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    Looking To Treat Yourself? Everything At Zazzle Is 25% Off

    You just might be ready to invest in a monogrammed face mask.

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    From now until midnight tomorrow Zazzle is offering 25% off site-wide with the code SEASONALSAVE, so you better believe I'm stocking up on personalized gifts for the holidays.

    DJ Khaled

    I may also just treat myself to a few fun things because, why not? Here are some must-buy items you'll probably want to snag during this sale:

    1. A set of nail coverings that'll cost a fraction of the price of a real mani and leave your finger tips looking more glamorous than ever.

    a model holding a mug with nails that feature stripes of blue gold and white
    Zazzle / M to the Fifth Power

    The set comes with instructions for application and two sheets of nail designs.

    Price: $15.89 (originally $21.15)

    2. A bookish tote any literary lover will cherish, a must-have for carrying beloved novels with you wherever you go.

    a tote bag designed to look like a shelf of vintage books
    Zazzle / 3 Penny Publishing

    Promising review: "Stunning in person! Colors are gorgeous. Books look like real life. Lining is nice blue polyester. Quality craftsmanship. Size fits a tablet computer, purse essentials, and more. How many books it would hold if buying for a reader is unclear, but a few plus paper tablet for sure. Great for carrying magazines or storing favorite ones from a hook. Beautiful tote!" —Sweetadl

    Price: $15.98 (originally $21.30)

    3. A personalized throw pillow for the newlyweds in your life who'll love remembering their special day each time they flop onto their couch.

    a tan lumbar pillow with jessica heart sign michael on it and a date beneath the script
    Zazzle / Beautiful Home Decor

    I have a similar pillow on my bed and it's lovely! It's a great accent piece and a thoughtful gift.

    Price: $30.64 (originally $40.85, available in five colors)

    4. A vintage travel poster to help satisfy your feelings of wanderlust until you finally get a chance to go on that big vacation.

    Zazzle / Travel Poster Shop

    You can find a poster of your dream destination here!

    Price: $5.41+ each for both the Miami and London designs (originally $7.21, available in 22 sizes and 5 paper types)

    5. A challenging puzzle featuring a design of succulents you and your roomies will love tackling together now that the weather is getting cooler and you'll be spending more time indoors.

    Zazzle / The_Simple_Succulent

    This puzzle is made up of over 1,000 pieces and is sure to keep you and your pals busy for a bit.

    Price: $50.21 (originally $66.95, also available in six smaller sizes)

    6. A magical Peter Pan blanket to wrap yourself up in all winter, so cozy you'll probably convince yourself it's actually filled with pixie dust.

    two models holding up a light blue blanket with peter pan characters on it
    Zazzle / Disney's Peter Pan

    Price: $25.13 (originally $33.50, available in sizes S–L and with or without personalization)

    7. A monogrammed face mask so you and your siblings will never have a hard time distinguishing whose mask is whose — and your sister won't be able to get away with stealing yours when she realizes how cute it is.

    Zazzle / Custom Photo Gifts

    Type Of Fit: Elastic ear loops

    Pocket For Filter: No

    Fabric Type: Polyester fabric

    Price: $9.71 (originally $12.95, available in eight colors)

    Psst: You can check out BuzzFeed's guide to the CDC's face covering recommendations, which include answers to all your burning mask questions as well as tutorials for how to make your own *and* explore more fun fall-inspired masks here!

    8. Or a festive non-medical mask for Halloween covered in dogs wearing costumes, because you likely won't find anything cuter than that to add to your wardrobe.

    a teal face mask covered in costume wearing dogs
    Zazzle / Pet Friendly

    Type Of Fit: Elastic ear loops

    Pocket For Filter: No

    Fabric Type: Polyester fabric

    Price: $9.71 (originally $12.95, available in two colors)

    9. A coffee mug you'll likely want to buy two of — one for you and one for your bestie — with watercolor depictions of the two of you on it.

    Zazzle / Irinaillustration

    You can also check out all of the shop's listings for different style variations — ya know, if you and your best friend are both blondes, etc.

    Price: $12.71 (originally $16.95)

    10. A retro-styled Halloween T-shirt that'll *purrfectly* suit whatever plans you may have this year (ahem, watching Hocus Pocus on repeat while shoveling Pillsbury pumpkin cookies in your mouth).

    a model wearing a white tee with three black cats and a pumpkin
    Zazzle / Spookshows

    Price: $15.08+ (originally $20.10, available in unisex sizes S–XL, 2X–5X)

    11. And emerald green wrapping paper with gold detailing on it you'll be able to use this Christmas and beyond — it's so freakin' fabulous I wouldn't want my presents wrapped in anything else.

    the wrapping paper
    Zazzle / Luxury_luxury

    Promising review: "Really beautiful. I am planning on covering an old dresser with this wallpaper so I was thrilled to see how pretty it is" —Emily Hays

    Price: $16.61+ for 30"x6' (originally $22.15, available in five sizes and three paper types)

    12. A custom to-do list that *just might* help you remember to buy more sugar and pick up your clothes from the laundromat.

    a to do list notepad with a customize named on it and check boxes
    Zazzle / Redwood and Vine

    Price: $8.21 (originally $10.95, available in two colors)

    Don't forget to enter the code SEASONALSAVE at checkout to score 25% off before midnight on 10/6!

    The Walt Disney Company

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