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    29 Magical Disney Halloween Costumes For Your Whole Family

    Your Halloween is about to be more magical than ever.

    1. A precious Princess Jasmine costume for your toddler who shows you *a whole new world* every day.

    a toddler in a blue satin jasmine costume

    2. A Descendants 3 costume Dove Cameron herself (who plays Mal) would certainly approve of — just look at that fabulous hair!

    3. A Disney Guest Relations costume or Haunted Mansion Ghost Host costume for any true fans of the parks — it's a simple T-shirt but it'll definitely garner you some compliments for creativity.

    4. A Cinderella ballgown costume you'll likely want to bibbidi bobbidi buy right this second because it's absolutely gorgeous.

    5. A Baby Yoda costume (yes, I know his name is actually Grogu) for, well, your baby! They'll look as adorable shoveling Halloween candy into their moth as "The Child" does while snackin' on a blue macaron in the show.

    6. A fleece Mr. Potatohead onesie that'll double as both a costume and pajamas — a gift to yourself that'll just keep on giving.

    a model in the mr. potatohead onesie

    7. Or a similar comfy costume in an array of Disney characters to ensure you're nice 'n' warm while scouting your block for the house with the best candy.

    a reviewer in the toy story alien onesie

    8. An inflatable Oogie Boogie costume, in case you've always wanted to dress up as a bug-filled gamblin' man.

    an adult sized brown blow up oogie boogie costume

    9. A Mary Poppins costume that'll prove once in for all that every day (even Halloween) can be a jolly holiday with Mary.

    a model child in mary poppins white dres

    10. A Pascal costume for your dog, because if you and your partner already have plans to dress as Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder, you might as well include Fido in on the fun.

    a corgi in a pascal costume

    11. An UP scout costume for any young Wilderness Explorer who knows good and well that *adventure IS out there* — especially on Halloween.

    a child in a scout costume

    12. A Frozone costume that'll finally provide you with the perfect opportunity to yell "where is my super suittttt???!!!!" at your adoring partner who I'm sure will appreciate it.

    a reviewer in the blue and white frozone costume

    13. A light-up Mickey pumpkin costume you can count on to leave your toddler lookin' sweeter than pie come Halloween night — a nice improvement from their usual demeanor 😉.

    14. A spooktacular Zero costume that'll *wow* any Nightmare fans — the nose on the costume will even glow to light your way on All Hallow's Eve!

    15. A magical Cinderella wheelchair cover you can use to transform your kiddo's wheels into a breathtaking coach they won't have to give up when the clock strikes midnight.

    a child in a wheel chair that looks like cinderella's coach

    16. A Belle costume for anyone who wants *much more than this provincial life* this Halloween. You can even tote around one of your favorite novels as an accessory!

    17. And a Chip costume that'll certainly be your kiddo's *cup of tea* and pair so nicely with your Belle (or Beast!) look.

    a child wearing a costume that looks like chip the teacup from beauty and the beast

    18. A Mr. Incredible costume complete with fake abs (hehe) so no worries if you've missed a few days (or months) of your workout routine prior to Halloween night.

    a man in a mr. incredibles outfit

    19. A Luca costume for the kiddo who has been pretending they're a sea monster while eating pesto pasta for months now after seeing the movie.

    a child in the luca costume

    20. A Moana costume so for once it'll make sense when your mini-me is scream-singing "I am Moanaaaaa!" in public.

    a child in a moana costume

    21. A Kristoff costume you'll look so dashing in no one will dare describe you as as a *fixer-upper* this Halloween — not even your troll family members.

    22. And a costume of Princess Anna's coronation dress, in case you guys are looking to win Cutest Couple at your friend's yearly costume contest.

    23. A Shang-Chi costume for the little warrior in your life who's more than ready to battle their way to the house with the full-size chocolate bars.

    a child in a shang chi costume

    24. An Alice in Wonderland costume that might just lead you down a *rabbit hole* on the Internet searching for coordinating outfits for everyone in your life.

    a child in an alice in wonderland blue dress costume

    25. A Flounder costume for your loyal sidekick who I'm sure would agree *life is the bubbles* when they get to venture around the neighborhood with you on Halloween.

    a corgi in a flounder costume

    26. A Captain Hook costume that'll temporarily transform your sweet mini-me into a swashbuckling pirate who is terrified of crocodiles.

    27. A fierce red Cruella dress inspired by the recent live action remake that'll most certainly turn some heads at a costume party.

    a model in a red cruella gown

    28. A 3D Lightning McQueen costume — you won't even need a little Rust-eze (and an insane amount of look) to look like the Cars star. Ka-chow!

    a child dressed as lightning mcqueen

    29. And a Princess Tiana ballgown fit for royalty. On Halloween your little one will be too busy counting how many pieces of candy they scored to be fooled by any Shadow Man's tricks.

    a model in a green ballgown like tiana's

    You and your Disney Family heading off on a Halloween adventure:

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