil' blanket. You deserve this.

    model wearing the black knee length cardigan

    22. A hilarious license plate frame for any Swiftie who is patiently waiting for 1989 (Taylor's Version) to arrive on our doorsteps (and by that I mean The Internet).

    a blue glittery license plate frame that says "remember when you hit the brakes too soon?"

    23. An oil mister that'll help you perfectly cover all of your ingredients without getting your hands covered in grease.

    reviewer spraying vegetables with the oil spray

    24. A modern-day retelling of Cinderella in the form of a young adult novel that'll take you through a romantic journey of "Cindy" making her way through a reality dating show. I honestly can't think of anything more fun to read!

    a stack of light blue books with a plus-size version of cinderella and prince charming on it

    25. Pull-on Levi Strauss skinny jeans you honestly will want in every style. Beware: Your roommate is DEFINITELY going to try to steal these from your laundry basket.

    26. Airtight silicone lids you can use to turn any container into one worthy of your leftovers. They'll also be great for keeping dinner warm or acting as a temporary lid for your saucepans.

    27. A DIY organic mushroom-growing kit that'll help you take your beloved veggie omelette to the next level — you may never want to go out for brunch again.

    mushrooms growing out of the mini farm

    28. Drunk Elephant shampoo and conditioner, which features a delightful coconut scent that'll make you feel like you're on a tropical vacation while you're hair soaks up nourishing ingredients. Win-win!

    29. Animal Crossing cookie cutters for when you take a break from pulling weeds on your neglected island and have time to whip up impressively adorable treats. It'll also be *so* satisfying to take a bite out of Tom Nook's face...just sayin'.

    animal crossing character cookies

    30. A layered lock necklace that'll make styling your jewels for the day a cinch — excellent for anyone who is forever running late.

    a model wearing the layered lock necklace

    31. A milk frother to pack a powerful, spinning punch despite looking rather delicate. It'll help transform your hot chocolate into one out of a Hallmark Christmas movie scene. Delish.

    32. Blackout curtains that'll help you get to bed early and catch the recommended amount of ZZZs like any proper adult. Or, feel free to use them to sleep until 2 p.m. on a Saturday — no judgment here.

    33. A Petcube, which is a reliable pet-monitoring camera with a wide angle and night vision. Delightful if you're out and about but still want to keep an eye on your precious pup.

    A small camera mounted to the bottom of a kitchen shelf

    34. A Bambi sweatshirt with characters from the classic film embroidered onto it; that way you can cozy up while watching your favorite Disney classic.

    a model in a sage green oversized sweatshirt with bambi and thumper embroidered on it with florals

    35. Personalized stationery you can carefully craft to make look *just* like you — they'll be a great way to kick off your New Year's resolution of sending snail mail to the people you love most.

    four notepad sets with custom art of women with different hair colors and skin tones

    36. An oversized turtleneck sweater to pair with your favorite jeans for a stylish wintry look that'll never go out of style.

    37. An ironic garlic chopper inspired by Dracula to make you smile and prevent your fingers from smelling like pungent garlic all day.

    38. And a heart-shaped mug you can hold between your hands to warm them up while your steaming tea cools to a nice drinking temperature. Added bonus if you're gazing out the window at freshly falling snow.

    a red mug shaped like a heart

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