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    31 Disney Beauty Products You Won't Know How You Lived Without

    "In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun" — Mary Poppins, referring to your new magic-infused beauty routine.

    Have you always wanted to feel like a Disney Princess but never felt like you had the right ~tools~ to pull off your fave character's magical look?

    1. Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon shimmer powder, so you can look majestic and shine like an actual pearl on the daily.

    2. And a matching Mermaid Lagoon eyeshadow palette, to create the full ~look~.

    3. A Cinderella-inspired eyeshadow palette that will take your morning look from sleepy-eye crust to pixie dust in a flash.

    4. A fragrance inspired by Marie from The Aristocats, purrfect for a quick spritz before heading out for the evening.

    5. A Stitch makeup bag that will remind you of the incredibly sweet scene where he discovers The Ugly Duckling.

    6. A set of Alice in Wonderland bath brews, so you can celebrate your Very Merry Unbirthday with some much deserved me-time.

    7. A Snow White lipstick with a red-apple hue that will motivate you to stop waiting around for Prince Charming to make a move and just GO FOR IT on your own.

    8. Or the "Kiss the Girl" collection, which includes a lipstick inspired by all of your favorite Disney Princesses!

    9. A Zero loofah, to keep you company while you inexplicably hum "This Is Halloween" all year long in the shower.

    10. A body wash and after-shave set that will bring a smile to even the grumpiest of Disney fans.

    11. A set of easy-to-apply Disney nail decals, for a magical mani you can show off on your next visit to Walt Disney World.

    12. A compact mirror inspired by Anna and Elsa that you'll love so much you'll want to buy an extra to gift to your soul sister.

    13. An ultra-glossy lip, so you can turn heads at any function without even calling upon your Fairy Godmother.

    14. A sea salt-infused set of body products that you can usually only find in Disney Resort hotel rooms, but can now bring into your own home!

    15. Buzz Lightyear micellar water, so you don't have to spend ~infinity~ trying to remove every last bit of your makeup.

    16. A Minnie Mouse Lip Smacker that is just so cute you'll want to show it off to all of your buddies.

    17. A set of Fantastia hair clips, so you can channel classic Disney vibes into every single one of your hairdos.

    18. A pack of six eyeshadows that represent the infinity stones from Marvel Avengers: Infinity War, a must for any superhero fanatic.

    19. A trio of hand creams so out of this world you'll be saying, "Oooooh!" as soon as you apply it to your skin.

    20. A pair of Mary Poppins Returns hair sticks that are practically perfect in every way.

    21. A Jasmine-inspired makeup set, so you can take your daily beauty routine to ~a whole new world~.

    22. Mineral setting powder featuring Woody that you'll want to say "Howdy, howdy, howdy" to every morning when you put on your makeup.

    23. A eyeshadow color inspired by Princess Tiana, perfect for when your look is "Almost There" but needs a final touch.

    24. A Tinker Bell traveling bath kit, complete with "dewdrop" scented body lotion, shower gel, and a body puff, so you can get clean no matter what location you're fluttering to and from.

    25. Holographic Mickey glitter, so you can create a mani so mesmerizing it rivals the nightly firework shows in the Parks.

    26. A trio of lip balms inspired by Snow White's pies that will keep your pucker moisturized and prepared for True Love's Kiss.

    27. A classy Mickey and Minnie fragrance with adorable packaging you're sure to fall in love after a single spritz.

    28. A pair of Star Wars bath bombs that are clearly the droids you've been looking to add into your at-home spa routine.

    29. A Mickey hair kit, so you can create the most magical hairstyle of all time.

    30. An Tinker Bell makeup bag, for when you're ready to add some pixie dust to your beauty routine.

    31. And a mirror decal, so every time you take a glance at yourself you'll be reminded you truly are "The Fairest of Them All."

    You, transforming your everyday ~lewk~:

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