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    49 Stylish Pairs Of Earrings You'll Probably Want To Buy ASAP

    "Ready or not, ear we come" — these earrings, making their way into your jewelry collection.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A pavé ear cuff to help you switch around your earring look without the pain of an extra piercing. You're SO welcome!

    Tini Lux

    As someone with a plethora of ear piercings already, I didn't feel like I needed another one, but I love the look of of helix piercing. What's a girl to do?! Invest in an ear cuff ! This lil' baby dazzles alongside my other sparkly earrings and creates the illusion of the popular piercing without actually committing to it. All I have to do is bend it a little to fit my ear and I'm ready to roll. What more could you want?

    Get it from Tini Lux for $39 (available in three styles).

    2. A stunning pair of hoops that'll act like a cuff and hug right onto your ear — no extra unwanted space!


    I have three piercings on each earlobe (plus a cartilage piercing) and am always on the prowl for a cute set to add to my collection. After spotting these simple but pretty hoops, I'm definitely adding them to my Amazon cart.

    Promising review: "I got both the white gold and rose gold hoops; they’re gorgeous and just tiny enough to wrap around your ear. I also have extremely sensitive skin and have had zero problems with these. Amazing earrings for the price. Will most likely buy again at some point." —Amanda Hasselman

    Get them from Amazon for $12.95 (available in three styles).

    3. Tortoise shell drop earrings, perfect for wearing on a windy day when they're sure to glimmer as they sway in the sun.

    Forever 21

    Get them from Forever 21 for $9.99.

    4. A set of nine lotus-inspired earrings to give off the look of a cuff but that have the feel of a simple stud., Amazon

    This style of earring is so fun! I love that they are styled around lotus flowers and how unique each pair looks. Definitely need these in my life — and so do you.

    Promising review: "This set was an incredible value for a beautiful selection of earrings. It’s cool how you put the post in your ear, then a dangle, then the earring back — it’s such an elegant look. The assortment is lovely, including some earrings that are fancier and some more casual. Excellent collection! Highly recommend! A+." —J. McKeon

    Get a set of nine from Amazon for $10.99.

    5. A pair of marbled earrings featuring delicate gold accents and a triangular shape — ideal for making a fashion statement with little effort.

    Forever 21

    Get them from Forever 21 for $5.99.

    6. A leafy ear crawler that can be worn a bunch of different ways, making it one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry you'll own.

    Not only does this ear crawler look very cool, but it's also hypoallergenic. It's ideal for anyone who wants to test out this trend without having to worry about unpleasant reactions.

    Promising review: "These are really nice. It takes a little work to get them in to be crawlers. I was able to open them a little wider and the push them back to be snug on the ear. They are versatile. I purchased the silver after I received the gold tone pair. They are better than the picture and look really nice." —Leah May

    Get a set of two from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in silver and gold tones).

    7. Glitzy oversized hoop earrings, because when it comes to hoops, everyone knows the bigger the better!


    If hoops are your go-to accessory, you're going to want this pair. They are an oversized oval shape and the inside is lined with glitter! These will definitely show up even if you have long hair that usually hides your earrings.

    Promising review: "Classy and stylish. I can wear these earrings to work or any formal event. The combination of smooth and sparkle provides the best of both worlds without looking too flashy. Great size and quality. I purchased both the silver and gold tones. These are my favorite go-to earrings this season." —$.#.!.K.@

    Get them from Amazon for $22 (available in gold and silver).

    8. A set of delicate mountain studs, perfect for anyone looking to pay tribute to their wanderlust through their jewelry.


    Whether you live for the great outdoors or you simply love to travel, these tiny mountain earrings are sure to bring a smile to your face. They're about a half-inch long, making them perfect for incorporating into your everyday looks.

    Get them from miaandmac on Etsy for $10

    9. Woven brass hoops you can ~weave~ into your usual accessories to mix things up.


    Get them from Walmart for $32.99.

    10. A set of double hoop earrings that'll quickly become a daily-accessories staple.


    These hoops are just a step above a simple, plain hanging hoop. The double style is a fun twist on the classic without appearing too over-the-top.

    Promising review: "Love these hoops! The subtle difference is just the right amount to be noticed in the right way for me. Love the spin on a classic hoop design! I haven’t taken them out except for cleanings. These earrings have held their shape, style, shine, and color even while sleeping and traveling on nine-hour flights. Love them just as much as the day I saw and ordered here on Amazon!" —Kelli Yount

    Get them from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in five styles).

    11. A handmade pair of earrings featuring a pressed flower from your birth month — great for anyone who is obsessed with celebrating their birthday.


    I'm the kind of person who loves anything to do with my birthday — birthstone, horoscope, etc. When I discovered these unique earrings that not only highlighted my birth month but also have an actual flower inside of it, I was sold.

    Promising review: "I bought this for my sister for her birthday and she loved them! The earrings came with stoppers in a nice box with information about the birth-month flower and the artist. It's a really nice, beautiful gift, and my sister loved it!" —Samie

    Get them from UncommonGoods for $40 (available in 12 styles).

    12. Delicate Triforce earrings, to give any Zelda fan the power of wisdom, power, and courage as they go about their day.

    BlankByBlank / Etsy

    Thanks to my husband, I've learned so much about the various Legend of Zelda games — they really are something special. This simple Triforce stud earring is a must-have for any fan of Link, Zelda, and the entire franchise.

    Promising review: "Perfect! I've been looking for Triforce earrings for a while now, and these are exactly what I wanted. Thank you! Also, they arrived quite quickly even though they were shipping from the UK." —Emily Hinkel

    Get them from BlankByBlank on Etsy for $20.15.

    13. A pair of dangling teardrop-shaped earrings, so pretty you'll never want to take them off.


    Forget "Teardrops on My Guitar" (lol NEVER), because from here on out all you'll be thinking about is the teardrops hanging from your ears. The natural amethyst stones are my favorites, but all four options are gorg.

    Promising review: "These earrings are beautiful and a bargain for the price. The sterling silver is polished to a smooth and shiny finish. The stones themselves are also polished smooth and the striations in the stones show well. They are dark, but not so dark they lose their purple tone. My pair was a well-matched set. The size and weight are not too much." —Kindle Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $18.29+ (available in four styles).

    14. Super chunky hoop earrings you probably wouldn't have thought to pick out for yourself but once you try them on you'll never want to take 'em off.

    Urban Outfitters

    Get them from Urban Outfitters for $18 (available in two styles).

    15. And a pair of hoop earrings you'll find yourself mooning over thanks to their dangling charms and sparkly stones.

    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "I really like these earrings. They fit my ear just right as a huggie hoop. The clasps are pretty good, sometimes it is hard for one of my earrings to clasp. They do look exactly the same as the picture. Overall they are very good for the price." —Sarah2400

    Get them from Urban Outfitters for $16 (available in three styles).

    16. A set of round-cut birthstone earrings that'll be fitting for special occasions or everyday wear.


    Whether you're looking for a simple and pretty stud for regular wear or a specific birthstone earring for special occasions, these are a steal. They come in an array of colors, and many reviewers also recommended them for men who only have a single piercing.

    Promising review: "These earrings were so much nicer than I expected. The stone is sparkly and clear, and catches the light nicely. They are a perfect size, not too big that they look gaudy and cheap and not too small that they are unnoticeable. The setting is nice — it lets light through and looks good. After getting these I am tempted to try another color. Very worth the money." —Susan D.

    Get them from Amazon for $12+ (available in 12 styles).

    17. Shimmering drop earrings with a vintage look to them — a must-have for anyone who loves antiques but is too scared to wear them in public for fear of losing them.


    Promising review: "These are gorgeous!! I wore them to a black tie event and received so many compliments. Perfect size and sparkle." —Afm210

    Get them from Nordstrom for $36 (available in three styles).

    18. A pair of rose-gold earrings that probably inspired Beyoncé's song "Halo.", Amazon

    I am looooving these halo stud earrings — I only wish I had discovered them before the holidays! They are plated with cubic zirconia and simulated morganite, so you can easily wear them with any similar jewelry you already own.

    Promising review: "I love these earrings and wear them almost every day. I've had them for over a month and they still look the same as what I bought them. I purchased them to complement a real morganite and rose gold ring. They are a fantastic likeness and I'm very pleased with their look." —TheSavvyClam

    Get them from Amazon for $16.99 (available in four styles).

    19. Funky resin earrings, because why wear your heart on your sleeve when it could be dangling from your head?


    Get them from Nordstrom for $39.

    20. A monthly earring subscription box, so you can continue to grow your jewelry collection without even having to shop around.


    Why commit to purchasing a single pair of earrings when you can opt for a very affordable subscription from EarFleek and get new ones every month!? Sounds like a no-brainer if you ask me.

    Get it from Cratejoy for $3.49 a month (available in four variations).

    21. A pair of pepperoni pizza earrings any crust-loving, cheese-pulling pizza fanatic would want in their ears NOW.

    ObsessoriesLA / Etsy

    I consider myself quite the pizza connoisseur, so you'd better believe I already have a pair just like these. They're fun to throw on to add an extra fun element to your outfit — you'll get more use out of them than you think!

    Get them from ObsessoriesLA on Etsy for $10.95.

    22. Basic square studs, essential for anyone who just got their ears pierced and wants a go-to set they can wear for any occasion.


    These Kate Spade beauties aren't your typical teeny-tiny stud. They're a little bit larger, which will help your simple jewelry really stand out instead of blending into the background.

    Promising review: "True to Kate Spade, these earrings are just fun. Over the top in size, but always the perfect piece for so many outfits. They have become a staple in my wardrobe, with many compliments when worn. Would highly recommend these as a gift as well. One for you, one for someone else. You can't go wrong." —swg_425

    Get them from Amazon for $38 (available in four styles).

    23. A pair of bold statement earrings covered in sequins that'll be the perfect touch on your New Year's Even outfit.


    Get them from Nordstrom for $32.

    24. Stud earrings with three crystals in each to create the illusion you have multiple piercings without having to go through the hassle of actually getting all those holes in your ears.


    Promising review: "These are so sweet and dainty. You can wear them in any direction to give a different look. I'd been eyeing them for awhile, and I'm so glad I bought them." —Mare2000

    Get them from Nordstrom for $18.

    25. A pair of classic Kendra Scott drop earrings that feature a simple design but are so gorgeous you'll start planning your outfits around them.

    My sister-in-law livessss for Kendra Scott jewelry. The fact that this product is sold on Amazon has made a world of a difference while shopping for her over the years. Not to mention the earrings (and other Kendra Scott accessories) are beautiful and well-made.

    Promising review: "These earrings are the perfect size. They add a little something classy to any outfit. They aren't heavy at all but they are definitely quality made. This is my third pair of KS dangle earrings and they are my favorite. I wear them almost daily to work where my uniform is all black. I've gotten lots of compliments!" —Angel Rhodes

    Get it from Amazon for $80+ (available in 15 styles).

    26. Or hypoallergenic earrings in case you have sensitive ears but would still relish the opportunity to make a bold accessory statement.

    Tini Lux

    I have earrings from this brand and I love them more than I can say. It makes me irrationally happy that I can wear hoops without dragging my ears down. They truly feel like wearing studs but with the look of fashionable hoops! Huge win for those of us with sensitive lobes.

    Get them from Tini Lux for $50.

    27. Rose-gold Minnie Mouse earrings, a must-have for any Disney fan heading to the Parks this year (or just wanting to add a lil' magic to their jewelry).


    Do I love Disney? Yes. Do I want these earrings? Also, yes. I have a similar pair that I can't get enough of — they are dainty, sparkle in the sun, and add the perfect amount of Disney magic to my look. Get yours NOW.

    Promising review: "Amazing earrings. Worth every penny. I love the subtle rose gold of the Minnie Mouse icon and how the bow is a darker shade of rose gold. They are a great size. Even the box they come in is nice." —tlkdisneyfan

    Get it from ShopDisney for $75.

    28. Three pairs of stainless steel hoops to get your hanging earring collection off to a good start.


    If you're newly interested in hoops and not sure if you'll like the way they look on you, this is a great starter-set. It comes with gold, silver, and rose gold pairs that will match all of your outfits.

    Promising review: "Love this set!! Super inexpensive, but look very expensive. Best thing is they are very secure — however if my toddler yanks at my earrings, they will easily slide off. This is actually a good thing, so I don’t have to worry about him tearing my earlobe. They have never fallen off on their own. I’ve bought two pairs now, one for myself and one for a gift. It won’t be the last time I repurchase." —Edna

    Get them from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in 14 styles)

    29. Bee-shaped studs that'll leave people ~buzzing~ about how stylish your jewelry is.


    Promising review: "These earrings are cute and so much nicer than I had expected. I am so glad I bought them. They are a bit quirky but go with everything." —Julie

    Get them from Amazon for $11.99.

    30. A dangling pair of earrings with a bohemian style sure to please anyone who incorporates them into their collection of jewels., Amazon

    Aren't these cool? The geometric styling is simple but chic. They are super lightweight so you can look trendy without causing yourself any discomfort. Win-win!

    Promising review: "Seriously, these are my new favorite earrings. When I opened the package and saw that they're longer than I had expected, I thought that I'd give them to my 22-year-old daughter. (Not that I dress like an old lady or anything.) Then I decided to try them for myself. These are so much fun to wear and I've received several compliments. They go great with jeans and tops and also look nice with dressier outfits." —Pamela

    Get them from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in five styles).

    31. An adorable set of Totoro earrings you can wear while you wait for your Cat Bus to arrive.

    MaddisonCherie / Etsy

    Inspired by the wonderful movie My Neighbor Totoro, these earrings are sure to warm the hearts of any fans of the film. They are made of thick birch wood and crafted with a laser cutter, making them unique and a really great gift!

    Promising review: "Got these for my daughter and she loves them so much. They fit perfectly and are of excellent quality." —jalene

    Get them from MaddisonCherie on Etsy for $8.

    32. Pinwheel earrings that actually spin, so you know you MUST wear them to your next picnic or trip to the zoo.


    Is that where people would traditionally use a pinwheel? Idk, but what I do know is that these are the most exciting earrings I've ever laid my eyes on. They're so quirky and fun!

    Promising review: "I bought these for my mom's birthday and she loved them! They come in a cute little box with a bow and the pinwheels even spin (although not when you're wearing them)! She had never seen anything like them before!" — evelynahsley89

    Get them from UncommonGoods for $50 (available as studs or with a wand).

    33. A pair of vintage-styled tassel earrings, to make you feel like you've traveled back in time to a much more glamorous era., Amazon

    "Well, well, well, aren't you fancy?" is what your friends will be saying the first time you wear these beauties during a night out. They come in a whole slew of colors, so pick your favorite and get ready to feel elegant.

    Promising review: "These are not only exactly as portrayed, they are really good quality. I couldn't tell from the picture if they were junky, but thankfully I was impressed. Very happy with this purchase and will probably order another color." —Simcha

    Get them from Amazon for $8.66+ (available in 12 styles).

    34. Flamingo earrings you'll flock to when you want to upgrade your accessory game.


    Get them from BaubleBar for $10.

    35. Earrings you can mix and match to create a ton of fresh new ~looks~ on the daily.

    The Apollo Box

    Get a set of six from The Apollo Box for $9.96.

    36. A pair of Parks and Recreation earrings that'll have you saying "I love you and I like you" to your own reflection.

    SleepyMountain / Etsy

    Starring Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt, these earrings are perfect for wearing to any upcoming Galentine's Day celebrations. You should definitely ~treat yo self~ to them and gift them to your BFF.

    Get it from SleepyMountain on Etsy for $15.

    37. Floral resin earrings, so you can get your ~groove on~ even if you're just sitting at the office all day.

    Free People

    Bring a little flower power to your life by picking up a pair of these whimsical floral fashions. Resin earrings are veryyyy in right now, so what are you waiting for?

    Get it from Free People for $28.

    38. Or a geometric earring that'll seem like it's defying gravity every time you wear it. Go on, live out your influencer dreams!

    OtisJaxon / Etsy

    Promising review: "I got so many compliments on the square cuff! It took awhile for me to figure out how to wear it, but I got it after a few flips. Communicating with OtisJaxon was easy and transparent. Love how they were honest about having too many orders due to Etsy featuring this product. The earring cuff still arrived fairly quickly even with all the orders they had." —Eileen Blancas

    Get it from OtisJaxon on Etsy for $22.58+ (available as a single earring, a set of two, and four styles).

    39. Simple resin hoops you've been eyeing for some time. The time has come — treat yo' self., Amazon

    Promising review: "Super cute, extremely lightweight earrings. The tortoise color is great and can be worn with so many different colors. The hoop size is great, big enough to be noticed, but not too big that I feel inappropriate wearing to the office for work. Overall really nice earrings." —Erin

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99 (available in nine styles).

    40. Pearl crawlers that'll transform a classic jewel into a trendy statement piece.


    Get them from BaubleBar for $42.

    41. Lightning bolt earrings to ~charge up~ your accessory game faster than a surprise thunderstorm rolling through in the middle of the summer.

    Maison Miru

    I bought these earrings about three months ago and haven't taken them off since. They haven't changed my ears any weird colors, are very light and comfortable, and have pretty crystals throughout. I'd definitely recommend adding these to your accessory collection.

    Get them from Maison Miru for $39.

    42. Three pairs of skeleton dinosaur earrings you'll definitely want if you consider spooky season to be a year-round thing.


    Get three pairs from ModCloth for $22.

    43. Nickel-free dachshund studs you'll find to be a really ~weiner~ as far as accessories go.


    Get them from Kohl's for $7.

    44. Or a plethora of tiny studs, a must- have for anyone with multiple piercings are anyone who is beyond bored of wearing the same earrings all the time.

    Free People

    Promising review: "These earring are perfect for a night on the town or a day at the office. They can be worn for any occasion. Plus, these are great quality earrings. my ears are sensitive, but I have had no reaction to these earrings. I wear them everyday." —Lily223

    Get them from Free People for $20 (available in 12 styles).

    45. Statement earrings that'll make you want to ~put a pin~ in your current conversation so you can obsess over these instead.


    Get them from BaubleBar for $52.

    46. Paper plane earrings for the travel enthusiast — they'll look like they're flying around below your ears! So cute.

    LeBuaJewelrytoo / Etsy

    Get them from LeBuaJewelrytoo on Etsy for $10.80.

    47. A set of eight gorgeous acrylic hoops to ensure you'll have a stylish pair to go with every outfit you own.


    Promising review: "This earring set is such a good deal! It comes with 8 pairs of earrings and they are all so cute and on trend right now. I really love the acrylic earring style, and this set includes some really pretty colors i have not seen previously. The hoops are very light and will not weigh down your ears like many earrings this size do. They all so fun!!!!" —Addicted to 2 Day Shipping aka Sara

    Get them from Amazon for $14.99 (available in six styles).

    48. Dainty floral stud earrings that'll likely become your favorite pair — you can wear 'em every day!


    Promising review: "I have worn these for a couple weeks. They remain glossy and shiny. My ears are sensitive to non-gold, and these do not irritate my ears. I have worn these for a few days straight, and the metal hasn't tarnished or changed color on the part that is in contact with my skin even with soap and water. There is no irritation so these are safe to wear if u have a metal allergy." —ripmyshoes

    Get them from Amazon for $11.99+ (available in nine styles).

    49. And fruity earrings you'll absolutely need to complete your poolside style, piña colada in hand. Next round is on me, Bartender!, Amazon

    Promising review: "100% satisfied with these earrings! My earlobes can't tolerate any heavy earrings so I was worried that these earrings would weigh them down. However, I find this not to be the case. Very vibrant in color and shiny in the sun's (or any lighting) reflection. Makes any outfit look more dressed-up and ravishing! Highly recommend!" —S.T.

    Get them from Amazon for $7.99.

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